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Note the family name KLISIC/KLISICI in the write up below

Tribe Limljani
-----------------------------------------------------------Limljani (adjective, "Lim") are a tribe in northern podgorini mountain Sutormana. We have already demonstrated their western border, according to the deaf and Sotonićima Dol; their southern and eastern borders, the Montenegrin Krajina (the teeth and the Sestan), which is also on this side of the borders and all Crmnice also known to us. This part Limljanske within the limits on the mountain "ukraj Male Siljevice to vr 'Žgarba, and from there begin to limit Pepica area, who are" mountain "tribes Boljevići. The limit goes in the direction toward the northwest at the Black Scale, and the Spil Turkey (Turkey or cave), on "kamivalom at Tor, and the VR 'Pjaž-trough" and then turns to the northeast and out at the press Cafu. Cafe Limska of the "mountain" is bordered by the river Pelinskim Montenegrin Krajina (the Selčanima) to stream fir. And thence the northern boundary of the tribe to tribe Boljevići. Of fir she climbs on top Stražnice heads high and continue to the southern chain Gorivuka, and the heights: Krstac, Šogavu Glavica and Black Karst, then continues in the northwest direction at a press Cafu, and the heights Kaebae and Kamenica still "kamivalom" long hill on the height Zelenike Lučino floor, and with it the Mirojević Karst, who is of "field" (Crmničke river valley), and then through the "Fields" to "part of" River Limštice and Mrtvice, where known to us began to limit Sotonićima.
The largest part of the area and all villages in the tribe Limljani Limštice Sava River, which rises almost under the very ridge of the mountain Sutormana and flows northwest to the composition of the river Mrtvicom (whence arises River Crmnička). And from the northeast and southwest side extends from the high mountain ridge Sutormanova wreaths to crmničke valley (to the "Fields"), so that the confluence Limštice from all sides - but only on a small parčetu around its lower course - enclosed by high mountain walls . He makes a deep and spacious and very protected cove mountain, rich and pasture and water and native land, and also with a wobble fit. Everything, then, is the Bay Harbor and a remote mountainous region, which is for human life but very convenient. It should be added that the Montenegrin Limljani among all the tribes farthest point on the east and that the ages were in the vicinity of the Turks and Arbanas (Muslim and Catholic) in the Montenegrin Krajina.
When they have in mind all these circumstances, it is understandable and the two main phenomena in the past and the development of the tribe Limljani. One of those phenomena that are due to particular preferences and protection of the tribal areas could be in it very long held the old clan (one of them, Klisići, and is now home with its 23 strongest clan in the tribe), and always do the core around which were later collected and numerous clan uskoci and newcomers. A second phenomenon, as a result of the same sklonitosti and zabačenosti limskoga areas and more because of its close proximity to the border between Montenegro and Turkey in it, and have found refuge and uskoci countless refugees from all the surrounding Serbian and Montenegrin up again from the end. In any Montenegrin tribe has no proportion to so many families, who are originally from uskoka and the refugees from the blood, as in Limljani. But no matter how it is that happened a lot, they are always, as we have said, faced the very core of the old tribal clans, which were as popular tradition claims, which more and forcibly drove to enter into their tribal community.
Limljani they are generally just one big village, which is divided into a very large number of small villages. Usually referred to as the small villages "Mahal" and less "villages", and since in some of them lives in a large clan or what makes the main population, often heard of such settlement and the name of "brotherhood" (and of course, for him there surname of the clan).
Furthest to the northwest is the "Maha" Lower EndAnd the more it "Maha" or "brotherhood" Kosović. Below them are Pejanovic, And further to the southeast and up Božovići. Further to the southeast, but lower Bozovic, the Lalic. In the north of the Lalic Krstovic and KlisićiAnd in the northeast of the first Lalic ČešljariAnd Batke. Finally are the farthest to the southeast, Chariot (or chariot). - For all the "village" between the Lower end and sometimes you hear a chariot and the name of the general middle of the village or the Central Village.
"Villages": the lower parts of Kosović, Pejanovic, Božovići Lalic and all the parties are more "field" and partly by the bottom side and a height above them. - The second group includes Krstovic, Klisići, Češljari and Batke, which are considerably higher positions, the parties and therefore the High north frieze Sutormanova. - "Maha" is but a chariot by a large wave and the bottom of large valleys Sutormanom, that we talked about at the point đe this bay and the widest đe its bottom at least uneven surface.
Due to the large number dobjeglica and uskoka in Limljani has many clans, and they are mostly quite small. Starting from the northwest and to the southeast, in the same order as those we have mentioned and villages, clans (or at least their main groups) are aligned one after another like this:

Cakovići (1 k.), Ivanovic (7 k.), Krekun "(4 k.), Svetloća" (11 k.), Špadijeri (3 k.), Andric (2 k.), Djurovic (1 k .) Hats (2 k.), Pejanovic (9 k.) Kosović (8 k.) Božovići (10 k.), Vulevići (2 k.), Darčević "(3 k.), Lalic (2 k.), Krstovic (2 k.), Lorović (1 k.) Klisići (23 k.), Češljari (18 k.), Vukosavovići (3 k.) Bokovci (3 k.), Popovic (1 k .) Nikolić (4 k.), Kurtovic (1 k.) Jovetić (1 k.) Šorovići (6 k.), Boskovic (4 k.), Milici (16 k.), Vuletić (3 k. ) Dragišić (3 k.).

The tribe has Limljani therefore total 154 families. Old fraternity, of which three (Cakovići, Darčevići and Klisići) "starosioci" and other doseljena at least three or four hundred years (Ivanovic, "Krekun, Andric, Vulevići, Krstovic, Božovići and Bokovci) together with 57 families. Thus she makes close to three sevenths of the whole tribe. In addition, for the last two centuries with them makes the core of the tribe and many other old clans, who later emigrated or died, and with them also some more significant than race or clan, whose ancestors settled in Limljani during the 17th or in the early 18th Ages (Svetloća "Pejanovic, Lalic, Češljari, Šorovići and Institute). Together with these other older families in Limljani constitute two fifths of the tribe (107 families).