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Subject:Re: moore/lusk DNA results
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EXACTLY what I was thinking for that to be possible as well. WE know we are from Scotland originally as we have DNA match to Lusks in New Zealand who have tracked immigration from Ayrshire, Scotland area to New Zealand in the early 1800's. I also found out the Moores, or Muirs as you say are one of the oldest Celtic names in Scotland. I did find a Moore sight that was based in Scotlanad, with their descendents showing up in Aug.Cty, VA when the Lusks seemed to have shown up there as well. Would you like to check that site out? It is spelled Moore, however. Thank you for the Muir connection as well, do you have a lineage traced that I could look over on your mom's side already? We also have a notation that my 7th greatgrandfather came in from Ireland as a mere boy, about 1730's we believe, so the Irish connection makes sense as well. WE see several Moores in deed/will business as well as the DNA match. I have come to see that these people were also a promiscuous bunch! LOL. One of our Lusks broke up a neighboring marriage due to messing around with another man's wife...ugh! However they were not Moores and those children were all separated out clearly. I also see MANY adoptions going on hence the possible linkage of the interconnections as you say. I see several families also intermarry to certain families (clan holdings) as well. I have seen the Moores, the Lyles, the Peoples and the Hays intermingled with us constantly up to 1800. I see sept holdings of these families way back in Scotland clan information.