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Subject:Re: Advice on setting up a Family Website
Post Date:January 16, 2006 at 12:39:47
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PAF automates the process of creating a basic genealogy website. When you click on the "Make Webpage" icon (the white page with the image of a globe), the next window you will see is the "Create Webpage" window. "Hide details for the Living" is already selected. You need to select which people will be included on your website, and whether you wish to include Notes, photos, a gedcom file, etc.

When you have selected the individuals, click Next. Give your website a meaningful title and description. At this point you also select a background image and any additional HTML that you might want to add - like the header and footer that you might include on a word processor document.

Write down the name of the Local webpage folder, so you can find where PAF has stored your website in MyDocuments/Web. Click on "Finish" and the website is completed.

View it when PAF gives you that option.

The whole process only takes a few minutes. If it doesn't turn out the way you want it, don't worry. Just create a new one.

You can download a free graphical HTML editor (see the link below) or use your word processor to do any fine-tuning as far as adding pages of old family stories, favorite recipes, photos or whatever. But PAF has created the website for you.

You now need to find a web host. (i.e. some place where you can upload your website on the Internet.)
These free web hosts have served me well over the years.
The advantage of using webhosts such as these, rather than your ISP, is that if you change ISPs you don't lose your website.

For a sample site created with PAF:
The link "Online Research Helps" has a link to FrontPage Express, a free graphical webpage editor that I use.

My website is the MAIN way that "lost" relatives find me and provide me with information. My website has about 14,000 individuals, so 7000 will be no problem. NOTE: Large gedcom files are OK on Tripod but may exceed the maximum file size on most free webhosts.