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Hi Pat

Here is some of the "rest of the story," as Paul Harvey would say.

There were three O'Donnells who left Ohio for Chicago back around 1890: Tim, his brother Charles, and their cousin Mike. What is unique is that they all married 3 Hynes (Hines) sisters: Tim married Maggie; Charles married Lizzie; Mike married Frances. This was family legend, before I even began researching this.

Based on what I determined is accurate, the 1870 census shows that Tim was 5, born 1865 in Ohio; Charles was 4, born in 1866 in Ohio, both living in London, Madison County, Ohio. As for Mike, I don't know - I haven't found records for him.

Tim O'Donnell (information based on death certificate, marriage certificate and family stories):

Tim came to Chicago, Illinois in 1891 from Ohio when he was 26. Tim was a big man, known as "the Bull" and he worked as a teamster and drove a wagon for Wells Fargo. He married Maggie Hynes (birth certificate shows her born in Eglish, Offaly, Meath, Ireland on 19 February 1876 - parents James Hynes and Catherine Brien; died Chicago, Illinois on 20 March 1954) on 19 Dec 1893. They had Georgie on 22 August 1894 and James on 13 October 1895. Tim got sick with typhoid fever and after an illness of 2 weeks, he died on Halloween night, 31 October 1895, just two weeks after his son James' first birthday. Maggie married Owen O'Rourke around 1905. He never adopted the boys, yet they grew up believing that their last name was O'Rourke - until the time that they were getting married, and then they found out that their name was actually O'Donnell. Tim is buried in Mt Calvary Cemetery in Chicago.

Charles O'Donnell:

Charles was born around 1866 as he was 4 according to the 1870 census in Ohio. Charles liked to dress well and was known as "the Duke." He came to Chicago with his brother Tim and his cousin Mike. Charles married Lizzie Hynes (born in Offaly, Ireland on 28 April 1873; died in Indiana ?), Maggie's sister, on 29 November 1894 in Chicago. They moved to Indiana, Hammond City according to the 1900 census, and he became a policeman. In Indiana, his daughter Mame was born in 1894; his son Charles was born Feb 1896, his son John was born September 1897; his son William was born in 1901. In 1910 Charles is in Chicago for the census, and his occupation is listed as "engineer" although it is not certain whether he is working in Chicago or Indiana. In the 1930 census he is shown as living in Gary, Indiana and working as a machinist in a steel mill. That is all I have for him, but I am pretty sure he and his wife died in Indiana and are buried there.

Michael O'Donnell, cousin of Tim and Charles.

Michael O'Donnell is a bit of a mystery. I have been unable to reliably identify his family. He must be a cousin through his father's side, so one of Michael's brothers must be close by during the 1880's through the 1890's. He married Maggie's sister, Frances Hynes (born Offaly, Ireland 21 March 1875; died 8 July 1965 where?) and I am not certain where or when. I know very little about Michael and Frances. Obviously there is a bit of work to be done here.

So that is the story of the 3 O'Donnells from Ohio, and the 3 Hynes (Hines) Sisters from Offaly, Ireland.

That's what I know. What I don't know is where the family went after 1870 - there were 6 kids (Kate, 16; Mike, 14; Tom, 12; William, 10; Ellen, 8; Tim, 6; and Charles, 4) and probably more on the way as Mary was only 40. However, she was having a child every two years there for a bit, so she either lost one of the very young ones, or she has slowed down quite a bit. And so, where is everyone? And Mike had a brother around (Little Mike's father), so where is he?

I have a Michael O'Donnell of the right age for Tim's father in an 1850 Census sheet: this could be the future father of Tim O'Donnell, and would be before he would have married his wife Mary. His daughter Kate was born around 1854, so Michael would have been getting married around 1853.

One thing this 1850 census does not show, it does not show that Michael could not read. In the 1870 census, it shows that Michael could not read. Anyway, this is a possible match. He is working on what looks to be Gabriel Market's farm (who was 50 and who looked to have been born in Massachusetts) on August 8 1850, Summerford, Madison, Ohio.

Lots of mysteries here.

So that's most of what I got.

Any help is appreciated, of course.

All the best

John J O'Donnell