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From "The Harloe-Kelso Geneology" by Charles Bruce Harloe (1943):

[p.259] According to legend, members of the Milslagle family migrated from Pennsylvania to the Sandy Ridge section of Virginia (now West Virginia) in the latter part of the eighteenth century. The Indians still inhabited the region at that time. We do not know the head of this pioneer family, but it is said that before coming to America, he was educated for the ministry and was a musician. They procured an estate of several hundred acres about nine miles west of Capon Bridge, W. Va., and approximately three miles north of the present U. S. highway No. 50 from Loom. At the present time, the place is more familiarly known as the Robert Calvin Hook estate.The old log dwelling in which the early families lived is still standing and has indications of former pretentiousness, but it has been unoccupied for many years and due to lack of proper upkeep is gradually passing into a condition of ruins.
In keeping with the custom of those early estates, there is a family burial plat, situated not far from the dwelling and on the opposite side of the road, which runs by the front of the house. Several members of the older Milslagle families are interred there, but the primitive type of gravestones and the manner of inscription used on same lend but little assistance in the quest for genealogical data.
At a later period, members of this family moved to the Concord section of Hampshire County, W. Va., and acquired an estate. The home in which they lived there is of substantially the same type of construction as the one at Sandy Ridge and is still standing, but through lack of care is passing through the same process of disintegration.
The writer has not made a diligent survey of church and court records for material on this branch of his maternal ancestry: Doubtless much could be found of interest, if sufficient time and effort were given it. It is quite probable that some of the earlier members were soldiers in the War with England for American Independence.
The first family of whom we have record to have lived in the Concord section was the (1) Jacob Milslagle family, consisting of two sons, Elias and Samuel, and three daughters, Hannah, [p.260] Edith Ann and Julia Ann. They followed the vocation of farming. The mother of this family died in the spring of 1858. Elias remained unmarried and lived to the age of 84 and is interred in Shiloh Church Cemetery. Their names with dates are:

(2)       Elias Milslagle (Unm.), Feb. 20, 1801-Mar. 25, 1885.
(3)       Samuel Milslagle (7), June 27, 1803-Aug. 30, 1868.
(4)       J. Hannah Milslagle (46), born 1804-time of death unknown.
(5)       Edith Ann Milslagle (47), born 1806-time of death unknown.
(6)       Julia Ann Milslagle (48), Feb. 12, 1808-June 28, 1893.


(7)       Samuel Milslagle (3), was the writer's maternal great-grandfather and was married twice. His first wife was Jane Pennington, of Hampshire County, to whom he was married May 16, 1825. She died within a few years and on Nov. 5, 1829, he was married by the Rev. Lewis Eichelberger, of the Lutheran Church, to Joanna Glaize, of Frederick County. We have no record of any children by his first marriage, but by the second, he became the father of three daughters and two sons. All of these were born at the old homestead at Concord and grew to maturity and married with the exception of John who died young and is buried in Shiloh Cemetery. The extent to which the children of this family migrated to distant parts of this country in those pioneer days is remarkable and is indicated by the remote places they are buried: The oldest daughter, Elizabeth, is interred at Reardon, Washington; Fannie at Trone, Virginia; Ellen at Red Bud, Texas; and Isaac near Denver, Colorado.

(8)       Elizabeth Milslagle (13), Aug. 30, 1830-Mar. 10, 1916.
(9)       Frances Selena Milslagle (14), Mar. 23, 1833-Mar. 1, 1901.
(10)       Ellen Milslagle (36), 1835
(11)       Isaac Newton Milslagle (40), 1837
(12)       John Milslagle (Unm.) 1840.

(13)       Elizabeth Milslagle (8), the oldest daughter of Samuel and Joanna Glaize Milslagle, was married on June 12, 1850, to Joseph Alexander Kelso, the son of James and Anna Hite Kelso, [p.261] of Hampshire Co. They became the parents of nine children, and details concerning her are recorded in the Kelso section of this genealogy, (394).

