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This info does not prove a link but it might be helpful in running down your connections.
Samuel McMurray d. 1803 in Rutherford Co. NC was married to his cousin, Margaret McMurray, in Granville Co. NC in 1764. Samuel was an apparent son of Thomas McMurray of VA who moved to old Anson Co. NC in the 1760’s. Thomas had known sons Samuel, Robert and Edward. Also, according to Don McMurray, a family researcher, Thomas also adopted two of his nephews, John and William.
Samuel and William (and possibly Thomas himself) moved into Tryon Co. by 1771 when a Thomas McMurray purchased 1720 acres of land from Moses & Martha Ferguson.
In 1772, Samuel McMurray purchased 200 acres of land in Tryon Co. from James Black, and 200 acres from Alexander McGeahey. In 1776, he purchased 250 acres of land from John Beeman. Samuel supposedly owned a grist mill on the 2nd Broad River called “Mackelmurray’s Mill” which was later purchased (or inherited) by his son-in-law, Henry Callahan.
Robert McMurray first settled in Mecklenburg Co. and purchased land in Tryon (Rutherford) Co. but apparently did not stay there as he died in Cabarrus Co. in 1800.
Edward McMurray has not been traced.
John McMurray apparently moved to Georgia by 1770 (he was mentioned in a deed a from Mecklenburg Co. NC as being from the “providence of GA.”)
William McMurray married a Margaret and settled in the eastern portion of Rutherford Co. which later became Cleveland Co. NC. He died in Rutherford Co. in 1811 (testate) and most of his children have been traced.

Samuel McMurray wrote a will in 1793 but it was not probated until 1803. In the will, he named his wife, Margaret, and children :
James, Andrew, Samuel, Margaret (married Joseph Mitchell), Thomas, Jean?, Sarah (married Alexander Baldridge), Elizabeth (married Henry Callahan), Eleanor (married George Groves/UpteGroves), Jane (married her sister’s widowed husband, Alexander Baldridge) , Mary (never married), Agness/Nancy (married William Uptegroves).
There is speculation that James and Andrew married Callahan sisters from Georgia, nieces of Henry Callahan, but I am not sure of that.
Samuel appears to have given his married children 5 shillings each and his unmarried children property in his first will (1793).
1) Andrew was the administrator of his father’s will. He was single in 1793 and received property. Based on Samuel’s will, he married and sold his property by 1803. An Andrew McMurray continued to witness deeds in Rutherford Co. NC into 1807.
2) In 1803, James McMurray was issued a land grant for 100 acres on the east side of Robinson's Creek in Rutherford Co. NC bordering Cornelius Melton and Samuel McMurray. This appears to be the land James inherited from his father.
3) In 1799, a Samuel McMurray of Rutherford Co. NC sold to Thomas Davis, 100 acres of land on the west side of Robertson's Creek in Rutherford Co. The transaction was witnessed by Andrew McMurray and Cornelius Melton and was not recorded until 1806. This may be Samuel, Sr. or his son, Samuel.
William McMurray, Samuel McMurray's cousin or brother who also resided in Rutherford County, also had a son named Samuel.
There was a Samuel McMurray in Rutherford County who married Elizabeth Huddleston, daughter of David Huddleston, in Rutherford Co. NC on 7 Jul 1786. It has been speculated that this was Samuel McMurray, Jr., however, info in this Samuuel’s Rev. Pension file (if it is correct) does not fit with him being a son of Samuel.
There was also a Samuel McMurray residing in Burke Co. NC in 1790 with a household containing 1m>16, 5m<16, 4f.
There were two Samuel McMurray's listed in the 1800 Rutherford Co. Census, one with a household containing 2m<10, 1m-26/45, 1f<10, & 1f-16/26. The second household contained 1m-26/45, 2f<10, 1f-16/26, and 2 slaves. This appears to be Samuel Sr. and Samuel, Jr.
4) In 1788 Thomas McMurray purchased 200 acres of land on Cathey's Creek and the 2nd Broad River from his father, Samuel McMurray. This land had previously been purchased (in 1772) by Samuel from James Black.
According to the will of Thomas McMurray's father, Samuel, written in 1793 and probated in 1803, Thomas received 5 shillings from the estate. This was the amount that Samuel apparently gave each of his married children.
       Now the Flack family was also an early family in Rutherford Co. There was an Andrew Flack in Tryon (Rutherford Co.) by whose dob was 1775. He married a Porter. The Porter family was also closely connected to the family of William Wallace. William Wallace was a Scots-Irish immigrant who came to America through Charleston, SC and moved into Tryon Co. by the Rev. war. The McMurray’s, Flacks, Callahan’s, Wallace’s and Porters all lived near each other on the 2nd Broad River in Rutherford Co.
I don’t have much more that can help you specifically, but I do have quite a bit more on the McMurray’s and other related families from Rutherford Co.
Henry Callahan & Elizabeth McMurray were my gggg-grandparents.
Ben Callahan