Posted By:Ian Green
Subject:Child adopted by natural mother's 2nd husband
Post Date:June 20, 2004 at 08:18:29
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I'm new to Personal Ancestral File, and I think it is great, but I need advice on how to display a parental link under certain circumstances without offending the person's living daughter or granddaughter.

I also have a similar situation in another unrelated branch of the genealogy. So I think this is not an unreasonable concern, although none of my own thus far discovered ancestors are in such a situation.

The problem is that if a woman brought a child into her second marriage, and that man adopted the child. In PAF the child is a natural (biological) child of the mother and the unknown (and almost secret) first husband (who no-one wants to talk about, because the family loves the second husband as the true grandfather, and the first husband was a no-good, drunk, wife-beating so and so, who the great-grandchildren have never heard of), but the adopted child of the second husband.

In PAF ( the marriages are treated entirely as paired couples, so when selecting the grandmother (and greatgrandmother) and her known husband, one sees the younger brother as biological (no special label) and the other sister as adopted! Short of falsifying the details, how can I make the relationship show as normal when following the family view upwards through the maternal line?

I have already made the second marriage the primary parental link for the daughter, but it would be nice if the Parent Link would NOT show as "Adopted" when the mother is in the Primary position in the Family view, as this is only true for the father, and is not something that I want to draw attention to.

I think there would be similar concerns even if the second husband did not formally adopt the child, as then the child would be missing from the family when showing the well-known husband and wife couple, or when showing the ill-fated first marriage, all of the younger siblings would not be found in the family with the original child. Obviously whatever solution would need to preserve accuracy, by having appropriate details available in the notes or somewhere like that.