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This is what I found listed:

Grove, Abraham       Centerville/Way       D. 6-23-1914 Age 80 Yr. 9 Mo. 24 Da., wife Elizabeth A. Grove (deceased)
Grove, Artie M.       Centerville/Way       B. 9-13-1888, D. 1-17-1972, Bur. 1-20-1972 Sec 8 Lot 6, husband Leo Grove; parents Jacob and Mary Ann Hostetler Garber
Grove, Catherine       Luttrell/Way       D. 12-2-1862 Age 91 Yr. 29 Da., wife of Jacob Grove
Grove, Child       Centerville/Way       D. Age 22 Yr. 4 Mo. 6 Da., daughter of John Jackson and Mary Ann McFadden Grove
Grove, Chloe       Springfield Friends/A       B. 8-30-1891 Highland Co. OH, D. 5-26-1983, Bur. 5-31-1983 Sec 2 Lot 50, husband Homer N. Grove (deceased); sons Howard and Heber Grove
Grove, Claude Eugene       Centerville/Way       B. 9-1-1902, D. 2-18-1970 Fayette Co. OH, Bur. 2-18-1970 Sec 1 Lot 3, wife Mary Audrey Dunlap; parents Leroy and Ethel Mae Duke Grove
Grove, Cora       Centerville/Way       Bur. 3-26-1974 Sec 1 Lot 42
Grove, David       Luttrell/Way       D. 4-16-1863 Age 55 Yr. 11 Mo. 18 Da., taken from County History, on Grove Lot broken stone in several pieces with only 16-this could be David Grove
Grove, Dwight H.       Centerville/Way       B. 1913, D. 1924, son of H. M. and Elizabeth Grove
Grove, Elizabeth       Centerville/Way       B. 1877, D. 1929, nee Henderson, husband H. M. Grove
Grove, Elizabeth       Luttrell/Way       D. 10-17-1847 Age 42 Yr. 6 Mo. 20 Da., wife of Albra Grove
Grove, Elizabeth A.       Troutwine/Cl       D. 10-6-1867, wife of Abraham Grove
Grove, Elsie Newton       Centerville/Way       Bur. 2-9-1969 Sec 8 Lot 6
Grove, Elsie R.       Springfield Friends/A       B. 8-11-1909 Miles Iowa, D. 11-12-1986, Bur. 11-15-1986 Sec 3 Lot 23, husband Lynn W. Grove (deceased); sons Lynn S. and Wayne M. Grove; parents Louis and Emma S. Baker
Grove, Ernest Fred       Centerville/Way       B. 1911, D. 1919, son of Elizabeth and H. M. Grove
Grove, Ernest Fred       Centerville/Way       D. Age 53 Yr. Pike Co. OH, Bur. 4-27-1981
Grove, Ethel       Centerville/Way       B. 11-13-1884, D. 8-6-1937, Bur. 8-7-1937 Sec 8 Lot 6, husband LeRoy Grove; parents Smiley and Eva Fisher Duke
Grove, Ethel M.       Centerville/Way       B. 1892, D. 1924, husband Harley Grove
Grove, George       Centerville/Way       B. 11-4-1850, D. 5-8-1920, parents John Jackson and Sarah Snider Grove
Grove, George Smith       Centerville/Way       1912
Grove, Glen LeRoy       Centerville/Way       B. 7-29-1919, D. 11-15-1919, parents Roy and Ethel Grove
Grove, Harley       Centerville/Way       Bur. 2-1-1943 Sec 8 Lot 6, wife Ethel Garman Grove (deceased)
Grove, Harrison McFadden       Centerville/Way       B. 1877, D. 1957, Bur. 12-9-1957 Sec 13 Lot 9, "Mack", wife Elizabeth Grove
Grove, Henry       Grove-Geffs/Way       D. 10-18-1849 Age 30 Yr. 5 Mo., wife Margaret Ann Grove
Grove, Homer N.       Springfield Friends/A       R. 5 Wilmington OH, B. 5-30-1890 Highland Co. OH, D. 9-26-1961, Bur. Sec 2 Lot 50
Grove, Infant       Centerville/Way       B. and D. 8-18-1910, parents Harley and Ethel Garman Grove
Grove, Infant       Centerville/Way       B. and D. 9-30-1909, parents Thomas O. and Viola Howard Grove
Grove, Irvine       Grove-Geffs/Way       D. 9-16-1844 Age 2 Yr. 4 Mo. 21 Da., son of Henry and Margaret Ann Grove
Grove, J. W.       New Antioch/G       B. 1857, D. 1913
Grove, Jacob       Luttrell/Way       D. 11-15-1860 Age 86 Yr. 8 Da., wife Catherine Grove
Grove, Jacob Gage       Sabina/R       Bur. 1-13-1955 Sec 10 Lot 23
