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Douglas, if you have PAF 5 you can do the following:
Hope this helps. Sometimes restoring your old backup, before you did the submission practice, would be best.

To run Global Search and Replace to remove "submitted" from ordinance date fields (this will only work with Personal Ancestral File 5):Latest version is "5.2.18"
1. On the toolbar, click Search.
2. Click Advanced Focus/Filter.
3. Click the Define button in the "Field Filter" box.
4. Under "Possible Fields," double-click Any Ordinance Date.
5. In the "Any Ordinance Date Field Filter," click the arrow next to Options: and select Contains.
6. In the "Date:" field, type Sub.
7. Click the OK button.
8. Any Ordinance Date Contains Submitted should appear in the "Current Filter:" box. (NOTE: The Any Ordinance Date Contains Submitted filter will catch all instances of Submitted, including the word "Sub" with a date [for example: "Sub 01 Jan 2001"].)
9. Click the OK button.
10. Put a check in the box by Show results only, so that only the pertinent results show.
11. Write down exactly what appears on the right side of the screen by Baptism, Endow, or Seal Par for the currently highlighted individual. If none of them have the word Submitted or Sub followed by a date, click the next individual and look for the same thing. You must check every individual if you believe you may have different submit dates for different individuals!
12. Click OK.
13. On the menu bar, click Tools.
14. Click Global Search and Replace.
15. Under "Search and replace text in :," click the down arrow and change the entry to Dates.
16. Under "Search for " enter the words you wrote down in step 11 (either Submitted or Sub followed by the date). You must enter them exactly as they appeared in their fields! Therefore, if you have multiple instances of Sub with different dates, you must repeat this step for each new date. If you do not do this, Global Search may delete items you wish to keep or only delete parts of the fields. Example: Your results showed that John Doe has Submitted written by Baptism, his wife has Sub 1 Jan 2001, and their son has Sub 14 Feb 2001. You only type the word Sub in the Search for field. After running Global Search, you find that text remains in your date fields (things such as "mitted" and dates with nothing before them). To avoid this, you must enter each full entry separately under the Search for field and then follow the rest of the steps to run Global Search and Replace.
17. Leave the "Replace with:" field blank.
18. Uncheck the box by Case sensitive search, just in case you capitalized the word incorrectly under the "Search for:" field.
19. Make sure there is a check mark by Create report of records changed.
20. Click the Replace button.
21. You should see the message Do you want to delete all occurrences of ''Sub_________''?
22. Click the Yes button.
23. You should then get a "Search and Replace in Dates" report, which will show the RIN numbers of all individuals that had date fields changed. It is a good idea to print this report out (click File and choose Print).
24. Close the report window.

George Robison