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I am searching for any DOCUMENTED proof that my great grandfather, Hiram Y Dalton was the son of Jonathan "Tobie" Dalton & Martha (Wilson) Dalton. I would be so grateful to anyone who can provide any further information.

Hiram Y “Hyme” Dalton b: 09 Jul 1870 Rutherfordton, Rutherford Co, NC d: 12 Jul 1952 Rutherfordton, Rutherford Co, NC Buried Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co, NC m: #1 on 07 Feb 1888 in Rutherford Co, NC m: #2 in 1925

Hiram married 1st to “Allie” Earley (illegitimate daughter of Harriet Earley b: 1841 NC d: after 11 May 1910 Rutherford Co, NC & Joseph “Grayson” Dalton b: 05 Apr 1840 Young’s Creek, McDowell Co, NC d: 07 Mar 1901 Lake Lure, Rutherford Co, NC Buried Bills Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co, NC)

Nancy Alice "Allie" Earley b: 09 Jan 1865 Rutherford Co, NC d: 13 May 1925 Forest City, Rutherford County, NC Buried 14 May 1925 High Shoals Baptist Church Cemetery, Henrietta, Rutherford Co, NC

According to her death certificate, Allie died at age 60, suddenly & without medical aid, from a probable heart attack (certificate states contributing factor was likely organic heart disease). Hiram was the informant.

Allie’s mother, Harriett Earley was the daughter of Robert W Earley & Temperance “Tempy” Conner.

Hiram remarried shortly after Allie's death in 1925 (have not seen an actual marriage record for this 2nd marriage) to a widow, Cora (Henry) Elmore, who's husband had also died that year. Cora brought two daughters in to the marriage.

(2nd wife of Hiram Y Dalton) Cora Henry (daughter of John Henry & Adaline “Addie” Cooper) b: 06 Jul 1879 Rutherford Co, NC d: 26 Feb 1964 Forest City, Rutherford Co, NC Buried 28 Feb 1964 Buried Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co, NC

Cora Henry married 1st on 25 Nov 1900 in Rutherford Co, NC to Jonas Monroe Elmore (son of Michael Elmore & Mary Reynolds, both of Gaston Co, NC) b: 1873 Gaston Co, NC d: 26 Jul 1925 Rutherfordton, Rutherford Co, NC (at Rutherford Hospital, from injuries sustained when struck by an automobile) Buried 27 Jul 1925 Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co, NC.

Hiram has been a great mystery when researching our family. He does not appear on the 1880 census with his alleged father & mother’s family. According to the birth date on his tombstone, he was born in 1870, but there are questions concerning whether that is correct for several reasons, one being the census that he is missing from. Another is the conflicting dates in the census reports he is in from 1910 forward. (I know the 1890 census is missing, but where was he in 1900?) There is a deed dated 1898 in Rutherford County, which does place him there at that time. It's the first record I have found of his existence until the 1910 census. By then, he is married to his first wife, Nancy Alice "Allie" Earley (my great grandmother & the illegitimate daughter of Joseph "Grayson" Dalton & Harriett Earley) & already has children.

I have a theory he may have been the Jonathan H Dalton that was born before June 1866, as in Jonathan Hiram. There appears to be no further info on Jonathan after the 1880 census. Some believe that is far reaching, but there is just too much missing & unexplained information & it makes me really wonder. Hiram’s death certificate is bundled with incorrect & missing information, including a birth date of 09 Jul 1882. His name appears on the certificate as Hamer. The informant was Mrs Pearlie M Wright, his granddaughter (daughter of William Rucker Dalton). Hiram's parents are listed on the death certificate as unknown.

IF my theory were to be correct, the question would be that if Hiram was Jonathan H Dalton, why did he change his name to Hiram Y Dalton? There were circumstances which could offer an explanation as to why. His father, Jonathan "Tobie" (if he actually was his father) was excluded from Bills Creek Baptist Church for fornication on 01 Dec 1866, 20 years after joining the church. I have attempted to discover what the circumstances were, but no luck. I do know a Jonathan Dalton was listed in the 1870 Chimney Rock, Rutherford Co, NC census, living with a woman, Malinda & a number of children, next door to Joseph "Grayson" Dalton . I can't find anything on any of these children after that census & do not know if that Jonathan was the same as mine, who is also listed in the same Chimney Rock census with his wife, Martha & family. Did Jonathan have two families? Is this where the fornication charges came from??? This is the mystery census:

Jonathan Dalton 51, Malinda Dalton 48, William Dalton 21, Matilda Dalton 19, Jason Dalton 16, Nancy F Dalton 14, Monroe Dalton 13, Luisa Dalton 11, James Dalton 9, Lettie B Dalton 7, Lucie Dalton 5

Another possible reason to change identity was that Hiram married his 1st cousin, Grayson's illegitimate daughter, Allie, which was hush hush, according to my grandmother when she was living. So, assuming Jonathan "Tobie" Dalton was actually my great great grandfather, his brother, James A "Jimmy" Dalton's son, Grayson was my other great great grandfather. Brothers Tobie & Jimmy married Wilson sisters (Jimmy married Sarah "Sallie" Wilson). Yes, it's head spinning!

Hiram's nickname was Hyme, pronounced Hy-mee. When my grandfather, Carl Briscoe Dalton died in 1937, my grandmother was left a widow with 6 children, the youngest being only 3 months old. One of the children was my father, at age 14. Hiram walked away from my grandmother & his 6 grandchildren at that point & never had anything to do with them again, although he lived in the same county for another 15 years before his death. My father never spoke of his grandfather Hiram when he was living, not once. My grandmother didn't have anything nice to say about her father-in-law while she was living as she felt he abandoned her & his grandchildren after her husband died.

Here is what documentation I have found concerning my great grandfather Hiram.

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC - DEEDS - Deed Index "D", 1779-1917
Justice, CB / Dalton, Hymes / Agmt/72/386/1898

11 May 1910 census for Chimney Rock, Rutherford Co, NC lists Hyme Dalton, Head of household at age 46; wife Allie at age 45; son Rucker at age 20, son Carl (my grandfather, listed as Carroll) at age 16; son Julius at age 11; daughter Omma at age 6; daughter Birtie at age 4; daughter Essie at age 1 yr & 7 mos; mother-in-law Harriet Earley at age 70.

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC - DEEDS - Deed Index "D", 1779-1917
Dalton, HY / Doggett, BB / Mtg/T/447/1915

09 Jan 1920 census for High Shoal Twp, Rutherford Co, NC lists Hiram Dalton, Head of household at age 54, occupation Teamster Cotton Mill; wife Nancy A Dalton at age 53; daughter Carry Dalton at age 22, single; son Julius Dalton at age 19, single, Cotton Mill; daughter Oma Dalton at age 17, single, Spinner Cotton Mill; daughter Birtie at age 13; daughter Essie L Dalton at age 10.

15 Apr 1930 census for Sulphur Springs Twp, Rutherford Co, NC lists Hime Y Dalton, Head of household at age 57, Age at 1st marriage 19, occupation Farmer; wife Cora Dalton at age 49, age at 1st marriage 20; step-daughter Coral Dalton at age 14; step-daughter Ruby Dalton at age 9.

Anybody know anything that I don't that may shine a little light on the Hiram mystery????