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Subject:Descendants of John Basse,Duke & Johnston
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John Basse b. 1540

Child: Humphrey Basse, b. Abt. 1656, England d. 6/4/1616, buried St. Helens Church, London England

Married: Jane Buschier, daughter of Dominick Buschier and Genevieve.


1. Nathanial Bass, b. 12/19/1589, London England, d. 7/3/1654, London England.

2.Richard Bass, b. 10/1591
3.William Bass, b. 10/1594
4.William Bass, 10/1594
5.Mary Bass, b. 1/15/1595/96
6.Hester Bass, b. 7/1597
7.Humphery Bass, b. 11/1599
8.Samuel Bass, b. Abt. 1600
9.Thomas Bass, b. 1601/02
10.Barnaby Bass, b. 6/1605

Nathanial Bass, b. 12/19/1589, London, England, d. 7/3/1654, London England.

Married: Mary Jordan, 5/21/1613, daughter of Samuel Jordan. She died 1/17/1629/30.

Child: John Bass, b. 9/7/1616, Virginia d: 4/2/1699, Nansemond, Virginia.

Child: William Bass, b. 3/29/1654, Nansemond, Virginia, d. 8/13/1741, Norfolk County, Virginia

Married: Catherine Lanier, d. 2/17/1691/92.

John Bass, b. 12/4/1673, Nansemond, Virginia d. 1732, Bertie County, North Carolina.
Edward Bass, b. 1672
Keziah Bass, b. 1675
William Bass, b. 1676
Joseph Bass, b. 1679
Mary Bass, b. 6/15/1679
Thomas Bass, b. 11/13/1687

John Bass, b. 12/4/1673 in Nansemond, Virginia, d. 1732 in Bertie County, North Carolina.

Married: Love Harris, daughter of Richard Harris and Ann Love.

John Bass, d. 3/11/1777, Northampton County, North Carolina

Married: Elizabeth Winborn

Jacob Bass, b. Abt. 1700, Bertie County, North Carolina, d. 1792, Franklin County, North Carolina

Married: Ann

Winifired Bass, b. Abt. 1755, North Carolina d. Bet. 1844-1845, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Married: Samuel Duke b.Abt. 1821, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, son of Samuel Duke and Sarah Green, b.Abt. 1745, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, d. Abt. 4/13/1821, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

1.Benjamin Dukes, b. Abt. 1769, North Carolina
2.Patience Dukes, m. Williams
3.Sampson Dukes, b. Bet. 1770-1775, North Carolina, d. Bet. 4.5/8/-7/1837, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
5.Green Dukes, b. 1780, m. Elizabeth Shutt, b. Abt. 1790
6.Jacob Dukes, b. 1786
7.John Dukes, b. 1794, m. Sena Elkins
8.Young Dukes, b. 1798, Kentucky

We are from the Winifred Bass line through to Elizabeth Dukes b. 1812, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, d. Abt. 1870, Linn County, Kansas.

Married: Hynes Johnston, b. 1803, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, d. Abt. 1850, Polk County, Missouri.

1.Harmon Franklin Johnson, b. 1833, Muhlenberg County,
2. Luranie Johnson, b. 1834, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, d. 11/4/1868, Linn County, Kansas, m. John Driskell
3. Susannah Johnson, b. 1836, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky,
d. 8/26/1902, Linn County, Kansas
4. Sampson Virgil Johnson, b. 1837, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, d. 1901, Linn County, Kansas, m. Sabre Ogle
5. Elisha Bradford Johnson, b. 12/25/1839, Greenville, Muhlenberg, Kentucky, d. 8/8/1928, Miller, Lawrence, Missouri. (My gggrandfather), m. Catherine Stinson
6. Mary Melvina Johnson, b. 1841, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, d. 1915, Richardon, Missouri, m. Martin V. Perry, b. 1831, d. 1917
7. Burton H. Johnson, b. 1844, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, d. Aft. 1862, civil war.
8. James J. Johnson, b. 1845, Muhlenberg County, Kentuckyt d. bet. 1850-1857, Polk County, Missouri
9. Nancy Elizabeth Johnson, b. 2/25/1846, Polk County, Missouri, d. 7/29/1922, Linn County, Kansas
10. David Staton Johnson, b. 1851, Polk County, Missouri, d. 1/14/1926, Linn County, Kansas, m. Julia Perry

If you have any additions or corrections, would be glad to hear from you. It seems we have something in common.