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Hi Diane and Pam both. Ludwig's wife is also buried at The Old Brick Church, however under her maiden name of Anna Marie Keller. I recently got an url on rootsweb that has pictures of the tombstones, which I will attach if I can get to it without losing the rest of this letter.
Anna Barbara, daughter of Ludwig and Anna Keller, may also be at the Brick Church cemetary although I didn't actually see a picture of the stone. I'll try under the married name although Anna Keller is buried under her maiden name.
Ludwig isone of the 6 children of Johannes, born 1694. He and his brother Jacob, and at least 3 of Johannes' grandsons through John Christian Senior moved to NC before the revolutionaryt war.
John Christian senior was a busy man and had a bunch of other children who remained in Berks, Schuykyll and Montgomery County Pennsylvania.
Johannes, born1694, was one of three brothers; there is also Hendrich( born 1680 and most likely the eldest), and a third male child whose name I don't know(But a good Guess would be Jacob.)
Anyway Johannes(1694) had a brother Hendrich JR.(1680); Hendrich junior had 5 sons, Hendrich(1701), Phillip(1703), Fredrich(1706), Jacob(1708), and Johanne born 1710. At least 2 of these have sons named John, aand I believe now that Johanne also had a son John. One of those three johns is my GGGgraandfather.

Talked to my dad for a long time on the phone this morning, as I had found some obituaries from 1854 that are for Jacob and Sussanna, lists their surving son as Jacob who died in 1905. That is my G grandfather;
His Father was Jacob K; his Graandfather was John (or Johanne in german) married to Elizabeth(Graves 9 +10, Fritz Cemetary Douglaas Township. And there is an additional Johannes Albrecht buried there in an undated grave that marks him only as a member of the Lancaster County Militia during the revolution.
So we are all related through Hendrich born some where near the Austrian border in 1667.
My Dad told me he has some letters, old ones from my great grandfather. He is going to send them to me and I will get them into the primary records database at Rootsweb. Among the othe clues he said to try and check out are he believes the name originates from "Albrecht the Bear" sometime in the 1100's, and that this person was one of the founders of Prussia.

Anyway, he believes he has located the cornerstone of Johannes homestead, which is near the Daniel Boone Homestead. He tried to photograph, but the pictures didn't come out. He's going to take my sister and taake color slides which we may be able to digitally enhance similar to the way old rock art is being recorded in the west. Feel free to contact me at: so I can add you to my address list