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Hello Folks,

I hope that someone among you will recognized the following family as part of your family of Wrenns/Wrens/Rens/Renns and Hamlins. The Hamlins and Carver families settled into the Storys Creek area of Person County, purchased land adjacent to each other on the same day. The Wrenns, Hamlins, and Carvers intermarried with each other over several generations, making for an interesting and often circuitous linage for most researchers. What is presented here is as calculated a lineage as I can produce, given the limited documents available on the Wrenn family. I am also interested in imput from any researchers of the Walters and Mann families who intermarried with these families.

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John Fox
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Spouse:       Miss UNKNOWN

Children:       Benjamin
       James (~1785-<1840)
       William (~1788-)
       Joseph (ca1810-)

1.1 Benjamin WRENN

Benjamin was listed in the tax list of 1794 for St. Lukes District, as possessing no acreage, and being at least 21 years of age. In the Person County Record Books, Bk. 2, page 195, Benjamin Ren is listed as jurat for the will of William Gately, 28 May 1794.

It is possible that Benjamin was father to James, William, and Rebecca; but for now(2001) I am placing him as a brother to the group

1.2 James WRENN
Birth:       about 1785, Virginia
Death:       before 1840

It is not proven by document that James was the father of the five sons and one daughter listed below. James Wrenn may have been married before he married Mary Hamblin in 1806, but it is evident that Mary could have been the mother of the children named below. John Wrenn married Frances Carver and had a son, James L. Wrenn; Sidney did not have any sons; but William Warren Wrenn did name his first son James M. Wrenn who died at the age of 18; William Warren did name another son, James Carraway Wrenn, of his second marriage.

The basic glue which holds these supposed siblings together is their attachment to the Hamlin family and/or their living in proximity to each other. I am sure of the relationship of Sidney and John Franklin Wrenn as brothers, since John administered the estate of Sidney, and was appointed as guardian to Sidney’s children.

John Fuller, who also witnessed the wedding of William Wrenn and Nancy Mann, witnessed the wedding of James and Mary.

Spouse:       Mary HAMLIN
Birth:       about 1791, North Carolina
Death:       after 1850
Father:       William HAMLIN (~1760-)
Mother:       Nancy UNKNOWN
Marr:       14 March 1806, Person County, North Carolina

Children:       John Franklin (~1806-1869)
       Sidney (~1807-<1840)
       Granderson M. (1810-1879)
       Thomas (1810-1881)
       William Warren (1812-1889)
       Joseph (ca1820-)
       Sarah, "Sally" (~1824-)

1.2.1 John Franklin WRENN
Birth:       about 1806, North Carolina
Death:       1869

John and Frances Carver's marriage bond was secured by Nathaniel Hamblen, who was also the bondsman for the marriage of Sidney Wrenn and Catherine Dicey Gregory.

John served as administrator of Sidney Wrenn's estate

John attended the estate sale of Charles Gregory 15 Apr 1843. Charles Gregory was the father-in-law of John's brother, Sidney Wrenn

This family was living in Granville County, North Carolina at the time of the 1850 Census.

The 1870 Census shows John age 63 and Frances age 63 living in Person county in the Holloway twp. and list Eliza age 22 and John S. age 11.

Spouse:       Frances CARVER
Birth:       about 1806
Father:       Landrum CARVER (~1781-~1842)
Mother:       Susannah WALTERS
Marr:       7 January 1825

Children:       Joseph Thomas (1825-)
       James L. (1827-1897)
       Mary Ann (1831-1887)
       Sidney Thomas (~1836-)
       Sarah J. (~1837-)
       John V. (1841-1918)
       Emily F. (1843-1915)
       Harriett (~1845-)
       Susan (~1846-)
       Elizabeth (~1848-)

1.2.2 Sidney WRENN
Birth:       about 1807, North Carolina
Death:       before 30 September 1840, Person County, North Carolina

Nathaniel Hamblin and William McKessock were the bondsman and witness for the marriage of Sidney and Dicey.

Item 40 of the Person County Land Grants listed Sidney Wrenn as receiving 6 8/10 acres of land on Rosemary Creek adjacent to John W. Williams, Matthew Mitchell, Charles Gregory; chain carriers were John Gregory and Burgess Fulcher. There is a land grant of 6 8/10 acreas to Sidney Renn on Apr. 18, 1835 on Rosemary Creek.

Sidney acted as security for the marriage of his brother-in-law,John Gregory and his bride, Parthena Jacobs, 25 December 1828.

