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Subject:PAF 4.0.3 Changes by Steven C.
Post Date:November 16, 1999 at 08:44:59
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The code is 22% longer
Writen by Steve Cannon

Here is the list of changes in PAF 4.0.3:

- Spanish or English can be selected as the language for screens and reports
- Setup can run in either English or Spanish
- Data can be entered in more languages. Added support for code page 1250 (Latin-2,
Central Europe) to the support we already had for 1252 (Latin-1, US and Western
Europe). 1250 supports Albania, Croatia, Czech, Faeroese, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian,
Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian. 1252 supports Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch,
English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese,
Spanish, Swedish. In some cases you must be running Windows in one of these languages
to be able to add characters from that language.
- Custom events for an individual or marriage will now be automatically ordered by date
(after saving the record in which they were added).
- Starting day of the week can be specified for Calendar reports.
- New Report for Sources
- Added File Save As
- The book reports, the list of sources, and the place list reports can now be printed to a file.
When you choose to print to a file, the report is created in Rich Text Format (RTF) which
can be read by most word processors or by the Windows WordPad program.
- You can now memorize and paste citations. This is a quick way to repeat citations on
multiple events.
- Database repair will clean up the alpha browse indexes.
- Database check/repair will report and repair invalid sex codes for the husband and wife in
a marriage if they are wrong.
- When exporting to GEDCOM and you are exporting only names of living people, the sex
codes will also be exported. This will help when these files are imported into other
- When logging, database backup and restore will now be reported.
- On Windows NT or greater, longer notes can be created. On Windows 95 or 98, a
maximum of 59,000 characters is allowed.
- The CD version now includes the patch for PAF Companion 2.1 that allows PAF
Companion to work better with PAF 4.0. To install this patch, run the file named
pcomp21u.exe on the CD.
- The CD version now includes the patch for PAF 3.01m. You can use this on systems that
have PAF 3.0 installed. To install this patch, run the file named paf301m.exe on the CD.

Bug fixes:
- Sources for live baptism print correctly on Individual Summary
- Fixed "Unspecified error with unknown file" and associated lockups in alpha browse.
- Characters won't be lost as you type in the alphabetic browse list (even on large
- Deleting a source citation from a user event will not lose other citations that are attached
to that event.
- When exporting to GEDCOM, citations for sealing to parent events were often incorrect.
- When exporting to GEDCOM 4.0 format, LDS dates with a "Sub" prefix exported the
date without the "Submitted".
- Changed the qualification rules on non-standard dates in ordinance fields to match how it
is done in PAF 3. Also added some descriptive text to the TempleReady options dialog to
help users make the appropriate selections.
- On the TempleReady report, burial dates were sometimes reported as birth dates.
- Fixed some problems with qualifying people for TempleReady. For example, some
ordinances would qualify when they should not have.
- Printing a family group record when either the husband or wife was unknown would
sometimes crash.
- Custom events that shouldn't ask for a date no longer do so.
- Indicator codes for LDS events were not showing "C" for children's ordinances
completed when one or more of the children had "Child" or "Infant" in the baptism or
endowment field.
- The lines on pedigree charts sometimes printed on top of the birth date on some printers.
- Improved import of GEDCOM files from Legacy 2.0, including custom events and
- Fixed occasional crashes in web page creator
- When creating a web page of selected individuals, in some cases some individuals were
- If you created a web page where a person was included more than once (for example, an
individual who descends from more than one ancestor), the link from the second
occurrence to the first did not work.
- When exporting a GEDCOM file, if the export required more than one disk the program
would get an invalid page fault error on some computers.
- Double-clicking on a GEDCOM file in Explorer will now start PAF and import the
GEDCOM file to a PAF file.