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Dear Kenneth,
You and I corresponded once before in 1997. You have done quite a bit of research since then. The information I have I got from you and Lee Nichols. I have not been at this family line for several years as I researched my mother's line for three years. I am now trying to begin again on my father's side. My line comes through William Leakey and Elizabeth Scott; then John Leakey/Lakey and Nancy Reed; then Elizabeth Lakey and Ashel Webb; then Maria Louisa Webb and Alexander John Blakely; then Maria Louisa Blakely and Wilson Davidson Scott. Maria Louisa Blakely Scott was my gg grandmother. She died in 1936, just two years before I was born. My family talks of her and I have lots of stories about her and her husband who was a policeman in San Francisco during the great fire and earthquake in 1906. I am enclosing all the information I have on the Leakey/Lakey Family, but you have so much more and I thank you greatly for sending it to me. I have no proff that Nancy's name was Reed. I read it somewhere. I think I got it from Lee Nichols. Anyway, I sent the following to my family that was interested in genealogy in 1997.
Sincerely, Nancy Schmitt.

Bray Family

The following information on the Bray Family and how it connects to the Lakey (Leakey) family was sent to me by Lee Nichols and Kenneth Lakey. Lee is related to us through this line. Lee contacted me through the Internet. Her email address is: Kenneth is related to us through the same Lakey line.
His email:

* 1.0 Henry Bray born in England.
m. Mary Wilson
       perhaps seven children

       2.0 Henry Bray, Jr.

       2.0 Edward Bray
       2.1 Sarah Bray
              Christened 3-31-1732 in Monocacy,(Prince Georges) MD

       2.2 Anna Maria Bray
              Christened 4-15-1733 in Monocacy, (Prince Georges) MD

       2.3 Susanna Bray
              Christened 3-10-1735 in Monocacy, (Prince Georges) MD

       2.4 Catarina Bray
              Christened 4-16-1737 in Monocacy, (Prince Georges) MD

*       2.5 Elizabetha Bray
              Christened 11-3-1739 in Monocacy, (Prince Georges) MD
        m. circa 1750 William Lakey (Leakey) (2)
              (* continues in Lakey/Leakey Family)

The Brays and the Lakeys were neighbors on Rocky River. Henry Bray had a grant for 300 acres surveyed November 26, 1761 on the South Fork of Rocky River.

Lakey/Leakey Family

Lakey and Leakey are both pronounced Lakey, with a long a sound: As are Leake, Leckie, Lecky, Lekky, Laiky, Lakie, Lackey, etc. It is an old common surname in Scotland from the Barony of Leckie. It appears as Lecque (still pronounced Lakey) among the Scots Guards in France. In the mid-seventeenth century, Lecky, a branch of the Scottish clan MacGregor settled in Ireland. Our Lakey or Leakey name appears to come from England.

*       1.0 William Leake b. before 1717
              m. unknown
              possibly two sons (no proof)

2.0 Alexander Lakey (1) b. c1700
d. 1747 Chester Co. PN
1st m. 1721 Anne Dashiel b. c1700 d. before 1724 Summerset Co. MD
daughter of James Dashiel and Mary Waters
no children

              2nd m. 4-24-1724 Mrs. Ann Huett Nutter b. c1690 d. 1743
                     widow of Mathew Nutter daughter of John Huett and Rachel Battian.
                     Ann was most likely the mother of Huett Nutter.
              at least two sons

              3.1 John Lackey b. c1725 d. 1738 aged 13 years.

              3.2 Alexander Lakey (2) b. _____ d. 1772
                     m. Mary
                     4.1 Mary Lakey m. Mordiciah Moon
                     4.2 Margaret Lakey
                     4.3 Sarah Lakey
                     4.4 Elizabeth Lakey m. _____ Boring
                     4.5 Thomas Lakey
                     4.6 William Lakey
       Alexander Lakey (1) married a third wife; Ann Evans widow of John Evans.
                     Ann's son was Nicholas Evans. She may have had a daughter
                     named Susannah who married Thomas Jones.

