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Subject:Please help identify Cartrettes/Stricklands/McPhersons in this 1849 letter
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If you can identify any of the individuals mentioned in this letter please contact me.

Letter sent to me by Wright Strickland in 1998:
On envelope: Mr. Henry Strickland
Fair Bluff
Columbus County

Letter: (I have corrected obvious spelling mistakes)
State of Ala
Covington County
July the 10th, 1849

Dear Uncle,
I again embrace the opportunity of enclosing you a few lines in order to inform you that we are all as well as common. Thank God for his mercy. We also trust these few imperfect lines will find you all enjoying the blessing of heaven.

I will inform you that I wrote to you about the first of March last but had received no answer. Since I have thought you never received it I wish you would inform me whether you did or not. I informed you in that letter of Uncle Archibald McPherson's death. He died October the 29th 1848. He left a wife and two children, both girls. His oldest daughter Mary Jane is now nearly 18 years of age. The other is the youngest child that aunt had is now nearly 2 years old. It's name is Tempy. Her oldest daughter Elizabeth, the one she had before she and uncle was married, is still living with her and is single but is the mother of two children and will be the mother of how many more I cannot tell and neither do I no whether old master knows or not. Uncle when he died left aunt a handsome little living and she appears to improve it veyr well so far. I think she will make two hundred bushels of corn this year and potatoes and other vegetables in porportion. The property he left her was 3 head of horses, between 30 and 40 head of cattle and about two hundred head of hogs.

I will say to you father and mother is well though they are advancing in years. Mother has had 10 children but only 6 living. I am the only living son. Sister Mary the oldest is married. I am the 2nd and am single.

I have not heard of Uncle Elias Strickland since May 4, 1848. He was then well and doing well. I made a mistake. I heard from him this last spring. They are all well. Two of his children are married, his oldest son and one of his twin daughters to a Mr. James Helton.

I want you to write to me immediately and let me know how Uncle John Strickland is doing and how old grandmother Strickland is doing and how her leath is and also Ann Rebecca (or aunt Rebecca?) and also all the connection in general. I would advise you all to leave that old worn out exhausted low land country and come to a high healthy pleasant fertile and productive country where you can get land without money or price at your own pleasure, you or your children, enough for you, enough for all, enough forevermore. The range is very good yet the game is plentiful yet provision abundant and cheap: corn 50 cts, bacon from 6 to 10 cts, beef 2 cts,

All things are ready, come away. I would say in conclusion that Mr. Gillespie Worlley (Nicholas Gillespie Worley) and family are well and doing well. Also Uncle Jacob Strickland and family and all the connection generally so far as I know. Crops are generally good. Let us know how crops are in your country.

I subscribe myself your nephew and friend until death, John Cartrette.

Direct your letters to
Ala. Covington County Andalucia Opp