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Subject:Re: Help on printing a report to file
Post Date:December 29, 2001 at 13:26:30
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John -
Clearing out Temporary Internet Files is one of those "housekeeping" tasks that many are not aware of when they first start using the Internet. In here will be accumulated a whole heap of sundry files that Windows stores while you are browsing. This includes those intrusive "cookies", too. If they are left on your machine they move over into the "Cookies" folder eventually. The other file will include all the graphics necessary to view those pages you have browsed during your time of connection. Windows stores those, just in case you may decide to come back to that page in your current session (it saves downloading it over the Internet again). So, if this folder is not emptied on a regular basis, you accumulate a lot of unnecessary files that are "chewing up" your hard drive space. I clean mine out, some times two or more times a day. As an example, I have only been on-line for just over and hour this morning and I already have over 3 MB of files in there. That is why I suggested that little item, as it could be part of the slowdown problem.

To assist in "closing down", too, there is a handy little utility program called End It All which achieves this efficiently and thoroughly (as thoroughly as you want, that is). It's free and can be found at:,2997,s%253D1478%2526a%253D10165,00.asp
I use it constantly.

Hope this helps (Happy New Year!)