Posted By:Gerald Collins
Subject:Re: Converting/transferring files from PAF 2.3.1
Post Date:September 09, 2005 at 12:37:09
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Sam, this may be like the blind leading the blind. I am a computer novice but did manage to move my files from PAF 2.31 on my old 486 to PAF 5.2 on my new Dell XP computer. I thought it would be hard but it wasn't.

First, I obtained CD-ROM disks for PAF 5.2 and PAF Companion (you will want both from my experience)and had them available for installation before I started.

Second, I made a Gedcom of all, I emphasize all, my records (including notes)onto floppy disks (I did not have a CD-Writer). PAF kept me busy putting in new blank disks and I had five at the end.

Third, I loaded the PAF 5.2 program onto the new computer. It asked if I wanted to create a new file -- which I did; however, I did not fill in any of the fields except for the chart on my personal information.

Fourth, I next placed my PAF 2.31 disks in Drive A. (If you order a new computer, be sure to have a floppy drive installed in event you use floppies for PAF 2.31 -- they have quit putting the floppy disk drives in new computers but are available as an extra). I believe it also asked me what file name I wanted to use and the folder.

PAF 5.2 kept instructing me to place the next disk 2, 3,
etc. into the drive. Once completed the files popped up in the fields that I had left blank when installing PAF 5.2. The person listed as RIN 1 appears on screen in correct postion with parents, etc.

Paths are my short suite. The program asks you where you want the files to be placed and you should have created a folder for it on your computer. They emphasize that it should not be in with your PAF program.

I would encourage anyone having better ideas to give you more specific advise. I muddled along but managed to do the conversion (after a couple boo boos -- I filled data in the blank fields initially and that was a big mistake).

I did a records check in PAF 2.31 before making the Gedcom and my files came out very well in PAF 5.2, notes and all. I was very pleased with the results.

I just finished my own file conversion. If I can do it anyone can because I am no expert as you will note.