(14)       Frances S. Milslagle (9), second daughter of Samuel and Joanna G. Milslagle, married Abraham Creswell, of Hampshire Co., born April 3, 1828, and died on his birthday Feb. 10, 1907. He was of English birth and a soldier in the Confederate Army. He was captured by Union soldiers and, in winter time, forced by them to wade through a stream of water in weather so bitter cold his clothes froze on him. From this episode, he contracted a case of inflammatory rheumatism which nearly proved fatal and from which he never made a complete recovery. He was a farmer by vocation and at successive periods after marriage, lived at Concord and Millbrook, W. Va., and at Trone, Va. For several years, he was in charge of a tollgate on the Northwestern turnpike near Gore. Due to an arthritic condition, Mrs. Creswell was a helpless invalid for many years. Both she and her husband died near Gore and are interred in Bethel Cemetery, Trone. They became the parents of seven children all of whom married, except Edgar, who died young and is buried in Shiloh Cemetery, and John, who remained single and cared for his aged parents and is interred at Bethel. The children of this family are:

(15)       Evan Preston Creswell (22), Aug. 1, 1852-Sept. 28, 1924.
(16)       John Newton Creswell (Unm.), Mar. 7, 1855-Nov. 18, 1911.
(17)       Mary Luella Creswell (23), Jan. 29, 1859-deceased.
(18)       Lillian Estelle Creswell (27), Sept. 16, 1860-deceased.
(19)       Sarah Frances Creswell (29), Mar. 15, 1865-deceased.
(20)       Edgar Homes Creswell (Unm.), Mar. 11, 1868-Nov. 27, 1885.
(2I)       Blanche Howden Creswell (31), Feb. 15, 1872-

(22)       Evan P. Creswell (15), married Oct. 10, 1877, Nancy Elizabeth Anderson, born Sept. 12, 1855, the youngest daughter of Israel and Margaret Anderson, of Hampshire Co. They lived practically their entire life in Hampshire and Frederick Counties and followed the pursuit of farming and orcharding. [p.262] Their late years were lived in Winchester, where Mr. Creswell died and is buried in Mt. Hebron. Mrs. Creswell is in her 89th year and the last survivor of a family of ten children. To this union were born four daughters and three sons; all married and with the exception of Evan Curtis have children, making a large number of descendants, many of whom are recorded in the Genealogy of The Spaid Family.

(23)       M. Luella Creswell (17), was married at the age of fifteen on March 11, 1874, to James M. Garvin, the son of Samuel Garvin, of High View. They moved to Ohio and were engaged in farming, both are now dead. They left a family of three children and all are married. They are:

(24)       Byron Garvin.
(25)       Beulah Garvin.
(26)       Pearl Garvin.

(27)       Lillian E. Creswell (18), married Feb. 28, 1879, Anthony H. Gray, son of Spencer Gray; they lived for several years at Millbrook, W. Va., followed the vocation of farming and tanning; later moved to Martinsburg, W. Va., and was engaged in farming and orcharding until the time of his death in an automobile accident, and is interred in Norborn Cemetery. Mrs. Gray is also dead. They left one daughter, who married David McDonald and is now living in Martinsburg.

(28)       Annie Gray.

(29)       Sarah F. Creswell (19), married Henry N. B. Gray, a brother of Anthony, of Millbrook, W. Va., May 30, 1886. For a number of years, they were engaged in farming near Sedan, W. Va., where they both died. She is buried in Hebron Church Cemetery and he in the T. R. C. Church Cemetery. They left one son, who married Ida Pugh and live at Dillons Run, W. Va.

(30)       Hunter Gray.

(31)       Blanche H. Creswell (21) was married Dec. 26, 1889, to Edward Hook, a farmer of Gore, Va. For several years, they lived at Martinsburg, where Mr. Hook died Oct. 24, 1934, and lies at rest in Bethel Cemetery. Mrs. Hook is the last surviving member of her immediate family and makes her home in Martinsburg. Four children were born to this marriage, all of whom [p.263] are married. Leon married Loise Renchall; Charles married Virginia Brill; Ruth married Amos Strosnider, and Goldie married Russell Seldon. Their names with dates are:

(32)       Leon Smith Hook, Feb. 27, 1891-
(33)       Charles Lohring Hook, Dec. 8, 1893-
(34)       Ruth Virginia Hook, Sept. 14, 1901-
(35)       Goldie May Hook, Feb. 11, 1907-


(36)       Ellen Milslagle (10), went to Illinois shortly after 1865 to join her brother, Isaac; while there she married Benjamin Bryant, a former soldier in the Union Army. They went to Red Bud, Texas, where they operated a ranch and where they died, leaving three children:

(37)       Hunter Bryant.
(38)       Blanche Bryant, deceased.
(39)       Carson Bryant.

