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Subject:Some W surnames (mostly WISE) : 1892 Akron (Ohio) City Directory - Pg 594
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I rcvd a copy of page 594 of "The Burch Directory Co.'s" Akron (Summit County, Ohio) 1892 city directory.

Names are as follows:

(Note: John Allen WINTRODE and Estella Vastus (TUCKER) WINTRODE were my maternal GGFather & GGMother)

Winterbottom Miss Maude, wks Werner P & L Co, res 351 Carroll

Winterbottom Wm [Margeret], pluber Kras & ), res 351 Carroll

Winterbottom Wm [Nellie], pottor, res 215 Hazel

Winters Isaac [Kate], carpenter, res 254 N Main

Winters Miss Minnie A, res 186 Wooster ave

Winters Nicholas, ry postal clerk, res 114 Ladd

Winters Phillip H, wks Werner P & L Co, rms 453 Perkins

Winters Mrs Sarah E (wid Ralph J), res 102 Green

Winters Wm [Ester A], wks E H Merrell Co, res 186 Wooster ave

Wintrode, John A [Estella V], wks W P & L Co, res 108 Frank

Winum Jacob, barber J Winum, rms 222 N Valley

Winum Joseph [Eugenie M], barber 164 S Howard, res 222 N Valley

Winum, Miss Lena M, domestic 609 E. Market

Wipper Miss Ricka, res 204 Sherman

Wire Charles H [Alwilda] wks C, A & C Ry, res 1132 S Main

Wireman Wm [Louisa], wks W, C & L Co, res 601 N Howard

Wires Adam R [Amanda], res 113 Bowery

Wise Bernhart, peddler, res 106 Wolf

Wise Byron P, Student, rms 512 E South

Wise Miss Effie D, domestic 306 S College

Wise George E [Frances], machinist, res 339 Carroll

Wise Geo F [Eva C], carpenter, res 106 Wooster ave

Wise George W [Leanna], teamster, res 120 Franklin

Wise Grant [Gertrude], wks Linoleum, res w s Charles 1st s of Stanton

Wise Miss Harriet M, res 110 N Summit

Wise Miss Inez, res 120 Franlklin

Wise Jacob [Jennie S], grocer 209 E Market, res 110 N Summit

Wise Jacob J [Martha E], res 143 Wooster ave

Wise James F [Jennie], wks Linoleum Co, res 807 S Main

Wise James O, teacher writing public schools, bds Empire

Wise Jefferson [Amelia], wks W, C & L Co, res 154 S Balch

Wise Miss Jennie S, dressmaker Mrs, M E Foster, bds 138 Carroll

Wise Miss Katie, res 106 Wolf

Wise Miss Martha M, teacher, res 138 Carroll

Wise Miss Maud A, student, res 336 W North

Wise Milton [Katie], wks St. R R, res 1127 S High

Wise Miss Minnie Z, res 336 W North

Wise Miss Myra, clerk Bolanz Bros res 134 S. Balch

Wise Ora F, clerk John Wolf, res 154 S. Balch

Wise Samuel E [Margaret A], wks Empire Wks, res 336 W North

Wise Mrs Sarah (wid Samuel), res 138 Carroll

Wise Wilbert G, Clerk J F Seiberling & Co, res 339 Carroll