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This Turner family moved to Clinton Co. Ohio in 1828 from Kentucky. There were Turnerís already in Clinton County - -there is also a Turner Family Cemetery there. Donít know if the Turner families are relatedÖ. It is highly likely that both Robert Turner and Eleanor Bell both heralded from families that came from Virginia. A huge influx of Virginia veterans headed there after the Revolutionary War, because of land.

Robert and Eleanor were married in Fleming County KY - which would strongly indicate that one or both of them were from there or nearby: Married: 3 Jun 1815 {Kentucky Vital Records}

Documentation of either of their families have yet to be found. However I have analyzed much of the available data and offer the following:

In 1810 Robert would have been 14 years old. If he was in Fleming in 1810 Ė there were three Turner families, headed by Edward, Robert, and James. James is the only one that shows a son of possibly 14. Robert and Edward both show three sons under 10. If James is his Father - the information on James below gives a fairly detailed history of what is known of he and his wife.

It seems that the 1810 Robert listed could very well be the Robert Turner family listed in Bath County in 1820. Edward may have gone to Fayette or Madison Counties, or Bracken County, Germantown Twp. (where a William Turner also resided). There is evidence of a John Bell family from Garrard County that could have been Elinorís FatherÖ There is a William Turner listed in Garrard County in 1820.

Itís highly likely that the young Robert and very young wife resided with an elder in 1820; with census often getting the count and sex of infants incorrect it is hard to place which family they could have been living with; this young family was not listed alone. Itís possible they were residing with Ann Turner in the case that James and she were his parents (as he had already passed away).

Itís also possible that they could have resided with Robert in Bath County.* After a thorough search of the 1820 census this Robert and young family could not be confidently located in the census data.

*Robert Turner 1820 Bloomfield Twp Bath County KY M33 Roll 16, p.97

Possible Ancestor:

James Turner

b. Sept. 1, 1766, (or 9/15/1765) Va.
d. Aug. 15, 1811

Married Anna Debell b. January 4, 1771 in Fauquier Co., VA. / married: 27 November 1792, Fauquier, Virginia (also 6 DEC 1792, is given) Minister: John Monroe (Baptist) Death: 26 JAN 1849 in KY

James and Anna Debell Turner removed to Fleming Co., KY abt. 1798

Notes: If Robert was born in 1796 and is their son Ė he would have been born in Virginia.
James Turner died before the 1820 census. In 1820 the only Turners living in Fleming was his wife, Ann, and family. Next to Joel Turner, presumably his son; and next to Lewis Turner who is beyond his 45th year Ė and presumably his brother (not recorded there in 1810). A Lewis Turner was previously recorded as living in Fauquier County as well; witnessing the marriages of two DeBell brothers (1797 & 1798). James had two sons between the ages of 10 Ė 15 in 1810 which would have corresponded to Robert; one of these sons is listed with Mother Ann in 1820 Ė but the other is not. Children:

Joel Turner
Billy Turner possibly
Robert F. Turner possibly
Reck Turner m. a Foxworthy Ė is this Rick or Richard?

Joel Turner b. abt 1793 in Virginia, married Annie Debell - dau. of John (Jack) DeBell and Sarah (Sally) Rector m. 20 November 1815, Fleming Co., Ky.; (She was b. 28 January 1799, Ky; d. 13 April 1877). Annie and Joel were 1st cousins.
Book: G
Page: 662
Instr: Deed
Date: 23 Feb 1818

Grantee: Children & heirs of James Turner, late of Fleming Co., deceased
Consideration: $780
Acres: 156
Water Course: Neighbors/Boundaries: John Edmoundsonís survey, Thomas Fediler? land, Benjím Robertís survey, Lewis Turner, John Hood

Comments: Part of Benjamin Robertsís survey of 1000 acres, part which Sneltzerís heirs recovered judgement of James Turner; which lies outside of Nevillís & Edmoundsonís survey of 7000 acres.