*       2.0 William Lakey/Leakey (2) b. circa 1728 Prince Georges Co. MD
                     d. after 1775 Surry Co., North Carolina
              m. 1750 Elizabetha Bray - Christened 11-3-1739 Old Monocacy, MD
                     d. after 1786
              ten children
              Elizabeth's 2nd m. William Poe

              3.1 Joshua Lakey/Leakey b. 1752 Orange Co., NC

              3.2 Jeremiah Lakey/Leakey b. c1753 North Carolina
                     m. c1778 Anna Chamness b. 3-26-1759 d. 1779 Warren Co. TN

              3.3 John Leakey (1) b. 1756 Orange Co., NC
d. 8-24-1840 Rutherford Co. TN
                     1st m. c1781 Hannah Luttrell b. c1756
                     2nd m. c1820 Frances Mitchell b. c1800

              3.4 Sarah Lakey/Leakey (1) b. c1757

              3.5 Charity Lakey/Leakey b. c1758 Orange Co. NC

              3.6 Ann Leckey b. c1759 Orange Co. NC d. after 1827
                     m. 10-15-1767 William Henderson b. c1743

       *       3.7 William Lakey/Leakey (2) b. 1763 Orange Co. NC d. after 1840
                     m. c1781 Elizabeth Scott - Christened 1763 Old Monocacy, MD
                            d. after 1830
                     seven children

              *       4.1 John Lakey/Leakey (2) b. 1781 in Orange, NC
d. before 1820 Warren Co., TN
                            m. Nancy Reed b. 7-29-1788
d. after 1840 McNairy Co. TN
                                   (* continues)

                     4.2 William Lakey/Leakey (3) b. c1783 Orange Co., NC

                     4.3 Joshua Leakey b. c1784 Orange Co., NC
                            m. 1-11-1803 Nancy Webster b. c1784

                     4.4 Elizabeth Leakey (2) b. c1785 Orange Co., NC

              *       4.5 Sarah Lakey (2) b. 8-24-1786 Surry Co., NC
                            m. 11-18-1799 Alexander Blakely (1) b. 4-5-1773
                                   Montgomery Co., Virginia
d. 8-13-1849 in Jefferson Co. Iowa - age 76
                                    (* continues See Blakely Family)

                     4.6 Rebecca Leakey b. c1786 Orange Co., NC d. 1807
                            m. 1-5-1801 John Adamson b. c1786 d. 1807

                            5.0 John Adamson
                            5.0 Charlotte Adamson

In July 1807, the Knox County, Tennessee court, appointed William Leakey (3.7 above) guardian to John and Charlotte Adamson. It appears that both of their parents had died.

                     4.7 Rachel Leakey b. c1787 Orange Co., NC
                            m. Thomas Stanley b. c1787

In 1781, William Leakey (3.7) and his brother John (3.3) were dismissed from the local Quaker congregation for marrying out of the faith and taking up arms in the Revolutionary War. William was in the North Carolina 10th Continental line.

In 1793, William Leakey purchased 331 acres of land on the south side of the Holston River, now the Tennessee River, near the head of Lyons Creek. This would be across the river from the land purchased by Charles Blakely a year later. In 1799 William Leakey sold land near the above land purchase to an Alexander McMillan, with Alexander Blackley (Blakely) serving as witness.

William Leakey was listed as one of the leaders in the Paw Paw Hollow Baptist Church, the same church as attended by Alexander and Sarah Lakey Blakely.

In 1810, William Lakey sold his 331 acres of land in Knox County. In 1812 a William Lakey appears on a tax roll for Warren County, Tennessee, along with Alexander Blakely and other Lakey families from Knox County.

William Lakey also appears in the 1820 and 1830 censuses for Warren County. In 1840 a William Lakey applied for a military pension from Rutherford County, Tennessee. This may well have been our William.

              2.8 Eli Lakey/Leakey b. 1765 Orange Co. NC (one of twins)
              2.9 Levi Lakey/Leakey b. 1765 Orange Co. NC (one of twins)
d. 1808 in Knox Co., TN
                      m. Susanna Routh b. 12-16-1767 Randolph Co. NC
                            d. 4-6-1845 Henry Co. Indiana
              2.10 Elizabeth Lakey/Leakey (1)
* 4.2 John Lakey (2) b. 1781 (whose parents are William Lakey and Elizabeth Scott)
       m. Nancy Reed b. 7-29-1788 d. after 1840 McNairy Co. Tennessee
       four children

       5.1 William Lakey/Leakey (4) b. 1807
              m. Absley _______
              four children

              6.1 Emiline Lakey/Leakey b. 1833
              6.2 John A. Lakey/Leakey (4) b. 1835 d. 1898
              6.3 William Leakey (5)b. 1840
              6.4 July Leakey

