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A summary of proven and unproven marriages between Richerson (various spellings) and Johns couples in the area of Caroline, County, Virginia.

It seems certain that the Caroline area had at least two John Johns and two Thomas Richersons; that they were connected, and that the families continued to be connected.

Estate division could take years; the division of an estate does not indicate when death occurred.

Guardians and executors were usually family members or very close friends; witnesses to wills were typically close to the will writer as well.

In 1752, William Richerson was appointed guardian of the children of RICHARD JOHNS,
       deceased, Caroline Co VA.

1. Circa 1743 JOHN JOHNS and BETTY (unproven) RICHERSON

Researcher Newsome writes that it is probable that Betty’s father was William Richerson, who became guardian for the orphans of John Johns after his death in or before 1748.

Since there are entries for two different inventories of the estate of John Johns being returned,
(1748 and 1752) it appears that there were two John Johns. Indeed, a John Johns, bricklayer, is registered in Caroline Co in 1749, after the estate of a John Johns has been inventoried and returned a year earlier.

To find:
Where is Betty Johns, widow, after his death? She is executrix of the will, therefore she survived him. Did she remarry? Her children were quite young.

Supporting facts:
a.. William Richerson became guardian of John Johns’ orphans, at least 1753, 1758, 1763, which
       suggests an ongoing guardianship. Caroline Co
b. Thomas Richerson joined with William Richerson in the guardian bond.
c. . William Norment joined with William Richerson in the guardian bond - some researchers
       believe William Norment’s wife was Mary Richerson.
d. The children’s names may help with clues to the parents’ parents: Elizabeth, same name
       as the mother; John, same as the father and probably grandfather; Micajah?; and
       Jane, ?

2. CIRCA 1758-60 THOMAS RICHERSON and daughter of JOHN JOHNS

Most likely:
Elizabeth Johns, daughter of John Johns, and Thomas Richerson, Jr. married

Note: “Junior” did not necessarily mean a father/son relationship; it often meant that the “Jr.” was the younger of two men of the same name in the community–father/son, uncle/nephew, cousin/cousin, etc.

Supporting facts:

a.. Sept. 23, 1760, on motion of Thomas Richerson, Jr. who married one of John Johns daughters
       (division of estate of JOHN JOHNS) Caroline Co
       note the men who are charged with dividing the estate:
       Wm. Bowler (Boulware), Jeremiah Rawlins, John Baynham, John Taylor Jr.

       1760 Caroline the estate of THOMAS RICHERSON, deceased, was settled, with this admin.
       JOHN JOHNS, William Boulware, Jeremiah Rawlings, John Baynham, John Taylor, Benj. Robinson, Anthony Thornton, Nicholas Battaile, and Francis Taliaferro.

       Research: what date in 1760 did this motion occur?

Which Thomas Richerson? Which John Johns?

       Note that the estate of John Johns and the estate of Thomas Richerson were divided in 1760, with four of the same people participating.

       Which John Johns? In 1748, the inventory and appraisal of the estate of a John Johns was returned, Caroline Co. Could this be John Johns, the elder? And the John Johns bricklayer in 1749, still alive!, was his son/namesake? And this younger John Johns died young, with the four orphans, about 1760.

       The Thomas Richerson estate must be that of an older man, since Thomas Richerson, JUNIOR, requested the division of John Johns’ estate in September 1760.

       It is logical that, having married an heir, Thomas would request that the estate be divided, so she and he could inherit her share; her siblings were still minors.       

b.. The four children of John Johns, per the guardianship, are Elizabeth, John, Micajah, and Jane.
       John, Micajah, and Jane were still under guardianship in 1763, AFTER, the 1760 motion
       mentioning Thomas Richerson Jr. Husband of one of John Johns’ daughters (leaving
       only Elizabeth as a “candidate” for wife of Thomas.)


Jane, sister of Elizabeth above and daughter of John above, and Giles Richerson

Supporting facts:

a. May 1806, Caroline Co, Chancery Court orders division of estate of Giles Richerson in
       9 equal parts, for
       Elizabeth Stuart, widow of Henry Stuart, formerly Elizabeth Richerson
       Benjamin Hurt for Frances Hurt, formerly Frances Richerson

       (Naming tradition John and Elizabeth, Jane’s parents; Jane, for Jane–however,
       these are extremely common names)

b. Giles’s son John named a daughter Jane Johns Richerson.