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Subject:Re: ikernel.exe could not be launched..wrong
Post Date:September 06, 2001 at 19:04:29
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Ok, DG, you have the correct version of ikernel.exe. What I suspect is that you may not have closed down ALL running programs BEFORE attempting an install. This is the most common cause of PAF installation errors. You can do this two ways: press CTRL-ALT-DELETE, highlight each program listed, in turn, and click END TASK for each, EXCEPT for these two: EXPLORER (your Windows system) and SYSTRAY. Or, the second way, is to install and run End It All, which will do the same process in one sweep. Find End It All at:
It's a free program, and works just great! Just check with CTRL-ALT-DELETE after it has finished to make sure everything is gone though (some TSR virus programs can get missed).

Then, when everything is closed down, do a normal Windows install: START|SETTINGS|CONTROL PANEL|ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS and browse to where you have the download setup files stored.

However, if you have attempted an install previously, just make sure before you start that there are no remnants of that install remaining on your hard drive.

The above steps, along with your correct ikernel.exe file should accomplish a worry free install. If it doesn't, well, you may need to have your computer looked at by someone locally.


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