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Subject:Re: Quaker Wagon Train NC to INDIANA 1811
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I have a vooklet which has the Arrivals and Removals records. The following people all
were given Quaker papers in 1811 to the smae place, White River MM, IN. Quite
remarkable that they all left frim the small MM of Spring in what is now Alamance Co.,

1. Hannah White River MM, IN. 4-27-1811 granted husband & Children.

2. Elener White River MM, IN. 4-27-1811 granted children.

3. Catharine White River MM, IN. 4-27-1811 granted huband & children.

4. Jane White River MM, IN. 8-29-1812 granted husband & children.

5. Amy White River MM, IN. 8-31-1811 granted husband & children.
6. Deborah White River MM, IN. 4-27-1811 granted husband & children.
7. Grace White River MM, IN. 9-29-1810 granted husband & children.
8. Jane White River MM, IN. 4-27-1811 granted husband & children.

From my list of Quker Meetings it would seem they were going to;
White River MM Randolph Co., IN.

The above dates are likely the date they riceved thier request, not the date they started
their travls.

Father info.;
The 1. Hannah Braton;
Thomas Braxton married Hannah Lindley 5-18-1796 son of Thomas & Irena.
Hannah Lindley married Thomas Braxton 5-15-1796 dau of Jonathan & Deborah.

The 2. Elenor Chambers
Elenor Lindley married Samuel Chambers 5-1-1805 dau of Jonathan & Deborah
Samuel Chambers married Elenor Lindley 5-1-1805 son of Samuel & Sarah.

The 3. Chatharine Hadly
Cathrine Holady married Joshua Hadly 1-14-1801 dau of William & Jain.
Joshua Hadley married Cathrine Holaday 1-14-1801 son of Joseph & Mary.

The 4. Jane Holaday
Jane Holiday unkn
The 5. Amy Lindly

The 6 Deborah Lindley
Deborah Lindley
(Cane Creek records) Deborah Lindley born 10-10-1757 wife of Jonathan born 1756. Dau
of Zacharias & Ruth Dicks.
Jonathan Lindley born 6-15-1756 husband of Deborah born 1757. Son of Thomas &
Jonathan & Deborahís (listed) children; Ruth b 4-25-1780, Thomas b 4-29-1782, Elanor
who married Samuel Chambers, Hannah who married Thomas Braxton.

The 7 Grace Lindley
Owen Lindley married Grace Chambers 8-16-1799 son of Thomas & Sarah.
Grace Chambers married Owen Lindley 8-16-1798 dau of Samuel & Sarah

The 8. Jane Lindley

It looks like 16 adults and unknown children, two of the of age to be fathaer and mother
to the other adults. Now was there more from the surounding Meetings as well as Cane
Now as to the mebers going to Lick Creek Orange Co., IN.
Aaron Lick Creek MM IN. 7-26-1823 request denied

John Lick Creek MM 9-30-1826 granted & family.

Mary Lick Creek MM 10-31-1818 granted.
Sarah Lick Creek MM 10-31-1818 granted.

Joel Lick Creek MM 11-30-1822 granted.
John Lick Creek MM 2-28-1818

John Lick Creek MM 10-28-1826 granted.

Catharine Lick Creek MM 8-28-1829 grnted husband & children.
John T. Lick Creek MM 8-29-1827 granted.
Jonathan Lick Creek MM 8-25-1838 granted wife Jane and dau Emaline.
Joseph Lick Creek MM 9-30-1826 grnated & family.
Suasanah Lick Creek MM 9-30-1826 granted husband & children.

Jonatahan L. Lick Creek MM 4-28-1827 granted.

Ann Lick Creek MM 8-27-1825 granted.
Susanna Lick Creek MM 6-27-1825 granted.

David Lick Creek MM 8-31-1816 granted & family.
Hannah Lick Creek MM 8-31-1816
Susabba Lee Lick Creek MM 9-30-1826 granted

Jonathan Lick Creek MM 6-29-1844 granted
Sarah Lick Creek MM 3-26-1814 granted husband & children.

Deborah Lick Creek MM 7-26-1823 granted.
Jonathan Lick Creek MM 2-24-1816 request.

Thomasís family Lick Creek MM 7-26-1823 granted family.
William Lick Creek MM 9-26-1818 granted
William Lick Creek MM 12-27-1817 granted.

Catharine Lick Creek MM 8-26-1815 granted

Harriot Lick Creek MM 3-28-1829 granted husband & children.
Samuel Lick Creek MM 3-28-1829 granted.

Jesse Lick Creek MM 5-31-1817 granted & family.
John Lick Creek MM 5-31-1817.
Matha Jr. Lick Creek MM 3-29-1817 granted husband & children.
Martha Sr. Lick Creek MM 3-29-1817 granted husband & dau Rebecah.


Good Luck. Michael