Posted By:Ricardo diaz
Subject:PAF Versions for Spanish and English bidirectional needs
Post Date:January 10, 2003 at 14:39:15
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Haven't seen the following quandary posted so I offer my own solution so that others in my situation can give me feedback.

I often have to print PAF reports in Spanish while most of my entering is done by gathering information from English language organized sources.
I like working with all the recent enhancements and bug fixes but printing in only in English is not an option.
My options are as follows:

I could use the most recent PAF version, 5.2 and enter all my information but since it cannot presently save in version 4 (for the Spanish reports), I would have to GEDCOM back because the v. 4 cannot read v 5 regular or backup file formats.
If I had a version of the Spanish Paf 5.0 (It's been withdrawn from the LDS site)I would test it for compatibility but I had to avoid using it when it came out because it seemed quirky and I had the same file conversion problems.

Therefore, I have opted for continuing to work in PAF because:
-it is very stable
-it only has a few problems when changing languages
-it prints in Spanish easily
-it is widely supported outside of the PAF 5.0 world

I use version 5.2 to check out new features and to print English stuff. I just take the v. 4 file and have it be converted to 5.2; I am then careful not to make input any changes on thsi version and expect to find them in my original 4.0 file.

Any other options?