The estate records and Census of 1840 indicate that Sidney died between the ages of 20-30. Sidney and his young family were living about 10 households away from John and Frances Carver Wrenn, and Joseph Wrenn, at the time of the census.

Catherine Renn, widow of Sidney Renn asked for 1 year support ( Sept. 30. 1840) John Wrenn, adm. Mary Jane Wrenn, eldest child of Catherine, was under the guardianship of Jesse Munday in 1843. She was then placed under the guardianship of her uncle, John Franklin Wrenn. Jesse Munday’s involvement with the family makes a case for Catherine Gregory Wrenn’s mother, to have been a Munday.

Spouse:       Catherine "Dicey" T. GREGORY
Birth:       about 1810
Death:       after 1870, Person County, North Carolina
Father:       Charles GREGORY (1766-1843)
Mother:       Mary? MUNDAY? CARVER?
Marr:       25 October 1828, Person County, North Carolina

Children:       Mary Jane (1830-1912)
       Roan (~1840-<1899)

1.2.3a Granderson M. WRENN*
Birth:       1810
Death:       June 1879

Granderson Wrenn was listed incorrectly in the Census of 1840 as Granderson Warren. He was listed as being between the ages of 20 and 30, with one female child under 10; and wife between the ages of 20 and 30. Granderson and his family were innumerated next door to Tarleton Morton and family. I would assume that this family was related to Granderson's wife, Frances Morton. (Researcher: John Fox)

Granderson appears sporadically in Census records. At the time of his death, Granderson owned 20 acres of land on Fishing Branch Creek, north of Roxboro, Person Co., North Carolina. As he died intestate, this land was passed on to his daughter, Mary Elizabeth, who was then married to Benjamin Cornelius Wade. Within days of his death, his second wife, Mary Ann, entered into a suit against this couple, claiming dowry rights to this land. Mary Ann stated that she and Elizabeth Wade were Granderson's only heirs at law. The action, which was filed on 26 June 1879 in the Superior Court of Person County, seems to have been unopposed as there are no papers filed on behalf of the Wade family. She was successful in her suit and sold the land at auction for $140 to Jesse Chambers on 1 November 1879.

The second paragraph of the information above by Alex Wade

This may provide some clues:

Census of 1850 for Halifax County, Virginia

Spouse:       Frances H. MORTON
Birth:       1810
Death:       after 1870
Father:       Tarleton MORTON (~1787-)
Mother:       Elizabeth MUNDAY (~1791-)
Marr:       25 April 1839, Person County, North Carolina

Children:       Mary Elizabeth "Puss" (1840-1888)
       William D. Wrenn (1843-1863)
       Emily Jane (1846-?)
       Collumbia W. (1855-)

Other spouses:       Mary Ann UNKNOWN

1.2.3b Granderson M. WRENN* (See above)

Spouse:       Mary Ann UNKNOWN
Birth:       1840
Death:       1888
Marr:       after 1870

Other spouses:       Frances H. MORTON

1.2.4 Thomas WRENN
Birth:       1810
Death:       1881

Possible son of James and Mary Hamlin Wrenn.

Mary Hamlin Wrenn was living in the household of Thomas and Mary Ann Driver Wrenn for the Census of 1850 for Person County, NC.

Spouse:       Mary Ann DRIVER
Birth:       1820, South Carolina
Death:       1892, East Durham, North Carolina
Marr:       31 March 1845, Person County, North Carolina

Children:       Frances S. (~1846-)
       Albert Nathaniel
       William T. (~1848-)
       James W. (~1849-)

1.2.5a William Warren WRENN*
Birth:       5 May 1812
Death:       10 December 1889
Burial:       Wrenn Family Cemetery

Listed in the Census of 1840 with just him and his wife in the household. He is listed on page 286; John and Joseph Wrenn are listed on page 290; and Sidney Wrenn is listed on page 291.

The 1850 Census listed William and wife, Leathy, ages 38 and 37 with their two sons. All were listed as having been born in North Carolina.

The 1860 Census listed William and second wife, Jannet, ages 48 and 27, sons George and James, and the children of William and Jannett. All were listed as having been born in North Carolina.

In the Census of 1880, William Warren stated that both of his parents had been born in Virginia, indicating that James Wrenn and Mary Hamlin were recently of Virginia when they were married in Person County, NC.

