Posted By:Brian P. Spurr
Subject:PAF errors and latest version - PLEASE HELP!!!
Post Date:February 19, 2002 at 03:25:11
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I am using PAF of 1999. Is this the latest version? Can I get a newer one? If so where?

My problem is that it works fine most of the time but then it seems to just freeze for no reason. Usually when I am going to search for someone. The problem is I then have to ctrl alt del and start again. I do not have a clean backup as this was only noticed long after the errors were there. You will see from the report that I have nearly 20000 individuals in the database and I cannot recapture. Someone PLEASE HELP! Can it be sorted out?

Thanks Brian Spurr
South Africa

File Check/Repair Report

Date: 19 Feb 2002 13:16:18
File location: C:\Program Files\FamilySearch\Paf4\Data\SpurrAll.paf

Checking File Header:

Checking File Map:

Checking Blocks:

Checking Names:9421 records.

Checking Other Names:4656 records.

Checking Notes:7156 records.

Checking Individuals:19841 records.

Checking Contacts:1021 records.

Checking Marriages:6831 records.

Checking Family Links:11199 records.

Checking Repositories:18 records.

Checking Sources:25 records.
Source 19 less pointer (19) is not less.
Source 20 less pointer (20) is not less.
Source 21 less pointer (21) is not less.
Source 22 less pointer (22) is not less.
Source 23 less pointer (23) is not less.
Source 24 less pointer (24) is not less.
Source 25 less pointer (25) is not less.

Checking Descriptions:0 records.

Checking Citations:174 records.

Checking other PAF records:0 records.

Checking Maps:

Checking User Events:3 records.

Checking Event Types:59 records.

Checking Extended Maps:

Checking Blocks: 7 errors were found.

The file contains errors. We recommend that you restore the
file from a clean backup if you have one. Otherwise, Personal Ancestral File can try to fix some problems but a loss of data is possible. If the repaired file is still unsatisfactory, restore the file from a clean backup.