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Subject:Re: Willett / Willette / Ouillette. etc. Family 1800's Caribou area
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Hi John,

Another spelling: Ouellette

I found the following births at

Archie Ouellette Aug. 4, 1892 Allagash, Aroostook
son, 1st child
father Archie Willitt born St. Granois, N.B.

Mother Caroline Walker, born Allagash

Richard A. Ouelette Dec. 4, 1893 Allagash, Aroostook
father Archie Wallett born St. Grancie
Mother Caroline Walker born - cannot read what it says
I cannot read which # child he is

Ouellette Nov. 28, 1900 - stillborn child
8th child
fatjher Archie Willett, born Quebec
mother Carrie Walker born New Brunswick

Ouillette, May 27, 1902 - stillborn child
9th child
father Archie Ouillette born Canada
Mother Caroline Walker born Canada


so a few different places of birth for Archie and Caroline has birth of the child above born 1900, also for son Archie above born 1892, son Richard born 1893, and child above born 1902, and also birth for Carrie Ouellette, born Sep. 4, 1905 - father Archie/Arthur Ouellette mother Carrie Walker
the image for this one shows Father as Arhtur Ouellette and next that is written (Archie) child is shown as 13th child
Archie is shown born St. Ammedu Beaupre
Caroline is shown born Canada

a second entry for daughter Carrie has her as Caroline Lizzie died Sep. 8, 1905 , Fort Kent Maine

funny as this record is only 4 days after the previous one but it shows father Archie as born Fort Ken, ME and mother as born IReland, Europe ??

there is another birth Urbain W. Ouelette born April 17, 1897 Fort Kent, Maine- father is listed as Arthur Ouelette mother Caroline Walker

Interesting that in two records they have him as Arthur

Archie, age 45, day labourer, born Dec. 1854 Canada French father born Canada French mother born ME, immigrated 1864, married 15 years

Caroline, age 40, wife, born May 1860 Canada French parents born Canada French, immigrated 1864, married 15 years, 7 children born 5 living

George, age 15, son, born Oct. 1884, ME parents born Canada French

Archie, age 7, son, born Aug. 1892 ME parents born Canada French

Richard, age 6, son, born Dec. 1893 ME parents born Canada French

Gustus, age 5, son, born 1894 ME parents born Canada French

James, age 3, son, born April 1897 ME parents born Canada French

age for James matches with Urbain birth above, including month

By the way there is a tree at that shows Archie as Lester Archie D. Willett
no parents names shown though - not sure where they got the full name for him.

Interesting the marriage you found for couple with same names. I also found one at and it shows (bnot quite same name for groom)

Marriage: Dec. 24, 1919 Caribou, ME

Groom: Lister Augustus Willett age 24
Bride: Carrie Walker age 18
his parents shown as Archie Willett born St. Francis, ME
and mother Carrie Walker born Caribou, ME

bride's parents shown as
James Walker, born Little Black River, ME
mother Annie Duvalle born Little Black River, ME

so this marriage is for a son of Archie an Carrie and he is marrying a woman with same name as his mother !

I am now wondering if perhaps James Walker and Carrie Walker (the elder) are siblings?
In 1910 James is listed as Jim and age 49 so born about 1861 - Canada English (not what the marriage record above says, but so many records seem to disagree) Anna is 37, show born 1873 Canada French

also it shows Jim immigrating 1856 which would be about 5 years before he was born - nice trick that! 1920 census shows him immigrating 1867, both these show him born Canada
1900 also has him born Canada English parents born Canada English and says he immigrated 1867, next door to him is a William Walker born 1859 so likely his brother

all I can find for now, Carolyn L