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Would appreciate any addition/correction to this account.


Richard Brodwell of Glos c1634-1673
m 24 May 1663 Ashleworth, Glos: Mary Freeman
i 27 May 1673 Tewkesbury OR Tirley, Glos

{NOTE: Mary, below, is said to be widow of Richard Brodwell and to be the same as Mary Freeman. However the parish registers of Ashleworth (1625-1692) and Tirley (1653-1680) are both available on the internet and do not have any entries for Booadwell OR Brodwell and only the following Freeman entries.

Ashleworth 1625-1692
1662 Apr 12       i       Joane the wife of Thomas Freeman of Hartbury was buryed
1666 Jul 4       i       Richard Freeman

Tirley 1653-1680
1657.8 Feb 3       i       Old John Freeman was buried

In June 1660 Quakers were assaulted in the village of Tirley in Gloucestershire. William Sparrow, a Quaker from Ross, had traveled to visit his friends and co-religionists in Tirley. Several villagers subsequently arrested Sparrow and assaulted one of his friends in an attack descibed by one participant as a civil action. Richard Broadwell, another Quaker, went to the house of one of the villagers on the following day to request Sparrow's release but was lured into a room and accosted by Edward Perry, servant of a local gentleman. Perry drew his sword and threatened to kill Broadwell unles he agreed to drink the king's health. [A COMPANION TO THE REFORMATION WORLD]

----- Brodwell
m Mary -----; b 1 Jan 1629.30; d aged 100 1d 2 Jan 1729.30; Will (---) 8 Jan
1727.8/29 Jan 1729/30 [Administration Book C page 150] [below]
(Mary, with her children Mary and Sarah, emigrated from Bristol to the USA on the "Unicorne"); (arrived Bucks Co) 16 Dec 1685 [ACTUAL ENTRY NOT SEEN]
chn: Isaac Brodwell [? b 26 Aug 1664]; (of Great Britain, with unnamed children)
1728 mw
Mary Brodwell [? b 10 Dec 1667] below
Sarah Brodwell b 1669; m 26 Aug 1689 Chester FM; Isaac Taylor of Chester Co, PA
(son of Robert Taylor of Little Leigh in Clatterwich, Cheshire and Mary
(Hayes)); (and had chn: Isaac b 26 Aug 1690, John b 27 Nov 1692, Joseph b 11
Jan 1694, Mary b 21 Dec 1697, Benjamin b 18 Sep 1700, Sarah b 9 Mar 1702.3,
Elizabeth b 9 Jun 1705, Josiah b 17 Jun 1708): He b 1 Aug 1666 Clatterwich;
d 1716 Springfield Tp, Chester Co: She d 1 Nov 1748

Abington MM 7D 9M 1689 where Isaac Taylor and Sarah Brodwell were married and listed as witness are James Pratt and Mary Pratt. [INTERNET]

