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Subject:Doomas' Company, Dumas, and John W. Peebles of Texas
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M. Peebles
Thank you for your help in identifying "John W. Peebles" who wrote the "Peebles document" that is
referenced several times in the regimental records of both Bourland's Regt and Wells' Battalion.
Most of the men in this Doomas' Company, that I know of, were quite young and were evidently boon buddies.
Jackson, Alex, Doomas’ Co
Merrill, Ramsey L, Doomas’ Co.
Merrill, Wiley Brandon, Jr., Doomas’ Co.
Peebles, John W, Doomas’ Co.
Renner, Geo, Doomas’ Co.
Wilhoit, Henry, Doomas’ Co.
Wilhoit, Isaac, Doomas’ Co.
......Merrills of Ladonia, Fannin Co TX m-Col James Bourland's family, Sam Day's dau.
......Wilhites of Ladonia, Fannin Co TX m-Col James Bourland's g-gdau; Sam Day's gdau
..............Boothes also m. into Col. James Bourland's family
.......Renner, Geo lives next door to Wilhites in Ladonia.
.......Jackson, Alex, b-1845 AL found in Hunt Co TX cen with Ladonia P.O.
.......Peebles, J.W. was the step-son of Eliz Merrill, the 2nd wife of Charles Holiday Peebles
..............who was listed in a Fannin Co TX militia.
John W. Dumas, b-1847, served in Co K of Baylor's 2d Regt, Arizona Brigade. ... Richard Dumas stated: "My mother's grandfather, Samuel L. Tyler, enlisted in Baylor's Regt. Co. E in Oct 1862 in Leon, Co. Texas (Centerville) Arizona Brigade.
This tough Arizona Brigade service probably gave young "John W. Dumas" the 'mettle' and
.......confidence to organize the patrolling Doomas Company that was attached to Bourland's Regt.
Below are the "Peebles", "Merrill", and "Dumas" entries in my 134-page Name Index.
Alfred T., b-1827 KY; m-Jane, Tidwell Creek (Hunt Co, TST), A-138, A-152
Charles Holiday Peebles, b-1823 KY; m,2-Elizabeth Merrill; Alexander's 34th Cav, Co I; CSA
........pens #01430 (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
E. Bird Peebles, b-1841 TN; 1860 Lamar Co TX cen, p98 (Lamar Co, TST), A-111
Jane, b-1828 IL; m-Alfred T. Peebles (Hunt Co TX), A-138
John W. Peebles, b-1843 IL KY TN; d-aft 1880 Klondike, Delta Co TX cen; m-Alsinia L. (Doomas'
.......Co, Bourland's Regt), A-15, A-18, A-25, A-31, A-148
Martin Sr., b-1841 IL; m-Martha J.; 1860 Hunt Co TX cen, p280, Tidwell Creek (Lt, Hunt Co, TST), A-138, A-151, A-153
A. (Collin Co TX), A-182
Alex F., b-1832 TN; enum w/ Martha Ann Merrill; m-1867 Fann Co TX to S.A. Boothe; Alexander's
...........34th Cav, Sgt, Co I (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
Alexander Morrill (Tarrant Co, TST), A-250
Benjamin F., b-1836 TN; enum w/ Martha A. Merrill; Alexander's 34th Cav, Co I (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
Benjamin P. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-250
Camp Murrell or Merrill, A-10
George M. Murrell (Indian Agent, CSA), A-453
George W. Merrill, b-1830 TN; enum w/ Martha A. (Fannin Co, TST), 78, A-148
Jesse, b-1846 (Collin Co, TST), A-196
John A. Murrell (1846 Christian Co KY), 66
John Myrl (Red River Co, TST), A-71
Jonathan Morrell, b-1834 TN; m-Melvina (Capt, Denton Co, TST), A-252
Joseph (Co B, Bourland's Regt), 290, A-16, A-29
Martha Ann, b-1815 NC; m-Wiley B. Merrill Sr. (1854 Fannin Co TX), 77, 79
Merrill, Major Merrill's Route, A-380
__, Merrill or Worrell; killed Yarbough in 1864 Fannin Co TX, 216
O. J. Morrill (Tarrant Co, TST), A-249
R. H. (Fannin Co, TST), A-150
Ramsey L., b-1840 TX; m-1858 Fann Co TX to Eliz J. Warrenburg (Doomas' Co, Bourland's
..............Regt), A-16, A-25, A-31, A-148
Theodore Morrell (Hopkins Co, TST), A-116
W. E. Murrell (Fannin Co, TST), A-141
W. W. Morrell, b-1827 TN (Denton Co, TST), A-284
Wiley Brandon, Jr. b-1847 TX; enum w/ Martha Ann, 1860 Fann Co TX cen; m-1866 Fann Co TX to
..........E.J. Boothe (Doomas' Co, Bourland's Regt), A-16, A-25, A-31
Wiley Brandon, Sr., d-1854 Ladonia, Fann Co TX (1841, Bourland's Ranging Co, TST), 21, 29, 45, 51, 77, 79
__, (Capt, Doomas' Company attached to Bourland's Regt), 149
Doomas' Co (Bourland's Regt), A-12, A-15, A-17, A-20, A-25, A-31, A-253
J. R. Dumas (1861 Whitesboro Masonic Lodge, TX), 240
Lewis D. Dumas (Grayson Co, TST), A-160, A-187, A-201
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