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Subject:Transcription of Peter F Perry’s 1842 Orange Co. NC Will
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I was at the Rowan Public Library today doing research and thought I'd see if they had the Will that you need; they did. Here is a complete transcription of that will; some of the words were written twice by the person who hand wrote the will, so this is an exact transcription. The handwriting was very clear and easily read. I do believe, however, that the name of one son was written as Perscillas, not as Persullas as the author wrote it.

"Whereas I Peter F Perry of the County of Orange and State of North Carolina being sensible of the mortality of the body but perfect in mind & memory do make and ordain this to be my last will & testament. My will & desire is that all of my jusst debts with my funeral expencies be paid by my Executors hereafter named. I will & bequeath unto my beloved wife Patsy Perry all my household & kitchen furniture until the youngest child arrives to the age of twenty one years of age then to be left with my wife to make an equal division amongst all of her children otherwise otherwise if she think proper & best to give each one their share as the become of age she is at liberty to do so. My intent & meaning is that each child has share & share alike of the above named property. I also will & bequeath & bequeath unto her one Black boy by name George untill the youngest child become of age then the said black boy with all the rest of my blacks belonging to my estate be sold & the proceeds there from be equally divided amongst my wife & her children that I leave with her at my decease so as to have share & share alike. I also will & bequeath unto my wife two horses, her choice, two milk cows four head of sheep two sows & pigs & a support off my plantation with the privilege of my dwelling as long as she lives or remains to be my widow if she thinks best to marry again my will & desire is that all the property I have willed to my wife be sold & equally divided amongst my children I have had by her & my wife to have an equal share with each child so as to have share & share alike of the proceeds from said sale, also to have a childs part of a division of the household & kitchen furniture. My will & desire is that the property that I have not willed away or all the perishable property & my farming utensils be sold by my Executors after my decease & the proceeds therefore with all the other debts due me at my decease after all my just debts are paid & what I shall hereafter will away the remains there from be divided among my other children I have had by her so as to have share & share alike. I will & bequeath unto my third sons Samuel William & Perscillas one Hundred Dollars each. I will & bequeath unto my beloved wife my Black woman Mary as long as she lives. I will & bequeath unto my five sons Manly Murphey Peter Henry John A. Mangum Edward Norris all my land that I am in possession of at my death to have equal share in value so as to have share & share alike in value. I appoint & constitute my son William Perry & George Johnson my Executors to this my last will & testament this the twenty fifth of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & Forty Two as witness my hand & seal.
Nathaniel Newlin
Samuel Perry

Peter F Perry (seal)"

I hope this is helpful to you. I am not related to this family in any way.