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Subject:School Days in Grade School in the 1950s, or whenever
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I sent to grade school in the small town of Newton, Kansas. The school was just a few blocks from my school. Everyday was an adventure. I have a lot of good memories. I have fond memories of my teachers and the carnival that the school held each year....

I can’t think about grade school without mentioning the school supplies that spam my years at Roosevelt Grade School, because they were part of my school days….Below are just a few of the supplies and things in the classroom that I remember….

o Dick and Jane book (See Dick run.)I just loved reading that book....

o Big Chief Tablet (10 cents; newspaper with wide lines)

o Fountain pens; ink; blotter.... I think that I got more ink on my clothes then the paper....

o Wood Ruler for Math....I could never figure out the 1/8 and 1/16 measurements for some reason....

o Big metallic red and green pencils and regular size yellow pencils

o Grammar Book (A small, thin book which had a gray cover with the white title in a wine color box)....My sentences must still be dangeling.

o Flute, what kid didn't like to make noise and could get away with it.

o Brown Song Book....I loved when my teacher had us get our song book. That was fun time in the day. I always wondered if she wore ear plugs.

o Flip Top desks with ink well, with tray inside the desk for pencils attached; books and other supplies were kept inside of the desk….
o Pink eraser
o Light Blue Theme Books
o Big pencil sharpener on wall, which I used a lot.

o Black Chalk Board....I was the student who always ended up at the chalk board doing math problems over and over.

o Colored Construction Paper....It was fun making things out of that paper: Chain rings for the Christmas Tree, or making Pilgrim hats and collars. I like art, because we could get messy.

So many memories, what are your memories of grade school?