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Subject:Re: naming - scholarly work on naming Huguenot practices
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Hey there - I wasn't alive when Rosa was born but you could sure talk to her grandchildren who are in their 80s or start attending the same family reunions our Copeland family did.

Maybe you should have asked your grandmom while she was alive when I did. Evidently if I promised to post East Indian trading records it was in your head. I guess you got the idea that someone said Lizzie was born in India from your head too because I sure nuff never said nor could have implied that since she was supposed to be daughter of some Copeland man. No where did I say they called it Bharata, Punjab or Baluchistan. That's what its called now.

It would be better if you get your facts straight before you post them on line. If you can't appreciate your great aunts and uncles, their daughters and sons who were the aunts and uncles of my grandmother Cora said that Elizabeth had ancestors that came thru England from Northeast India that is on you. You can at least have the dignity to let them and their ancestors rest in peace. OR ELSE RESOLVE IT WITH A DNA TEST!

Oh yeah - tell our cuz I said hi too.