(40)       Isaac N. Milslagle (11), went to South Fork, Ill., in early manhood and from old letters, written by him, we learn he was living there in 1858 and at Irish Grove, Ill., in 1875. He was a soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War, and, after its close, married Emily Stone, of Illinois. Later they located near Denver, Col., and engaged in farming and livestock raising. Both are now deceased. Their family consisted of four daughters and one son. The youngest daughter was skilled in horsemanship and came out winner in the Cheyenne races. The son [p.264] was thrown from his horse while herding cattle and fatally injured. They are:

(41)       Rowena Milslagle.
(42)       Amanda Milslagle.
(43)       Iota Milslagle.
(44)       Nellie Milslagle.
(45)       Walter Newton Milslagle.



(46)       J. Hannah Milslagle (4), married James Pennington, a farmer, of Hampshire County, and a brother of Jane Pennington, the first wife of Hannah's older brother, Samuel Milslagle. The dates of their marriage bonds were May 14th and 16th, respectively, 1825. They not only traded sisters, but it is probable they had a double wedding. James and Hannah lived for several years on the east bank of Capon River, on the Sanford [p.265] Bayliss farm near Yellow Springs. Later they migrated to Missouri, where both died, leaving no descendants.


(47)       Edith Ann Milslagle (5), our informant was unable to give us any details concerning this individual, except she married Benjamin McDonald and lived near Little Capon, W. Va.


(48)       Julia A. Milslagle (6), was married at Sandy Ridge, Jan. 25, 1837, by the Rev. James Kerr, to Jacob Kump, born December 24, 1793 and died February 26, 1877. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and is said to have been in the army of General Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans; he was the son of Henry Kump, a soldier in the American Revolutionary War and the grandson of Frederick Kump, who, in company with his brother George Kump, came to Philadelphia from Amsterdam, Holland, in 1741. After marriage, Jacob and Julia Ann lived at the Kump homestead in the Mt. Airy section of Hampshire County, where they reared a family of four children and where they both died and lie at rest in Hebron Church Cemetery. All the children married except Elisha, who was a farmer and school teacher, and died in his 84th year and is interred in Shiloh Cemetery. They are:

(49)       Elisha Harris Kump (Unm.), Nov. 23, 1838-July 12, 1922.
(50)       Benjamin Franklin Kump (53), Jan. 5, 1841-May 13, 1915.
(51)       Samuel James Kump (77), June 30, 1844-Sept. 20, 1892.
(52)       Jemima Elizabeth Kump (97), Oct. 18, 1849- Mar. 26, 1926.

(53)       Benjamin F. Kump, (50), was married June 15, 1874, to Margaret Frances Rudolph, the daughter of Sylvester and Nancy Clutter Rudolph, of the Capon River section of Hampshire Co. She was born May 7, 1840, and died April 17, 1926. For a number of years after marriage, they resided on a farm near Mt. Airy, where. they reared a family of four children. Later moving to Romney, W. Va., where they both died and [p.266] are interred. The two sons and two daughters are:
(54)       Garnett Kerr Kump (58), Dec. 9, 1875-
(55)       Herman Guy Kump (59), Oct. 31, 1877-
(56)       Volunta Volonia Kump (66), June 22, 1879-
(57)       Otelia Vera Kump. (70), Aug. 7, 1881-Apr. 4, 1920.

(58)       G. Kerr Kump (54), served as teacher in the public schools of Hampshire Co. for several years. After the completion of a law course at the West Virginia University, he practiced his profession at Romney until his election to the Judgeship of the 22nd Judicial Circuit of West Virginia, in which capacity he served with distinction from 1926 to 1936.
On Sept. 4, 1940, he was married to Mary Elizabeth Zimmerman, born Feb. 21, 1903, the daughter of Joshua Soule and Katherine Campbell Vance Zimmerman, of Romney. They reside in Romney, where Judge Kump, continues the practice of law. No children have been reported.