Grove, John Jackson       Centerville/Way       B. 11-20-1829, D. 8-12-1887, nee McFaddenwife Mary A. Grove
Grove, John Ritchie       Centerville/Way       B. 1897, D.1958
Grove, Lawrence       Centerville/Way       B. 3-17-1936, Bur. 12-14-1954 Sec 1 Lot 48, Korean War Navy veteran
Grove, LeRoy       Centerville/Way       B. 6-17-1878, D. 2-15-1933, Bur. 2-17-1933 Sec 8 Lot 6, wife Ethel Grove; parents George and Ella Snow Grove
Grove, Leo D.       Centerville/Way       Bur. 3-21-1946 Sec 8 Lot 6, wife Artie M. Grove
Grove, Leona B.       Westboro IOOF/J       D. 10-26-1903, Bur. Sec 3 Lot 55, wife of Allen B. Grove
Grove, Louisa       Luttrell/Way       D. 8-11-1800? Age 5 Yr., daughter of David and Mary Grove
Grove, Lucinda West       Centerville/Way       B. 1855, D.1933
Grove, Lucretia Bruce       Centerville/Way       B. 1885, D. 1959, Bur. 1-2-1960 Sec 13 Lot 9, wife of H. M. Grove
Grove, Lynn W.       Springfield Friends/A       B. 8-3-1901 South English Iowa, D. 3-17-1983, Bur. 3-22-1983 Sec 3 Lot 23, wife Elsie R. Baker Grove; sons Lynn S. and Wayne M. Grove; parents Smith and Minnie Cox Grove
Grove, Mabel Ritchie       Centerville/Way       B. 1904, D. 19??
Grove, Margaret Ann       Grove-Geffs/Way       D. 8-29-1875 Age 53 Yr. 5 Mo. 3 Da., husband Henry Grove
Grove, Martha       Luttrell/Way       B. 3-26-1815, D. 4-21-1909, wife of George Grove
Grove, Mary       Centerville/Way       D. 2-8-1885 Age 55 Yr. 9 Mo. 22 Da.
Grove, Mary A.       Centerville/Way       B. 8-10-1835, D. 2-3-1908, wife of John Jackson Grove
Grove, Mary Audrey       Centerville/Way       B. 8-7-1904, D. 12-24-1961, Bur. 12-26-1961 Sec 1 Lot 3, husband Claude Grove; parents J. Clyde and Pearl Mason Dunlap
Grove, Nancy       Luttrell/Way       D. 7-10-1840 Age 44 Yr. 11 Mo. 15 Da., wife of John Grove
Grove, Phillip Thorne       Centerville/Way       B., D. and Bur. 11-7-1939 Sec 1 Lot 54, infant son of Paul and Mary Phillips Grove
Grove, Raymond M.       Unknown/Unknown       B. 5-31-1911 Lees Creek OH, D. 3-29-1999, Bur. 4-2-1999 cremated, wife Elizabeth Grove; parents Thomas and Viola Howard Grove, FH Tufts Schildmeyer of Goshen OH
Grove, Rebecca J.       Centerville/Way       B. 1-31-1831, D. 7-2-1883
Grove, Richard Dale       Centerville/Way       Bur. 2-8-1969 Sec 1 Lot 48, Korean War veteran
Grove, Russell E.       Centerville/Way       B. 2-7-1907, D. 8-19-1987, wife Maxine Henkle Grove; parents LeRoy and Ethel Duke Grove
Grove, Ruth Ranz       Centerville/Way       B. 1918, D. 1971
Grove, Sallie B.       New Antioch/G       B. 1849, D. 1915
Grove, Sally M.       Sabina/R       B. 1-23-1864, D. 12-14-1949 Athens Co. OH, Bur. 12-17-1949 Sec 10 Lot 23, husband Simpson F. Grove (deceased); parents William H. and Mary M. Prunk Polk
Grove, Sarah E.       Sabina/R       D. 5-(20 or 22)-1914 Sec 10 Lot 23, widow
Grove, Simpson F.       Sabina/R       D. 11-26-1924 Age 63 Yr. Athens Co. OH, Bur. 11-28-1924 Sec 10 Lot 23, wife Sallie M. Polk Grove
Grove, Susan M.       Luttrell/Way       D. 3-20-1845 Age 15 Yr. 2 Mo. 29 Da., daughter of J. and M. Grove
Grove, Thomas O.       Centerville/Way       B. 1881, D. 1918, “Ola”, wife Viola Howard Grove
Grove, Viola       Centerville/Way       B. 9-20-1884, D. 6-12-1966, Bur. 6-15-1966 Sec 1 Lot 54, "Ola", husband Thomas Orville Grove; parents James and Annie Brown Howard
Grove, Wayne F.       Centerville/Way       B. 11-28-1916 OH, D. 3-16-1975, Bur. 3-19-1975 Sec 1 Lot 48 grave 3, WW2 Army veteran, never married, parents Thomas Orville and Viola Howard Grove
Grove, William L.       Centerville/Way       B. 1883, D. 1951