*       5.2 Elizabeth Lakey (3) b. 1808 in Tennessee d. 5-20-1885 in Iowa
              This is the Elizabeth of whom we have all the photographs.
              1st m. Asahel Webb
              2nd m. Peter Hoaglin
                     See Webb Family and Hoaglin Family

*Sarah Lakey (2) and *Elizabeth Lakey (3)were aunt and niece. Sarah’s son, Alexander John Blakely (3) married Elizabeth’s daughter, Maria Louisa Webb. Maria Louisa Webb and her husband, Alexander John Blakely (3) were second cousins.
See Blakeley Family

       5.3 James Lakey
              m. Salemy _____
              four children

              6.1 Charity Lakey
              6.2 William Lakey (6)
              6.3 Mary Lakey
              6.4 Samuel Lakey
Below is the ancestral line of ++Frankie ‘Lee’ Lakey Nichols who sent this information on the Lakeys. Her line uses the spelling Lakey. There are eleven pages of additional information on the Lakey/Leakey lines. If you would like to see it, write to me or to Lee.
+       5.4 John L. Lakey (3) b. 7-28-1813 Warren Co. TN d. 1866
              m. Malinda Beaver(s) b. 1823 d. 1893
              eleven children

              6.1 Mary Elizabeth Lakey (2) b. 1839
              6.2 Martha Jane Lakey b. 1841
              6.3 Harriet Frances Lakey b. 1843
              6.4 McCager Lakey b. 11-10-1845 d. 1930
                     at least one son

                     7.0 Edgar Lakey b. 10-30-1883
                            m. Bertha Boyce
                            at least one son

!=                     8.0 Kenneth M. Lakey

              6.5 Ruth Ellen Lakey b. 1848
       +       6.6 Thomas Reed Lakey b. 1850 d. 1925 (+ continues)
                     m. Millie Emily Spring b. 1854 d. 1894
              6.7 Henry Webber Lakey b. 1852 d. 1915
                     m. Mary Jane Allen b. _____ d. 187       8
              6.8 Cynthia Catherine Lakey b. 1854
                     m. Dan W. Mosley
              6.9 Emily Clementine Lakey b. 1857 d. 1952
                     m. Absalom Parish Eaton
              6.10 Margaret Alice Lakey b. 1859
                     m. Jim Morgan
              6.11 Elvira Ann Lakey
                     m. Mahlon H. Higbee

+       6.6 Thomas Reed Lakey b. 1850 d. 1925
                     m. Millie Emily Spring b. 1854 d. 1894
                     five children

                     7.1 Charles M. Lakey b. 1875
                            m. Florence Marsh
                     7.2 Julia Ann Lakey b. 1878 d. 1965
                     7.3 Robert Lakey b. 1880
              +       7.4 Evander Thomas Lakey b. 1882 d. 1963 (+ continues)
                            m. Katie Belle Lockhart b. 1891 d. 1977
                     7.5 Iva Lakey b. 1891 d. 1893 - 2 years old
              +       7.4 Evander Thomas Lakey b. 1882 d. 1963
                            m. Katie Belle Lockhart b. 1891 d. 1977
                            three children

                     +       8.1 Cecil Franklin Lakey b. 1910 d. 1986 (+ continues)
                                   m. Lorna Alice Lee Gregg b. 1909 d. 1962
                            8.2 Ivan Charles Lakey b. 1911
                                   m. Jeneva Eugene Munn b. 1914 d. 1995
                            8.3 Lester Reed Lakey b. 1914 d. 1988
                                   m. Edith Vian Whiteman b. 1910

       +       8.1 Cecil Franklin Lakey b. 1910 d. 1986
                            1st m. Lorna Alice Lee Gregg b. 1909 d. 1962
                            two children
                            2nd m. Evelyn Mae Noble b. 1916
                            two children

                     ++       9.1 Frankie ‘Lee’ Lakey b. 1930
                                   m. Virgil Gail Nichols b. 1928 d. 1983
                            9.2 Donalia Tycille ‘Donna’ Lakey b. 1932 d. 1981
                                   m. William W. Leaverton b. 1923 d. 1989
                            9.3 Curtis Wilmer Lakey b. 1936 d. 1984
                            9.4 Richard Allen Lakey b. 1945
                                    m. Lucille Ortiz

                     Lorna Alice remarried to Albert Conrad Schielke
                                   one child

                            9.5 Alberta Clara (Topper) Schielke
                                   (half sister to 8.1 and 8.2)