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Below is the Mumford information that I have. I probably have some dates, names, etc wrong and or missing. I do have some dates, etc on the children that are listed. I am still in the process of adding data and fixing mistakes to my database, but this is pretty much of what I do have.

John David Macrander
b. September 12, 1863 Tarkio Twp, Atchison Co, Missouri
d. October 11, 1951 Westboro, Atchison Co, Missouri
buried: October 13, 1951 Center Grove Cemetery, Lincoln Twp, Missouri

married: September 08, 1892 Cottage Home Hotel, Rock Port, Atchison Co, Missouri

Cora Mae Mumford
b. April 16, 1871 Lucas Co, Iowa
d. September 27, 1953 Clermont, Nodaway Co, Missouri
buried: September 29, 1953 Center Grove Cemetery, Lincoln Twp, Missouri


Gae Lenore Macrander
Josiah Don Macrander
Lawrence Carol Macrander
Ruben Z. Macrander
Veda Blanche Macrander
Tempa Fern Macrander
Wayne Orle Macrander
Herold Ross Macrander
Theodore Zeddock Macrander
Maurice C. Macrander
Max Elden Macrander

Josiah Mumford
b. January 22, 1836 Snow Hill, Worcester County, Maryland
d. November 02, 1913 East Lincoln Township, Atchison County, Missouri
buried: November 04, 1913 Center Grove Cemetery, Lincoln Township, Missouri

married: November 05, 1857 Lucas County, Iowa

Lydia Ann Malone
b. February 14, 1841 Hendricks County, Indiana
d. 1882 Lincoln Township, Atchison County, Missouri
buried: Center Grove Cemetery, Lincoln Township, Missouri


Cora Mae Mumford
Emma J. Mumford
Theodore Mumford
Lena Leota Mumford
Rosa Belle Mumford
Miller Annis Mumford
Carrie Alice Mumford

James Morris Mumford, Sr.
b. June 13, 1804 Worchester County, Maryland
d. October 02, 1882 Lucas County, Iowa

married: March 25, 1832 Worchester County, Maryland

Martha Ellen Fooks
b. Bet. May 16, 1816 - May 15, 1817 Worchester County, Maryland
d. Bet. March 21 - 24, 1884 Lucas County, Iowa


Josiah Mumford
James Morris Mumford, Jr.
Sarah Anne Mumford
Martha Ellen Mumford
Mary Elizabeth Mumford
George Washington Mumford
Zeddock Henry Mumford
John E. Mumford
William Mumford
Mehitable R. Mumford

Jesse John Mumford
b. 1780 Salisbury, Worcestor Co, Maryland
d. Poss. Maryland

married: 1803 Nr Salisbury, Worcestor Co, Maryland

Lucretia Maiden-Unknown
b. Abt. 1781 Maryland
d. Maryland


James Morris Mumford, Sr.
Leticia Mumford
John Mumford
Charlotte Mumford
Joe Mumford
Lucretia Mumford
Jesse Mumford

John Mumford
b. Abt. 1777
d. 1790 Worcester Co, Maryland


Hannah Gray
b. Abt. 1770
d. Aft. 1790


Jesse John Mumford

James Mumford, Jr.
b. Bef. 1737 Rocherster Plantation, Worcester Co, Maryland
d. 1788 Worcester Co, Maryland


Mary Maiden-Unknown
b. Abt. 1745 Worcester Co, Maryland


John Mumford
Shadrack Mumford
James Mumford
Alexander Mumford
Sarah Mumford
Turvill Mumford
Charles Mumford
Mary Mumford
Ish Mumford
Lott Mumford
Nancy Mumford
Abisha-Alisha Mumford

James Mumford
b. Abt. 1685 Worcester Co, Maryland
d. 1746 Worcester Co, Maryland

married: 1715 Bogertemorton, Worcester Co, Maryland

Sarah Truitt
b. Abt. 1685 Worcester Co, Maryland
d. Bef. 1750 Worcester Co, Maryland


James Mumford, Jr.
George Truitt Mumford
Meredith Mumford
Godfrey Mumford
Catherine Mumford
Esther Mumford
Ellen Mumford
Tabitha Mumford
Ann Meredith Mumford

Thomas Mumford, Jr.
b. Bet. 1642 1668 Maryland
d. February 04, 1726/27 Somerset County, Maryland


Sarah Richardson
b. Abt. 1670 Maryland
d. Abt. 1730 St. Martin's, Showell, Worcester Co., Maryland


James Mumford
William Mumford
John Mumford
Belitha Mumford
Solomon Mumford
Jemina Mumford
Charles Mumford
Wrixam Mumford

Thomas Mumford, Sr.
b. Bef. 1608 Maryland
d. Fenwick Is, Worcester Co., Maryland

Katherine Maiden-Unknown


Thomas Mumford, Jr.