Canter, Catherine       Luttrell/Way       B. 8-27-1809, D. 5-1-1848, wife of J. C. Canter
Canter, David H.       Centerville/Way       B. 5-14-(1840 or 1841), D. 3-3-1914, Bur. 3-6-1914 Sec 1 Lot 3 grave 2, marker, cerebral hemorrhage, Civil War Army veteran, married, father Joseph Canter; kin Oscar Canter of Centerville OH
Canter, Edith I.       Centerville/Way       B. 1906, D. 2-28-1912 Franklin Co. OH
Canter, Ethel       Centerville/Way       B. 2-4-1886, D. 3-3-1963 Montgomery Co. OH, Bur. 3-4-1963 Sec 8 Lot 3, husband Oscar E. Canter; parents Daniel and Emma Washburn Hogan
Canter, John       Luttrell/Way       B. about 1761 Maryland, D. 1-19-1849 OH, Revolutionary War veteran
Canter, John Wesley       Luttrell/Way       B. 3-24-1861, D. 2-2-1937 Dayton OH, wife Viola Canter; parents David and Nancy Canter
Canter, Joseph       Luttrell/Way       B. 1808, D. 8-24-1877, wife Mary Canter
Canter, Mary       Luttrell/Way       B. 3-9-1821, D. 6-16-1869, wife of Joseph Canter
Canter, Mary       Luttrell/Way       B. 8-1-1786, D. 2-7-1873
Canter, Nancy Ann       Centerville/Way       D. 5-4-1928, widow, father Edward Canter
Canter, Oscar       Centerville/Way       B. 9-13-1878, D. 2-16-1941 Greene Co. OH, Bur. 2-20-1941 Sec 8 Lot 3, Spanish-American War veteran, wife Ethel Hogan Canter; parents David and Nancy Canter
Canter, Viola       Luttrell/Way       Bur. 193?, no marker

Luttrell Cemetery is included on the CD, but I didn't find any of the names you had listed.

I am sure there are copies of the CD available from the genealogy society. Also, check with them for other sources pertaining to the cemetery, etc.

Hope this helps you.

Take care.