(59)       H. Guy Kump (55), the second son of B. F. and Frances R. Kump, was engaged in the teaching profession for several years and later held a position in the office of County Clerk at Romney. Both he and his brother were skilled tournament riders. In 1905, he was graduated from the Law School of the University of Virginia and located in Elkins, W. Va. Within a short period, he became prosecuting attorney for Randolph County and later was elected Judge of the 20th Judicial Circuit which he served from 1928 to 1932, when he resigned to become a candidate for Governor of West Virginia; was elected by a large majority and served as one of that State's most efficient Governors from 1933 to 1937.
On Oct. 9, 1907, he married Edna Scott, born April 18, 1887, the daughter of Cyrus Hall and Frances Logan Scott, of Elkins, W. Va. Their home is in that city, and Governor and Mrs. Kump are the parents of six children, with names and dates as follows: Two of the daughters were twins and the two sons are now in military service:

(60)       Capt. Cyrus Scott Kump, Oct. 26, 1908-
(61)       Frances Irim Kump, Oct. 6, 1911-
(62)       Margaret Rudoph Kump, May 13, 1913-[p.267]
(63)       Elizabeth Logan Kump, May 13, 1913-Jan. 6, 1937.
(64)       Mary Gamble Kump, Aug. 13, 1915-
(65)       Capt. Benjamin Franklin Kump II, May 19, 1918-

(66)       Volunta V. Kump (56) , the first daughter of Benjamin F. and Frances Rudolph Kump, was born and reared at the Kump homestead near Mt. Airy and for several years successfully taught in the public schools of Hampshire County. On Dec. 6. 1919, she became the wife of Edwin Vause Millar, born Nov. 10, 1886, the son of John Decker Millar, of Glebe, W. Va. He was an overseas veteran of World War I. After marriage, they resided in Petersburg, W. Va., where he served as road construction supervisor and where he died Jan. 11, 1937. Mrs. Millar has in her home there a chest of drawers which was used in the pioneer home of her first Milslagle ancestors at Sandy Ridge. They became the parents of three daughters, all of whom were born and reared in Petersburg. Julia Ann was graduated from Davis and Elkins College in 1943 with the A. B. degree; Nancy Jane is a candidate for the B. S. degree from Shepherds College in 1944, and Margaret is a senior at Petersburg High School. In order of birth their names with dates are:

(67)       Julia Ann Millar, Nov. 27, 1920-
(68)       Nancy Jane Millar, Feb. 26, 1923-
(69)       Margaret Frances Millar, Aug. 26, 1926-

(70)       Otelia V. Kump (57), the youngest child of the B. F. Kump family, married Oct. 3, 1903, John Philip Harness, born March 20, 1881, the son of William Welton and Katherine Shearer Harness, of Hardy County. They resided first at Moorefield, W. Va., where the two older children were born; later moving to the Kump homeplace near Mt. Airy, where the four younger children were born and where she died in 1920 and is interred in Hebron Church Cemetery. All the members of this family are now married and with the exception of Frances have no children. Four of the sons are serving in the armed forces in World War II. Keith was married in Los Angeles, California, in March, 1931, to Dorothy Matthews; joined the navy and when the attack was made on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1942; was asleep in his bunk on the battleship Oklahoma which was severely damaged and capsized; he escaped through a porthole, swam to another vessel, [p.268] which was sunk, then swam ashore and survived the attack without injury. He is now in the battle zone of the Southwest Pacific, serving as chief quarter-master on the S. S. Barnes Aircraft Carrier. Philip was married in Washington, D. C., Aug. 30, 1941, to Eleanor Caxroll and is a master mechanic at Mare Island, Vallejo, Cal.; John married Ann Peterson, Sept. 3, 1935, at Silver Springs, Md., and is a sergeant in the air corps, Columbia, S. C. Henry married Oct. 5, 1941, Marcella Gross and is on the editorial staff of the Daily Mail, Charleston, W. Va. Marshall is a Lieutenant at Camp Hawse, Texas, and was married in March, 1942, to Dana Blake in Washington, D. C. The Harness children with dates are:

(71)       Franklin Walton Keith Harness, Jan. 29, 1905-
(72)       Florence Katherine Harness (77), Feb. 2, 1907-
(73)       Philip Kump Harness, Aug. 2, 1908-
(74)       John Guy Harness, Sept. 25, 1910-
(75)       Henry Lee Harness, June 20, 1914-
(76)       Marshall Otelia Harness, Oct. 11, 1917-