(8 Jan 1727.8) I Mary Brodwell of Philada. In the Province of Pensilvania widow being at Present weak in body but of sound and pfect mind and understanding Do make this my last will and Testament in maner following vizt.
Imprimis my will is That all my Just Debts and funeral Charges be first payd and Discharged by my Executor herein after named.
Item I give Devise and bequeath unto my son Isaac Brodwell of Great Britain one English Silver Shilling. And to his Children now living the sum of Ten Pounds Lawful mony of America to be Equally divided amoung them Share and Share alike at their respective ages of Twenty one years.
Item I give Devise and bequeth unto my Grandson in law Henry Paul's Children to witt, Joseph, Mary, Margret and John the sum of nineteen pounds Lawfull mony of America aforsd. And one Silver Spoon, one pewter Dish,half a Dosen of plates, one Chamber pot, Two porringers, one pewter Tankard, half a Dozen of napkins, one Table Cloath, Three pair of Sheets, on Long Towel, Two Chairs, and one large Iron pott, and also one large pewter Dish.
Item I give Devise and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Taylor (of Springfeild in ye County of Chester widow) the sum of Ten pounds Lawfull mony of America afd. And one Silver Spoon, one pewter Dish, Two pewter porringers, half a Dozen of plates, half a Dozen of napkins, Two pair of sheets, Two Chairs, one small brass boyler, one small Iron Pott one chamber pott, one pair of Chest of Drawers, and a pewter Tankard, at the end of Two years after my Decease.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Grandson Isaac Taylor son of Isaac Taylor late of Springfeild afd. Deceased, one bed, bolster, and pillows, a pair of Sheets, a blanket and Coverlet.
Item I give and bequeath unto seven of my Grandchildren (to witt the sd. Isaac Taylor, John Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, and Josiah Taylor, sons of the afd. Isaac Taylor Deceased and to James Gillingham and John Gillingham sons of Yoman Gillingham late of Frankford Deceased, The sum of Three pounds Lawfull mony of America afd. Apiece) at the End of Two years after my Decease.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Granddaughter Eliz. Taylor, Daughter of the sd. Sarah Taylor, by her sd. Late Husband Isaac Taylor afd. Deceased, one bed & bolster now in the Garret in the house wherein I now Dwell, with the Green Curtains, thereto belonging, and a pillow, and pillow Case, blanket, and Coverlet, a pair of sheets, one pewter porringer, and a pewter Dish.
Item I give and bequeth unto my Granddaughter Sarah Spicer wife of Abraham Spicer of Philada. Aforesd. Currier, one bed, bolster and pillow in the Great Room in the house wherein I now live, with one pair of sheets, one Blanket and Large Curtains one round Table above Stairs, Two pewter Dishes, one porringer, Two Chairs, half a Dozen of plates and half a Dozen of napkins.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Grandaughters Elizabeth and Rebecca Daughters of ye sd. Yoman Gillingham Deceased and to each of them a pair of sheets and a pewter Dish.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Grandaughter Ann Paul wife of ye sd Henry Paul a set of blew and white curtains, a Counterpain, new Blankets, a pair of sheets, Two pillows and pillow cases, a large Trunk, one Table below Stairs and another above Stairs, a large Looking Glass and one large brass Kitle.
Item I give and bequeath unto him the said Henry Paul and Ann his wife all my Shop Goods whatsoever and wheresoever, They paying my just Debts which shall Lawfully appear to be Due to the merchants for the said Goods.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Grandaughters (to witt the sd. Ann Paul Mary Wilson wife of James Wilson the sd. Eliz. Gillingham, Rebecca Gillingham and Sarah, Marcy and Eliz. Taylor the sum of five pounds Lawfull mony afd. apiece) at Two years after my Decease. And to Mary Taylor I give the sum of Three pounds mony afd. at ye end of two years after my Decease.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Great Grandchildren to witt Joseph Taylor and Isaac Taylor sons of Isaac Taylor aforsd. And to James Wilson's two Children to witt Mary and Elizabeth Wilson and to the Two Children of Joseph Taylor of Marburrough in Chester County afd. yoman to witt Jessey and Sarah and to Child of Abraham Spicer and Sarah is wife to witt John Spicer, the sum of Twenty shillings apiece, at their respective ages of Twenty one years.
Item I give and bequeath the sum of forty shillings to ye poor people belonging to ye Babtis Meeting in Philada. aforsd. to be payd to such of them as my Executor herein after named shall think most Deserving.
Item I give Devise and bequeath unto ye sd Henry Paul and Ann his wife their heirs Executors Admrs and assigns all ye rest and residue of my Estate both real and Psonall whatsoever and wheresoever the same may be found. And Lastly I nominate and appoint my Grandson Isaac Taylor of Springfeild aforesd. .Yoman Executor of this my Last will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this Eighth Day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Twenty Seven. Signed sealed published and Ye Mark of Declared by ye above named Mary Brodwell Mary Brodwell to be her Last Will and testamen in ye Presence of Richard Rodes Joseph Antrobus Jos. Lawrence [Administration Book C page 150]

“Yesterday was interred here the Body of Mary Bradway, formerly a noted Midwife. She was born on New-Years Day, 1629-30, and died on the second of January 1729-30; aged just One Hundred years and a day. Her Constitution wore well to the last, and she could see to read without Spectacles a few Months since. [Pennsylvania Gazette]

1730 Feb 3. An Elegy on the Death of that Ancient, Renowned and Useful Matron and Midwife, Mrs Mary Broadwell, who rested from her labours, Jan. 2, 1730, aged a hundred years and one day. Sold by David Harry, printer in Philadelphia.

Mary Brodwell 1667-1727
[? b 10 Dec 1667]
m1 4 9m [Nov] 1689 at the house of Richard Wall: James Pratt
m2 c1692 Yeamans Gillingham of Frankford, Oxford Tp, Philadelphia Co, PA c1663-1722
Will (Philadelphia Book E 67 63) 20 Oct 1727/11 Nov 1727
chn: Rebecca Gillingham b c1693
Ann Gillingham b 8 5m [Jul] 1694 Oxford Tp [Abington MM]
Mary Gillingham b 12 OR 21 10m [Dec] 1698 Oxford Tp [Abington MM]
Sarah Gillingham b 27 9m [Nov] 1699 Oxford Tp [Abington MM]
Elizabeth Gillingham b 22 2m [Apr] 1705 Oxford Tp [Abington MM]
James Gillingham b 2 8m [Oct] 1708 Oxford Tp [Abington MM]
John Gillingham b 12 5m [Jul] 1710 Oxford Tp [Abington MM]
Susannah Gillingham b 29 11m [Jan] 1712.3 Philadelphia Co


[?Isaac] Broadwell
chn: [?] Isaac Broadwell
[?] Sarah Broadwell m as of Hasfield 28 Sep 1701 John Heyes of Chaseley in the
county of Worcr.

Isaac Broadwell of Gloucester yeoman 1689-1730
c no parents named 24 Sep 1689 Hasfield, Glos
m Jane -----; i as wife of Isaac 15 Aug 1727 Hasfield
i 17 Apr 1730 Haswell; Adm to daughter Sarah
chn: Sarah Broadwell c 5 Sep 1709 Gloucester St John the Baptist
Isaac Broadwell c 30 Aug 1710 Gloucester St John the Baptist; (apprenticed to
William Mason, scissors and his wife Mary on 15th January, 1724, described as
son of Isaac Broadwell of Gloucester, yeoman)
Samuel Broadwell c 2 Dec 1711 Gloucester St John the Baptist
Mary Broadwell c 26 Dec 1715 Gloucester St John the Baptist
Ann Broadwell c 3 Oct 1717 Gloucester St Mary de Lode