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Subject:Frazier's of McMinn Co, TN and Christian Co, MO and Dixon's of Blount and McMinn
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My ggg grandfather on my Sanders side was John L. Frazier, son of Thomas J. Frazier and Elizabeth Unknown. Because another son had the middle name of Dixon I believe her surname was possibly Dixon.

John L. Frazier was born 1831 in McMinn Co, TN and died in the Civil War battle of Wilson Creek of Greene Co, MO. He is buried in the National Cemetary of Greene Co, MO. He married Dec. 26, 1858 to Caroline Stone, daughter of Woodson Johnson Stone and Mabel Priscilla Hurley and granddaughter of William Tilford Stone and Martha Haley. Stone Co, MO was named in honor of Willam T. Stone. John and Carolyn Frazier had two daughters, Mary H. and Missouri E. Frazier, both of whom married Sanders brothers. Caroline Stone Frazier married Sanford Turner after Capt. John's death and Mary and Missouri were named as Turners in the 1870 and 1880 Laclede Co, MO census.

Thomas J. Frazier was the son of John Frazier and Rebecca Lowe of Guilford, NC and McMinn Co, TN. Thomas J. Frazier was born Nov. 26, 1806 in NC and died April 15, 1865 in MO at the end of the Civil War. He is buried in Frazier Cemetary of Christian Co, MO. His wife, Elizabeth was born March 30, 1811 and died April 16, 1874 and is also buried in Frazier Cemetary of Christian Co, MO.

Census listings for 1850 Greene Co, MO state:
Thomas Frazier 44 NC
Elizabeth " 40 NC
John " 20 TN
Martha " 18 TN
Jane " 15 MO (should be TN)
Thomas J. " 11 MO (should be TN)
Rebecca M. " 6 MO
Sarah C. " 4 MO
Martin D. " 2 MO

In 1860 John L. was married to Caroline Stone and was in Stone Co, MO:

John Frasier 29 TN
Caroline " 18 MO
Missouri E. " 6.12 MO

His parents were in Barry Co, MO:

Thomas Fraiser 52 NC
Elizabeth " 49 TN
Thomas J. " 21 TN
Rebecca A. " 16 MO
Sarah O.L. " 14 MO
Martin Dixon " 11 MO
Samuel L. " 9 MO

In 1870 Thomas' widow, Elizabeth Frazier was in Christian Co, MO:

Elizabeth Fraizer 59 TN
Sarah " 24 MO
Martin D. " 22 MO

Next door was:

Samuel Fraizer 19 MO
Elizabeth " 18 MO

At this point I have been unable to find son Thomas Jefferson Frazier in the MO 1870 census.

In 1830 McMinn Co, TN Thomas Frazier (00001-20001) was listed on the same page as Samuel W. Dixon (21002-10001) and Eli Dixon (00001-00001). Ann Dixon (2-11001) was listed as the household below John Frazier, father to Thomas Frazier with his son, Samuel Frazier in the household above. Could Ann Dixon have been a Frazier daughter and a Dixon widow? Or were her children illegitimate?

Also in 1830 McMinn county was John Dixon (00014-2000101). Did he have brothers in his household and his elderly mother? Thomas Dixon (1001001-111101) who lived next door to James & Nancy Kennedy, possible parents of Nancy Caroline Kennedy (named Mary Kennady on the listing of Blount Co marriages), first wife of John J. Dixon. Solomon Dixon (200001-100201), James Dixon (210001-111001) and Edom Dixon (11001-11001), who lived next door to James Dixon.

In 1840 McMinn Co Thomas Frazier (110001-12101) lived next door to Samuel Winters Dixon (31101-201001) Thomas Lambert also lived next door to Thomas Frazier with Charles T. Thornton on the same page.

A McMinn Co deed dated June 3, 1842 Thomas Frazier to Charles T. Thornton: mortgage; Frazier indebted to Thornton 8563 gallons of rectified proof whiskey delivered at Frazier's Still home, and indebted money to other grantees. Then on Aug 12, 1842 Charles T. Thornton to Thomas Lambert in trust for sole use and benefit of Betsey Frazier and her children now born and any that hereafter be born, personal property. I can find no other connection between Thomas and Elizabeth Frazier and Charles T. Thornton.

Another deed dated Dec 21, 1842 Thomas Frazier of Polk Co., to John J. Dixon; Deed of
Trust; is indebted to Eli Dixon, also shows a relationship of some sort with the Dixon family.

Other Dixon's in the 1840 McMinn census are John J. Dixon (201101-11010101) and
Eli Dixon(020002-100001) of course along with a Thomas J. Dixon (200001-01001). Is Thomas one of the 20-30 year old males in John Dixon's household in 1830?

The Dixon's of McMinn appear to originate in Blount Co, TN. Edom, John J., Eli and Samuel all married in Blount County in the early 1820's to early 1830's before moving to McMinn. There was also a John Dixon who married a Mary Ann Edmondson on Oct 30, 1802. Some posts I've read on the internet state they are the parents of John J. Dixon. A Dr. John Dickson was notified he had a letter at the Maryville, Blount Co, TN post office by the Religious and Literary Intelligencer on Tuesday, July 24, 1832. Is this the same John?

According to early land grants in Blount there was an earlier generation of Dixon's that settled there. Edom, Samuel, Eli, and a James Dixon were all there in 1807. Other surnames associated with the land grants are Winters and Allen, which seem to relate to the Dixon Family in Chatham Co, NC where Joseph Dixon and Mary Pusey died.

A Pusey website names Samuel Winters Dixon as the son of Samuel Dixon and Elizabeth Brewer. There is a daughter named Elizabeth of this couple with the same birthdate as Elizabeth Frazier but two years earlier in 1809. She married Samuel Lusk in either Blount, Monroe or McMinn Co, TN...according to various posts. Samuel and Elizabeth Brewer Dixon had several children that married Lusks.

Samuel Dixon Sr. is listed as the son of Soloman Dixon who is listed as the son of Joseph Dixon and Mary Pusey. This Dixon family is Quaker and followed the same migration route as the Quaker Frazier's from PA to NC. Some of this Dixon line went to Orange Co, IN as did John Frazier's brother, Matthew Frazier and members of the Osborn family, relatives of the mother of John Frazier.

Samuel Dixon who married Elizabeth Brewer went to Greene Co, IL from Blount Co, TN and is the only son named of Solomon Dixon, son of Joseph at the Pusey website and I have only been able to find limited information on Solomon. Is it possible the earlier John, Edom, Eli and James were also sons of Solomon and the McMinn Co Dixons descended from them? Was Elizabeth Frazier a sister to the later generation of Dixon's; James, Edom, John J. and Eli Dixon of McMinn?

I am sorry this is so long-winded but I would really appreciate any input from anyone who has any light to shed on this Dixon family! Many thanks for any reply!

Best regards,
Diana Dobbins