(77)       Frances K. Harness (72), the only daughter of John P. and Otelia K. Harness, was married at Romney, May 23, 1935, to Paul Hammann, born March 26, 1904, the son of Harry Adam and Harriett Buckleman Hammann, of Martinsburg, W. Va. They reside in that city, where Mr. Hammann operates a plumbing and heating business and are the parents of two children:

(78)       Harriett Kerr Hammann, July 6, 1935-
(79)       Edward Adam Hammann, Aug. 16, 1938-

(80)       Samuel J. Kump (51), the third son of Jacob and Julia Ann Milslagle Kump, spent the greater part of his life in the Mt. Airy section of Hampshire Co., and successfully operated a farm. During the Civil War, he was a member of Company K, 18th Virginia Cavalry, C. S. A. He married Laura B. Hannum, born March 8, 1869, and died Feb. 14, 1920, the daughter of Robert Hannum, of Hampshire County. Upon the death of her first husband, she became the wife of William H. Heironimus; both are now deceased and interred at Shiloh. Mr. Kump is buried it Hebron Church and his children are:

(81)       Esther Kump, June 8, 1891-July 6, 1891.
(82)       Rosella Virginia Kump (84), June 26, 1889-[p.269]
(83)       Clement Imboden Kump (89), May 8, 1893-July 15, 1938.

(84)       Rosella V. Kump (82), married Dora Marion Boyce, July 17, 1905. He was born Aug. 4, 1882, the son of James A. and Mary Miller Boyce, of Hampshire Co. They reside on a farm at Relief, Virginia and have four sons, all of whom are married:

(85)       James Wilbur Boyce, Oct. 28, 1913-
(86)       Ray Edwin Boyce, Aug. 24, 1916-
(87)       Garland Gordon Boyce, July 7, 1918-
(88)       Maynard Matthew Boyce, May 12, 1921-

(89)       Clement I. Kump (83), married for his first wife Jessie White, who bore him seven children and died in about 1931. By his second marriage to Evelyn Seldon, he had three children. He was a farmer and served as a tenant on the A. C. Oates farm near High View for many years and was living there at the time of his death. His children with dates are.

By his first marriage:

(90)       Herbert Harry Kump, July 16, 1912-
(91)       Melvin Ivan Kump, Jan. 12, 1914-
(92)       Richard Elwood Kump, July 26, 1918-
(93)       Marshall Imboden Kump, Apr. 12, 1920-
(94)       Dorothy May Kump, Jan. 27, 1922-
(95)       Calvin Lee Kump, May 11, 1924-
(96)       Lester Vernon Kump, June 11, 1930-

By his second marriage:

(97)       Catherine Kump.
(98)       Hilda Kump.
(99)       Glenn Kump.

Of these children, Herbert H. married Ella Virginia Loring, daughter of Frederick and Althia Oates Loring; Melvin I. married Vivian Miller and have two children: Carol and Donald; Richard E. married Dorothy Larrick, daughter of Fred. Larrick; two children: Nancy and Philip. Marshall I. married Hazel Davis, daughter of Thomas Davis; one daughter: Shirley. Dorothy M. married Ralph Hummer.

(100)       Jemima E. Kump (52), only daughter of Jacob [p.270] and Julia Ann M. Kump, was married June 4, 1879, to Flavius Josephus Fletcher, a farmer of near Capon Springs, W. Va., born 1852 and died in 1916; both are interred at Shiloh. Three children resulted from this marriage; Edith is single and is housekeeper for her brother, Elmer, in Winchester.

(101)       Elmer Stansbury Fletcher (104), May 6, 1880-
(102)       Edgar Holmes Fletcher (105) , July 5, 1882-
(103)       Edith Viola Fletcher (Unm.), Dec. 8, 1889-

(104)       Elmer S. Fletcher (101), a schoolteacher and carpenter, married Ethel E. Dunlap, daughter of Tucker and Annie Brill Dunlap, of near Capon Springs; born 1881; died April 3, 1937, and is interred at T. R. C. Church. No children.

(105)       Edgar H. Fletcher (102), married Ethel Cougill, of Capon Bridge, in 1916. Now living in Sacramento, California, and is connected with the U. S. Weather Bureau in the Department of Agriculture. No children.