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This is a document found in the Davie County Library in Mocksville that may have been incorporated in a local history/biographical book about the town. It gives a nice portrait of several local families. I hope it helps your research!
LIttleberry R. Rose

The Rose residence was on land now known as RICH PARK.
When Thomas Rich bought the land from Mrs. Ida Rose Nail and gave it to the town of Mocksville for a recreational area, he set a marble slab on the Rose dwelling location.
On the slab were inscribed this information:
“Site of Littleberry Rose Residence Erected 1817 Removed 1920.”
The story of how the marker was lost and found again in 1976 as told my Mrs. G.H.C. Shutt, follows:
In January 1948 when we moved to 618 N. Main St., we found a marble marker inscribed Site of/ Littleberry Rose/Residence/ Erected in 1817/ removed in 1920.
After considerable questioning, we were told that the marker had stood on the site of the present ball field (someone said the present infield). The marker had been erected when the house was removeed when Rich Park was developed, when the ball field was built in the 1940s.
The marker was brought to the home of Dr. Paul Mason, 618 N. Main St. which we bought in 1947 adn moved into Jan. 1948.
No one whom we asked seemed to know what to do with the marker. We sold the propertty to Baker Industries and moved away. In the confusion of moving we forgot about the marker. the new owners pushed the old shed down with a bulldozer. Apparently the stone was broken and buried in the debris. Charlie Dunn bought the ladn and found the marker among trash August 1976.

Why did Thomas Rich mark the site of the LIttleberry Rose residence?

Mrs. Martha Clement Sheek gives part of the answer as she heard it from mrs. Ida Rose Nail and daughters.

Samuel Rose, a son of Littleberry Rose, at one time owned the place now owned by E.C. Morris, 718 N. Main St., adjacent to and north of the Church of Christ. It has always been told that daughters Alice and Ida were born while the family was living in that house.

Ida Rose taught school, a private school, at the home of her grandfather L.R. Rose who had died in 1855. Among her pupils were Thomas Rich and his sisters, Len adn Bessie, Thomas Kelly and Abram Nail. Ida married her pupi., Abram Nail and they started housekeeping in a small house on the East side of North Main St., later building the residence at 873 N. Main, and reared a family of one son and 4 daughters. thomas Rich went North to live and retired to Mocksville in late life, upon inheriting, from his brother D. Rich, the income from a goodly sum of money.

He remembered his school days at the Ida Rose School with much pleasure and liked to reminisce with his teacher, Mrs. Ida Rose Nail. So it was that he decided to buy from her [space] acres of the old Littleberry Rose land, including the dwelling house.

This property he gave to the town of Mocksville to be used for recreational purposes. The house came down, but Mr. Rich marked its site with the above described slab.

When a baseball field was built, the marker has to go. Dr. Mason, a leader in development of that game, took the marker to his house and stored it in his shed.

Mrs. Martha Clement Sheek, her sister, Linda Gray Clement and Mrs. margaret Nail Call, daughter of Mrs. Nail, have given the facts for the story of how Rich Park came to be.

[signed] F.M. 1976.

[found in the archives of the Davie Co. Public Library, Mocksville, NC]