Posted By:Gerald Collins
Subject:Re: Converting/transferring files from PAF 2.3.1
Post Date:September 12, 2005 at 07:50:13
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Thanks for your reply. I have since been quite successful in converting my PAF 2.31 file to PAF 5.2 and they came out better than I expected.

What I did was go to the Geneological Information Exchange (PAF) and created a Gedcom file of all the records in my files. I checked them for accuracy before making the Gedcom file.

I secured a copy of the PAF CD-Rom disks for PAF 5.2 and PAF Companion before proceeding. I found this easier and downloading as I could reload if necessary and the Companion disk was included. I don't think it is available for download.

I loaded the PAF program on the computer and checked the box where I wanted to create a new file. I followed the instructions but did not fill in any field data except for the personal information. I then selected import and it asked me to put my disks in A drive. It then asked me for the path location I wanted the files to be placed. It is a good ideal to make a folder beforehand because they should not be placed in with the program itself. I created a folder called Family History in my Documents and Settings folder.

Once the place the Gedcom Disks in Drive A it gives the Gedcom file name listed in A. Place it as the source and you are on your way. PAF then asks you to replace the current disk with #2, #3 etc. until they are all loaded. To my amazement the file immediately came up in the blank chart (I had not filled in any data before, remember)and my name came up as RIN 1 with parents, etc. Exactly as I had it in PAF 2.31. It seemed simple later on but I was not sure how it would turn out.

I did have trouble the first try because I made the mistake of entering data into the blank chart. I then had to do a match andmerge and file did not turn out right. I then deleted this file and started over again leaving the chart blank. Then things came out right.

I tried to understand how to do this from the manual given in PAF help section, but it was not clear and they gave no specific guidance. My manual for the old PAF 2.31 gave exact instructions whereby it said to place your data in drive C:\PAF\Data\Gerald (my file name). You can find Local Drive C by going to My Computer on desktop. In PAF 5.2 I have the desktop icon and is asks for the path to data files: When I clicked on the Icon it asked me if I wanted it to search for a PAF file. It then found the file, I highlighted it, clicked, and it made immediate connection. I am computer illiterate so just giving procedures I used. They are not necessarily what a knowledgable person would have done.

As I stated earlier, I made my path as C:\Documents and Settings\Family History\Gerald, where the Gedcom file was placed from drive A. Remember I made a new folder called Famiy Historyearlier but any name you choose would be OK. I don't know whether this is correct or not but it worked for me.

I did have problems when I loaded my wife's file onto the new computer. I also placed it in the Family History folder but always had to go to My Computer and follow the path to find our files. Not too good a way for me.

Solution: When the XP program comes up it has two icons, one for myself and one for my wife. I then selected my wife's icon and it took me to the desktop. I found the PAF Icon there (don't remember if I had loaded PAF for her or not). I then followed the same procedure mentioned above whereby I clicked the Icon and then asked it to search for PAF files. It found both out files; however, this time I selected her file clicked it and, viola, her files immediately came up.

Result: We each have our own PAF 5.2 files under our respective names. I was surprised but elated that it worked out this way. I am sure this was not the proper way I should have handled it.

In closing I again want to emphasize that you need to leave the PAF Chart blank. This is the one where you start with your first entry in PAF 5.2 for the beginner who has no data to start with. Go to the next chart and enter your personal data the way you want it.

If anyone has any other ideas on this matter, I wish they would post it in follow-up messages.