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Subject:BARRETT, Cyrus, Elias, lots of Q's and theories
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I know a few of you here are searching the same line but I thought I'd post this in case there is anyone new or if anyone has any new info.

I am trying to find a *definite* parentage to Cyrus and Elias Barrett. Elias was born 1796 in Elizabethtown, Lancaster, PA, and Marilyn has found something on the IGi about his father being Frederick....ok, but now I need to know for sure if Elias and Cyrus are brothers or could they be cousins? Cyrus was born in possibly Seneca Falls, Seneca, NY in 1797. Supposedly Cyrus was born on October 14, 1797. My cousin has access to a family Bible, but there is nothing about Elias.

My theory, here, though, is that they *may* be cousins. If the family used the naming patterns, there should be a Frederick somewhere in the children or at least in the grandchildren of Cyrus, but there isn't so I am not sure that Frederick was his father.

Elias had one son, who was born bet 1815-1820 (there is a son in the census in 1820) and he died after 1830 (still in the census). Elias and Betsy (Elisabeth Herbst) had 5 daughters. I don't know the name of his son, but he presumably had a name, as he lived at least 10 yrs. Since I don't know his son's name I can't say if it was Frederick or not.

Ok, back to Cyrus' family. Cyrus married Susannah Zettelmeyer. If they followed the naming patterns, then his firstborn son would have been named after his father. His FB son is Daniel. According to naming patterns, the second son would be named after Susannah's father, but none of the kids have either of his names (George Adam). So, I am not sure they actually used the naming patterns that were so prevalent in those days. Cyrus's second born is Cyrus. Then there is Samuel, Mary Magdalene (Susannah's oldest sister's name), Benjamin, Jacob Susannah's grandfather's name), Chrisianna/Anna (Susannah's sister's name), Sally (or Sarah), John H, Mary Ann, Elijah Henry and William H. When you get further on in the generations there are a lot of Daniels, Johns and Williams. Besides the fact that those were relatively common names in the 1800s (and now!) it would seem that Cyrus' father and mother's families would have at least a Daniel, a John and a William. Cyrus also is a prevalent name in the family, as is Susan/Susannah. Ok, so my theory, not fact (but remember genealogy is 90% fact, 10%intuition) , is that if Frederick is Elias' father, then it is possbile that Elias and Cyrus are cousins. They are definitely family, but they may not be brothers. Cyrus went to Williams County Ohio ahead of Elias, and it seems he bought up enough land from Jonathan Metcalf to split with Elias when he came. According to "County of Williams Ohio," by Goodspeed, Pub. 1882, they say that Elias was "probably" his brother. They didn't even know for sure and that was written closer to the time they were alive. Oh yeah, another thing I saw when I took pics of the Barrett cemetery last year... there was a separate headstone that said "Mother of C" on it, as well as it being engraved on the side of the large headstone for Cyrus and Susannah (and their son Elijah). Now, if Cyrus and Elijah had the same parents, wouldn't it say "Mother of C and E?" (a better question it the grave of Cyrus' mother? Or who?) After all, they lived next to each other in the 1850 census. Cyrus died in 1858 and Elias in 1870.

So, if anyone has any thoughts on this or if you have any connections, please email me at I have this family of Barrett Gedcom online at, but you will have to email me for the password.

I am writing a book about this line of the Barretts, that will be published in the fall of this year. Honestly I am only going to make it available to those who are connected to the line somehow, so write to me about that as well, if you are related and want one.

In peace,
Sande (Barrett) Bihlmaier