Spouse:       Leatha Ann “Leathy” HAMLIN
Birth:       about 1815
Death:       before 15 October 1853
Father:       John HAMLIN (~1787-)
Mother:       Nancy UNKNOWN (~1792-)
Marr:       about 1840

Children:       George William (1845-1898)
       James M. (~1847-)

Other spouses:       Jeanette PLEASANT

1.2.5b William Warren WRENN* (See above)

Spouse:       Jeanette PLEASANT
Birth:       1833
Death:       1899
Father:       William Brown PLEASANT
Mother:       Nancy Ann MILNER
Marr:       2 March 1853

Children:       Leatha Ann (1854-1897)
       William Chesley (1855-1915)
       Ellis Thomas (1858-1907)
       John Wesley (1860-1924)
       Stephen Legarn(Legrand?) (1862-1907)
       Samuel Younger (1866-1937)
       James Carraway (1859-1923)
       Kate Fuller (1870-1936)
       Edward Jones (1874-1927)

Other spouses:       Leatha Ann “Leathy” HAMLIN

1.2.6 Joseph WRENN
Birth:       ca 1820/1830

This Joseph Wrenn is listed in the Census of 1840 for Person County, just three households away from John and Frances Carver Wrenn. There is a female between 15 and 20 in the household, and another female, between the ages of 50 and 60. There are two ways of evaluating this household: 1. This is Joseph with a young wife, and his mother or her mother residing with them: 2 This is Joseph with a younger sister and their mother.

1.2.7 Sarah, "Sally" WRENN
Birth:       about 1824

Spouse:       Jesse G. HICKS
Birth:       about 1820
Marr:       6 December 1842, Person County, North Carolina

1.3a William WRENN*
Birth:       about 1788, Possibly Virginia

John Fuller served as bondsman, and Ira Lee was a witness to the marriage of William and Nancy Mann.

A William Wrenn was listed in the census of 1820 as having a wife, and a son and daughter under the age of 10.

William Renn was mentioned in the Execution Papers of the March Term of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions: William Renn vs. Thomas Talbert. Also mentioned were William Hamlin, Nath'l Hamlin and Nancy Renn.

William Wrenn was listed in the 1840 Census with a wife(female) in the family; no one else in the home.

Relationships may be explained below:

William Warren Wrenn was most likely a brother to John Franklin Wrenn who married Frances Carver; Sidney Wrenn who married Catherine Dicey Gregory, James Wrenn who married Mary Driver, and perhaps Granderson Wrenn who married Frances Morton, all offspring of James Wrenn and Mary Hamlin.

Within Person County, NC records, I have been only able to identify four possible siblings of James Wrenn who married Mary Hamlin in 1806. They are Ben or Benjamin Ren, who paid his taxes in 1794; no other information; William Wrenn who married first Nancy Mann in 1809; second to Frances Watson in 1817; and Joseph Wrenn found in the the marriage bond records as having provided security for the marriage of William Jackson and Ann Teasley in 1805. No further information on him.

The only two Wrenns who seemed to have offspring were James Wrenn and William Wrenn. It would appear that James Wrenns offspring stayed in Person County, NC. William Wrenn, after he married his second wife, Frances Watson moved his family into Orange County, where he is found in the 1830 Census with a wife, three sons, one under 5; two between 5 and 10 and three daughters. The only William Renn in the Census of 1830 for North Carolina was found in Orange County, NC. This must be the same William found in Guilford in 1840 as follows:

The only Renn/Wrenn in Guilford County in 1840 was the William Renn in Guilford County, but born in Person, in the Census of 1840; two males other than William himself who between age of 50-60; the males were under 5 and 5-10 years. James would have been 21 and Henry about age 18, and most likely at a job in which they would not be counted as head of household. Since William Wrenn was the only Wrenn in Guilford County in 1840, we can expect that all of the Wrenns found in the 1850 Census to be of William's family, with perhaps a few reservations We also know the other Wrenns were still in Person County in the 1840 census. This William Wrenn was still in Guilford County in 1850 where William is a resident of the County Home where he was recorded as 78 years old and having been born in Person County, NC. Two younger men were processed in the census as James Wrenn, and Henry Wrenn. both married and with families. Both indicated on the Census record that they were born in Person County, NC.

