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Subject:Are Thomas and Aaron Howell brothers? early 1800s Monroe Co,OH
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Thomas Howell was in the Newport, Washington Co, Ohio 1800 census. I have been told that this is Monroe County. Does anyone have a listing of the number of males and females for this census. I only have a list of residents. He also appears in the 1820 census in Monroe Co with a wife, 3 sons and a daughter. There is also the deed in Belmont Co in 1808 listing the 6 children of Thomas Howell. A major family event must have occurred at this time. Are there 2 Thomas Howells in Monroe County or just one with 2 or 3 wives? The following is my sorting of the Howells of early Monroe County:

THOMAS HOWELL b1760(my estimate) Ė d 1825 Monroe Co.
       +wife 1
1.       John Howell 1786VA-1854 IL + Huldah
2.       Aaron Howell 1792VA-1861 Monroe Co + Margaret Sloan
3.       Hannah Howell 1787 VA - >1860 Monroe Co + Richard Cain
4.       Ruth Howell
5.       Rhoda Howell
6.       Emma Howell

+wife 2
7.       son 1800-1810 Hamilton b1809 OH ?
8.       son 1810-1815 who?
9.       son 1815-1820 Thomas 1817 OH ?
10.       daughter 1815-1820 Elizabeth 1817 OH ?

If Annie (b1767) is wife 2 then she had 4 children when she was 40-50 years old. Is this probable? Could Ann be the daughter of William Henthorn? There are several family trees on the internet with her. Maybe Ann is actually wife 3. It should be noted that the land owned by Thomas Howell in 1820 is part of the land owned in 1819 and before by William Henthorn. I have no way of knowing if the land was sold or willed to Thomas Howell.

AARON HOWELL b1760-1770, d >1840 Monroe Co He is first seen in Monroe County in Ohio twp in the 1830 census.
1.       Thomas Howell 1800VA +Elizabeth
2.       James Howell 1806VA + Martha

ANDREW HOWELL b <1765, not seen after the 1820 Monroe County census where he was with Andrew Jr and a widow Mary Howell b <1775. Are these his children or more children of Aaron Howell? These 3 were together in the 1830 census.
              1. Aaron Howell b1790-1800
2. John Howell b 1790-1800
3.       Andrew Howell b 1790-1800?

1.       Are Thomas Howell b 1760 and Aaron Howell b 1760-1770 brothers? Aaron is a unique name in Monroe County at this time. The name Aaron seems to connect them. Is Andrew Howell in 1820 a brother too and Mary Howell in 1820 a sister-in-law?

2.       What about Andrew, Andrew Jr, and Mary in 1820. I canít find them after 1820. Is it possible that this Andrew and the Aaron Howell in 1830 are the same man with an error in the census?

3.       Where were all these people before they came to Monroe Co? The 3 older children of Thomas were born in Virginia and the 2 of Aaron also but where in Virginia?

4.       What about David Howell with son John in the Belmont County deed in 1807?

5.       Who did Ruth, Rhoda, and Emma Howell marry. They were daughters of Thomas Howell probably born 1790-1800.

6.       Who is son #8 b 1810-1815 of Thomas Howell?