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Washington Stone who lived in Nash County, North Carolina
was the son of William Merritt Stone and Happy Stallings-
Stone that supposedly moved to Franklin County, Tennessee
where Merritt died intrastate in 1805. William Merritt
Stone was the last child of seven born to Capt. John
William Stone who was born in Virginia and moved with his
first child to Bute-Halifax-Franklin Counties, North Car-
olina. His first child was born out of wedlock to Mary
Green who appears to be the sister of his brother-in-law
Henry Green that married Lucy Stone,his older sister.
John William Stone was called William at that time but
later answered to the name John as Mary had named the child
she gave birth to after William but gave the child her last
name, Green. William Green was John William Stone's first
child. For some reason and I feel sure it was do to the
illegitimate child that Mary was admonished and John
William decided to take the child and move to North Car-
olina where his brother Philip Stone had moved to. John
moved into Bute County, The Halifax District, where he met
and married Alice Hurst who was the daughter of John and
Mary Hardy-Hurst of Duplin County, North Carlina. Alice
had a brother named Philip Hurst that lived in Bute County.
Alice and John had two children, a boy and a girl. I do
believe that Mary Stone was born in 1757 after her brother
Jonathan Stone who was born in 1755. Alice no doubt had
accepted William Green as her child but Alice died shortly
after giving birth to Mary or died giving birth to her.
In Philip Hurst's 'Last Will and Testament' he names as his
nephew William Green, Jonathan Stone and Mary Stone child-
ren of John Stone. He does not mention his sister Alice.
Philip Hurst's 'Will" was probated in 1769 and Alice had
been dead at least twelve years and that may be why she was
not mentioned in Philip's 'Will', just her children and her
husband John Stone. By the year 1758 John had married again
to Peggy Merritt daughter of John Merritt of Bute County.
In 1760 my fourth great grandfather was born to John Stone
and Peggy Merritt. Somewhere between the birth of John B.
Stone and William Merritt Stone born in 1767 two other children were born to John and Peggy M. Stone. A daughter
Elizabeth and a son John William Stone Jr. called William.
born in 1763. John and Peggy were living in Bute County
when John was commissioned the title of Captain which he
was referred to as Capt. John Stone. All of Capt. John
Stone's children had been born by the year 1769 the year
that Philip Hurst's "Will" was probated. None of the child-
ren of Peggy Merritt and John were mentioned in Philip's
"Last Will and Testament" where he had left items to his
sister's children and William Green who he too considered
his nephew. Bute County was dissolved and it became Warren
and Halifax Counties. Capt John and his family lived on
Fishing Creek. The three oldest boys served in "The Rev-
olutionary War" about the years 1776 to 78. By 1778
Franklin County was formed and Capt. John Stone moved his
family to Franklin County about 55 miles from Lewisburg.
John Stone had died prior to the first U.S. Census in
1790. In time William Merritt Stone met Karencappuch Happy
Stallings and they married in Franklin County, North Car-
olina. Also Jonathan Stone had married Felicia Cooke and
they had children. one of their grandsons also was named
Washington Stone. He too, lived in the Nash County area.
Washington Stone son of Merritt and Happy Stone married
Nancy J. Edwards. Hopefully this will be of help to you in your research. Have lots more. Would like to hear more of
what you have on brother's and sisters of Caroline.
Please contact me on or off the forum at the same e-mail;