Posted By:Alfred D Eller
Subject:Re: Converting back to 4.0
Post Date:February 07, 2001 at 10:11:09
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Do you get an error on line one of the GEDCOM from PAF5? something like "Unknown tag" and then every line after that has an invalid incriment?

If you have already removed PAF 5 and if you don't have the original PAF4 backup around somewhere, and the above is your problem. Try this:
1: Open the GEDCOM from PAF5 with WordPad
2: the very first line looks to be "O HEAD" like it should be, but I found three unprinting characters at the very beginning.
move the cursor just after the "H" and backspace to erase the "O H", then backspace a few more times to make sure those phantom characters are erased.
Close WordPad, when asked if you want to save the changes, answer "Yes," If you are asked about plain text, select plain text.

If Paf 5 is stil working (did it ever work? <};-) try exporting to PAF 4 rather than the GEDCOM export, It still exports a GEDCOM, but this one seems to work partially, there are a lot of unknown tags but they don't seem to bother much.

The best thing for anyone going to PAF 5, or any new program for that matter, would be to save the backups from their previous version so they CAN go back if they have problems.

Good Luck,