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It was called the "Poor House", here is probably more information than you wanted.

"Besides providing for those who have violated the laws, the commissioners were given the duty of caring for persons who, because of poverty or physical or mental defects, became public charges. Thus, county relief for the indigent, one of the most pressing problems of the twentieth century, was met in frontier Ohio. As early as 1805 an act, modeled from the territorial law, was passed which was similar in all respects to the poor laws of seventeenth century England. Under the early enactments the township trustees were authorized to appoint overseers of the poor. In 1816 the county commissioners were authorized to construct “poor houses” for the care of the indigent of the county. As the system developed in succeeding decades the county was made responsible for those who had become permanently disabled, and for paupers who could not be satisfactorily cared for except at the county infirmary, now call the county home. Since 1913 they have been authorized in any county containing a city which has an infirmary, to contract with the director of public safety for the care of the county’s indigent.

The Seneca County board of commissioners took up the question of establishing an infirmary as early as June 7, 1841, but it was not until March 18, 1854, that a decision was reached as to a site for the home. The institution is located on State Route 100 , two and a half miles south of Tiffin, Ohio. It's 251.96 acres represent three purchases of farmland. For a time the original farm buildings were used. The first new building erected was the main building of an every growing group of useful structures. All are of brick except the barns, chicken houses, and hog houses. An extensive remodeling program was undertaken in 1935 as a WPA project. The program included additions, remodeling, redecorating, and general renovation. Included in the project were fireproofing, heating, plumbing, electrical work, waterproofing, and painting. The Seneca Home, at present, has a capacity of 90 inmates. There are now domiciled within it's comfortable quarters a total of 84 persons who call it their home.
All records are located in the superintendent's office, county home, State Route 100, Tiffin, Ohio, unless otherwise specified.
Page 269

Housing, Care, and Accessibility of the Records
County Home.
The institution is situated on state route 100, two and a half miles from Tiffin, Ohio. A few of the older records are located in the auditors vault. The other records are located in the superintendents office at the county home.


517. RECORDS OF INMATES, 1856---. 3 Vols. (1-3).
Register of indigents admitted to county home, showing, 1856-81, brief case history of inmate, name, from what township admitted, names, relationship and addresses of relatives, cause if indigency, previous occupation and habits, age, sex, color, physical and mental condition, nativity, date admitted, and date discharged, or died; register of admissions, 1881---, showing date of admission, name, age, birth date, birth place; sex, color, nativity, from what town or township admitted, physical and mental condition, and date of discharge
Page 270

or death. 1856- 81 . arr. chron. by dates of entries; 1881 arr. alph by names of inmates. 1856-81, indexed by names of inmates; 1881---, no index. Hdw. on form. Aver. 575 pp. 18 X 13 X 3.

518. CERTIFICATE OF INDIGENCY, 1900---. 1 f. b.
Original certificates if indigency filed by township trustees certifying that named persons are unable to provide and care for themselves and are making application for admission to county home, showing date of certificate, name of town, name of indigent, age, sex, color, name of relatives, how long resided in township, place of residence before locating in county, date of last relief provided, cause of indigency, care required if any, and signature of township trustee. Arr. chron. by dates of certificates. No Index. Hdw. on p. f. 5 X 4 1/2 X 9.


521. LEDGER, 1912-26 1 Vol.
Superintendents' record of income of inmates from outside sources, showing date of entry, name of inmate, from what source or from whom received, amount, and for what purpose used. Arr. alph. by names of inmates and chron. thereunder by dates of entries. No Index. Hdw. on forms. 152 pp.
14 X 9 X 1. C.C. Aud. Vlt."