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Mary (Cathy)
YOU ARE RIGHT,I am your father's 1st cousin..spent all my summers at your Grandmothers..she was a great lady along with Uncle Wiliam..Aunt Cary or "LaLa" we called her did marry her sisters huband... I understand that some of the Elkins family did not take too kindley to this union...
Daniel Roland Priest was my grandfather he married Betha Weeks..had four children.1 boy Clayton, 3 girls, Bessie, Roannie (?) and the 3rd I can't recall...yo grandmoterhad a sister Laurdell(?) who mrried Conley Rogers and lived in Fa. but moves back to NC Wilimington I thnk...Remembe that there was large certificate haning on the hall wall at Aunt Margrets that was awarded to Uncle Will's grandfather for growing the best rich one year...growing up I felt I was more Shipman than Priest....your Grandmother and Grandfather treated me like I was their owne...spnkings and all...Did see your Cousin Dot a few yers ago,se still live in the aea...Viginia married a GI during WWII and moved North...I guess you ha the info on all the Shipman's.
Oscar L Priest, my father married Mollie Russel Oldham and they had two sons, one me and Daniel Russell nw deceased
Have you ran across anything pertaining to Guy Owens he is related to te Elkins & Burney's.He wrote the "Flim Flam Man" that wasmade nto a movie starring George C. Scott..he also taught English North Carolina State University..I had the privilage ofmeting him he recalled Aunt Carey
Thank you for th information aboutth PRIEST i never knew who my fathers mother was.never discussed wt us kids...
In refrance to my mthers name Mollie Russell Oldham...I have been told that NC had a Govenor at one time that was named RUSSELL.....I think onmy mothe's side i may rlatedto thi Russll clan..Oldhams lived in Colombus Co. All my father's people lived in Bladen County mosl around Elkton
Again thank for the iformation