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ONSLOW COUNTY, NC - WILL BOOK A - David Ward, 1801

Record of Wills, Book A
Onslow County, North Carolina

(NOTE: It seems the transcriber typed this will, finding some of it
illegible. The original typist, ca 1930, used the dashes and I have entered
the transcription as it is found in the Will Book A, 1800-1825. bgc 6 Jun

In the name of God, Amen: I, David Ward of Onslow County and State of North
Carolina, calling to mind the mortality of my body and of a disposing mind and
memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form
as follows; first of all, I recommend my soul into the hands of God who gave
it me and my body to the earth to buried in a decent manner, and for all my
just debts to be paid and what it hath pleased God to bestow on me in this
life of my worldly estate, I dispose of in the following manner.

ITEM: I lend to my beloved --- Abigail --- during her natural --- the Easter -
-- room the house I now live in and --- cleared gr--- adjoining thereto with a
privilege of the wood --- for repairs of houses fences & firewood --- until my
son Benjamin comes to the age of twenty one years or marries --- reserve ---
one half of the cleared g---- to lie out Eve --- her only --- of the cleared
ground with the privilege aforesaid during her natural life with all my
working tools, horses, cattle and --- except what I shall hereafter give away
with as much of my household goods and furniture as she --- see fit to keep
for her use --- comfort except three --- one desk two new walnut tables and
two chest --- privilege her with all --- houses until the time --- and further
I lend her --- Negro woman Easter Cloe, and the Cate I bought of Dr. French --
- any them ------- widow ---- all the above ----- and see ----- and to en ----
- two ----- her children ----- and Fanny and if either ---- the Negroes -----
all are to in --- three comes of age --- marries --- I order their loss to be
made --- them out of --- have lent their mother for life --- her decease ---
their should be no loss in neither of part before time then --- that the above
name Easter Jude Cloe & the other Cate if alive with the increase if any ---
equally divided amongst my daughter without I --- the issue my daughters at my
wife death to --- and there --- forever.

ITEM: I leave --- the care of --- trusty and be --- friend Gaius Roe my Negro
woman Rose boys, Charles Tom and Cesar with all the use of the Negroes ---
increase may be hereafter together with the land --- purchased of --- and
their increase, one yolk of --- one large and several other things --- for the
alone use of my daughter Roxane Brock and support of her children during her
natural life and at her deceased I leave for the above with all the increase
together with the land --- their as above mentioned to be equally divided
amongst her children sons and daughter of John Brack to them & their heirs

ITEM: I lend to my daughter Asenath Williams my Negro woman Sillar and Negro
girl Jude & my Negro boy Pero --- I have lent --- during her natural life & at
her decease the Negroes with their increase to be equally divided amongst all
her children sons and daughters of Daniel Williams to them and their heirs

ITEM: I give to my daughter Obiah Russell my Negro woman Winnc and my boy
Randolph --- feather bed one cow and calf to be delivered her in --- spring
one large chest painted green to her and her heirs forever.

ITEM: I give to my daughter --- at the --- age of ---girl Vasthy and my Negro
boy Tom --- one cow and calf --- at the age of eighteen or day --- heirs for.

ITEM: I give to my daughter Fanny Ward my Negro girl Chaney and my Negro boy
Isaac delivered her at the age of twelve years old and at --- their death one
feather bed and one cow & calf delivered her this spring to her and her heirs

ITEM: I give to my son Josiah my point plantation with all the land belonging
thereto including the cleared land bout of St. beginning at the mouth of Gut
on Morgens Branch St. corner which shall be a division line between him and
his brother also one hundred acres between jumping Run & Cowhead one hundred &
twenty acres pine land --- Browns Branch with Negroes Moses, Charles, Fillis,
& Lyrus & at ---- ers ma--- or death my Negro man Saunders one ----or called
Piret one mare called Silver all and hogs mark one feather bed & furniture
one desk one large walnut table chair my riding saddle, one gun and all
turpentine --- tar he can --- the next ensuing season over one hundred and
twenty barrels which hundred and twenty --- must be for the support of his
mother and his family ---ble him to build a house & if he should decease ---re
he is married and before his aforesaid brother my dies for him to have his
estate if not it is for him & his heirs forever.

ITEM: I give to my son B.----- Ward the westermost--- apartements of the house
---ve in one half of the cleared ground adjoining to ---- his brothers one
hundred of pine lying over Browns Branch reserving a privilege --- there
mother --- my Negroes Citt, Bet, Jacob, and my Negro girl Dina, the grey mares
cow --- in his mark one cow and yerling delivered him --- right and property
now at the --- of sixteen one saddle and bridle small walnut table one chest
one feather bed & furniture at his mother death and if he should --- of his
with mentioned brother my will is his ---ther shall have the estate if not to
him and his heirs forever, I further ---ed my wife Negro gi--- during her
natural life.

State of North Carolina:
Onslow County:
July term 1801, the execution of the within will of David Ward was proved by
the oath of Dr. William French, one of the subscribing witness thereto, (and)
at the same time Jonah Ward qualified as an executor thereto. Nath Loomis,


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