Since William had moved his family away from Person, it seems that the remaining Wrenns found there in the records were the children of James and Mary Hamlin Wrenn; as follows in the index of the 1850 Census of Person County, NC:

Granderson Wrenn Not Stated, Person, North Carolina
John Wrenn Not Stated, Person, North Carolina
Joseph Wrenn Not Stated, Person, North Carolina
Sidney Wrenn Not Stated, Person, North Carolina
Will W Wrenn Not Stated, Person, North Carolina

Spouse:       Nancy MANN
Marr:       14 December 1809, Person County, North Carolina

Children:       John William (~1810-)

Other spouses:       Frances WATSON

1.3a.1 John William WRENN
Birth:       about 1810

Spouse:       Martha JACOBS
Birth:       about 1812

1.3b William WRENN* (See above)

Spouse:       Frances WATSON
Marr:       29 January 1817, Person County, North Carolina

Other spouses:       Nancy MANN

1.4 Rebecca WRENN

Spouse:       Joseph HAMLIN
Birth:       about 1785
Father:       William HAMLIN (~1760-)
Mother:       Nancy UNKNOWN
Marr:       29 May 1806, Person County, North Carolina

1.5 Joseph WRENN
Birth:       ca 1810/1820

A Joseph Renn(Wrenn) is found in the marriage records for Orange County, NC as a bondsman for the following marriage:

Jackson, Wm. Anne Teasley 11 Oct. 1805 Joseph Renn

A Joseph Wrenn was listed as head of household in 1820 with two males under the age of 18; two males under the age of 21; one male under the age of 45; one female under the age of 26; 3 of the household engaged in the process of farming.

Spouse:       Unknown UNKNOWN
Birth:       1810/1820


       Frances       spouse of 1.2.1
       Landrum       parent of spouse of 1.2.1
       Mary Ann       spouse of 1.2.4
       Catherine "Dicey" T.       spouse of 1.2.2
       Charles       parent of spouse of 1.2.2
       John       parent of spouse of 1.2.5a
       Joseph       spouse of 1.4
       Leatha Ann “Leathy”       spouse of 1.2.5a
       Mary       spouse of 1.2
       William       parent of spouse of 1.2
       William       parent of spouse of 1.4
       Jesse G.       spouse of 1.2.7
       Martha       spouse of 1.3a.1
       Nancy       spouse of 1.3a
       Nancy Ann       parent of spouse of 1.2.5b
       Frances H.       spouse of 1.2.3a
       Tarleton       parent of spouse of 1.2.3a
       Elizabeth       parent of spouse of 1.2.3a
       Mary? CARVER?       parent of spouse of 1.2.2
       Jeanette       spouse of 1.2.5b
       William Brown       parent of spouse of 1.2.5b
       Mary Ann       spouse of 1.2.3b
       Miss       spouse of 1
       Nancy       parent of spouse of 1.2
       Nancy       parent of spouse of 1.4
       Nancy       parent of spouse of 1.2.5a
       Unknown       spouse of 1.5
       Susannah       parent of spouse of 1.2.1
       Frances       spouse of 1.3b
       Albert Nathaniel       child of 1.2.4
       Benjamin       1.1
       Collumbia W.       child of 1.2.3a
       Edward Jones       child of 1.2.5b
       Elizabeth       child of 1.2.1
       Ellis Thomas       child of 1.2.5b
       Emily F.       child of 1.2.1
       Emily Jane       child of 1.2.3a
       Frances S.       child of 1.2.4
       George William       child of 1.2.5a
       Granderson M.       1.2.3a
       Harriett       child of 1.2.1
       James       1.2
       James Carraway       child of 1.2.5b
       James L.       child of 1.2.1
       James M.       child of 1.2.5a
       James W.       child of 1.2.4
       John       child of 1.2.4
       John Franklin       1.2.1
       John V.       child of 1.2.1
       John Wesley       child of 1.2.5b
       John William       1.3a.1
       Joseph       1.5
       Joseph       1.2.6
       Joseph Thomas       child of 1.2.1
       Kate Fuller       child of 1.2.5b
       Leatha Ann       child of 1.2.5b
       Mary Ann       child of 1.2.1
       Mary Elizabeth "Puss"       child of 1.2.3a
       Mary Jane       child of 1.2.2
       Minerva       child of 1.2.4
       Mr.       1
       Rebecca       1.4
       Roan       child of 1.2.2
       Samuel Younger       child of 1.2.5b
       Sarah J.       child of 1.2.1
       Sarah, "Sally"       1.2.7
       Sidney       1.2.2
       Sidney Thomas       child of 1.2.1
       Stephen Legarn(Legrand?)       child of 1.2.5b
       Susan       child of 1.2.1
       Thomas       1.2.4
       William       1.3a
       William Chesley       child of 1.2.5b
       William D. Wrenn       child of 1.2.3a
       William T.       child of 1.2.4
       William Warren       1.2.5a