Subject:Re: William C Anderson vs Bloody Bill
Post Date:April 26, 2007 at 20:17:05
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Can you quote a passage from one of these sources that specifically says he was hiding from the Federals?
My opinion is that he was not in hiding, before or after 1924, as he was living under his own un-altered name, conducting his legal business under his own un-altered name, and not attempting to erace his past or where he was from.
In my opinion, a man in hiding would not have been so open.
It has been suggested he slept with one or more guns by his bed, in case the "federals" came looking for him. It is my opinion that he, and all other men of his time, slept with their guns by their bed in case they were needed for protection against the Indians. Having one or more guns loaded and ready would mean less time to reload one gun, and it would mean more than one person could defend the home at the same time.
Fran Bolton