Keeping in mind that Robert Turner married Elinor Bell in Fleming in 1815 it is expected that she was probably from the County or nearby area. There are three Bell families in Fleming Kentucky in 1810 that conceivably had a daughter 10 years of age: William, John, and John B. William is the only one of these found in later censuses remaining in Fleming Flemingsburg) There are two William Bellís buried in the Elivaville Cemetery there: b. Jan 7, 1789 d. Sep. 27, 1874 and b. Nov. 25, 1815 d. Sep. 7, 1898. While either one of the Johnís also could have been a potential Father, it was not possible to track them in 1820 based upon the census data. Since a Robert and young family could not be found in 1820 Ė other options were pursued one of which was to see what senior Bell and Turner families might have included them in their home. No solid family emerged. There was an Archibald Bell, Sr. in the N. Middleton Twp. In Bourbon County Ė but this Robert does not have three young daughters. In 1810 this Bell was in Fayette County.       

Thereís also a Charles Bell buried in Elivaville Cemetery* in Fleming KY although he was living in Mason County (northeast of Fleming) in 1810 & 1820

He was b. 27 Aug 1781 Spotsylvania /d. 24 Mar 1863 / m. Willa Porter 22 Sept 1806 (b. abt 1779, purportedly from Washington Maryland).

His family of origin was Charles Bell & Sarah Carter (Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia); They moved to Mason County Kentucky in 1792. Their children were:

Charles married Willa Porter
Carter married Sarah Wofford
Willis married Polly Early
Thornton unmarried
Elizabeth married William Summers
Lucy married William Prathe,
Clarissa married Michael Summers

Record of Willy Bell, son of Chas b. 1775, m. Mary Berry. He died 19 Apr 1853 in Fleming
Record of William Bell m. to a Nancy McGowan 4 Oct 1836 Wayne Ky
Robert C. Turner of Fleming, b. 1804 married a Lydia McGowan, b. 1810
Record of an 80 year old Elizabeth Bell, b. PA abt. 1770; 1850 Fleming census
Record of Fleming Ky marriages of Rebecca Bell to Benjamin Summers in Oct 1815,
       and Eliz Bell to Jesse Summers
Record of William Bell on 1790 tax list of Fayette Co., Ky & 1791 tax list for Bourbon Co.
Record of Benjamin Bell (b. 1774) , wife Mary (1784) and Maria DeBell (1805) in household 1850 Fleming
Record of Joseph Bell, b. 1803, m. to Ruth - Fleming 1850 census
Record of Robert R. Bell, b. 1807, m. Lenora - Fleming 1850 census
Record of William Bell, b. 1801, m. to Alethea Ė Fleming 1850 census

Robert F. TURNER

Birth: 21 Feb 1796
Death: 22 Sep 1859 (not found though in 1850 Census)

Marriage: Eleanor (Elinor) BELL b. 11 Jan 1800 / d. 5 Apr 1880
Married: 3 Jun 1815 in Fleming Co., KY


1.        Elizabeth b. 6 Jun 1817 / m. Feb. 1845, Wm. Gillam
2.        Mary b. 22 Oct 1818 / m. 3 July 1835, Henry Floria
3.        Sarah b. 11 Feb 1820 in KY / m. 19 Feb 1841, Wilson Bailey, a professor
4.        Margaret Jane b. 4 Dec 1820 in Fleming Co. Ky m. 19 Nov 1840 Samuel Bailey in Clinton Co., OH
5.        William H. b. 19 Jun 1822 / d. 27 Mar 1857 / m. Therissa Richards 12 Jun 1845
6.        Jesse b. 4 Apr 1824 / d. 15 Nov 1824
7.        John Bell b. 17 Feb 1826 Fleming Co. / m. Hettie J. Richardson 17 Jun 1852*
8.        Samuel b. 17 Jan 1828
9.        Robert b. 10 Nov 1829
10.        Maria b. 4 Mar 1831 / m. James Murray 20 Oct 1853
11.        Joseph Harvey b. 14 Oct 1833 a teacher, crippled
12.        Melinda b. 21 Nov 1835/ m. 6 Jan 1853 (with 2 children & Mother in 1860)
*d. 9 Jun 1912 North English, Iowa

Source: Children and birthdates come from Susan Kay Turner Clark; who received it from "Willis' brother's daughter, Ann." Also Mary Jo Bailey - Rootsweb posting of Bailey and allied families (performed a lot of research in the Hamilton Oh County area)