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Here's a little more to add to what T. Kerwin developed for you. I searched and Family Search and transcribed the records as found, so that you can locate them again.

First, about Naomi Lufkin (wife of Alexander Hamilton, per the birth records of their children as posted on Family Search) and her Lufkin family: There is more than one early Lufkin family and they need more searching and sorting than what I've done. For example in 1800 in Sedgwick, Hancock, Maine, a Benjamin Lufkin headed a household of 1 adult male, 1 adult female, and three boys under age 10. No connection yet established.

1830 CENSUS - Sedgwick, Hancock, Maine
Only heads of household are enumerated by name. The following Lufkin households are listed:
Benjamin Lufkin
Franklin Lufkin
Joseph Lufkin <--------possibly Naomi's father
Samuel Lufkin
Benjamin Lufkin (#2)
Thomas Lufkin

Naomi C. Lufkin 18 February 1834 in Sedgwick, Hancock, Maine
Father: Joseph Lufkin
Mother: Ester

1850 CENSUS - Sedgwick, Hancock, Maine
Joseph Lufkin 52
Esther Lufkin 49
Susan Lupkin
Lucy Lufkin 19
Naomi Lufkin 16 <-----------------------
Charlotte Lufkin 14
Nancy Lufkin 9
Armeda Lufkin 7
Mary Lufkin 4

ALSO IN 1850
1850 - A Franklin Lufkin age 50 in Sedgwick in 1850 with wife Lois and their children (see Family Search)
1850 - A Thomas Lufkin age 47 in Sedgwick wife Mary kids Lucy A, Mases H, Louisa M, Lorenzo L
1850 - A James Lufkin age 21 in Sedgwick with wife Patience and daughter Clara 2.
Not necessarily a complete list

1860 CENSUS -(Post Office North Ledgwick) Sedgwick, Hancock Maine
Joseph Lufkin 61 born about 1799 in Maine - farmer
Esther Lufkin 57 born about 1803 in Maine
Charlotte Lufkin 24
Esther A Lufkin 17
Mary J Lufkin 14
Luther H Lufkin 7
Mary Lufkin 88 born about 1772 in Massachusetts - unknown relationship

1860 - Franklin Lufkin age 60 and Harriet E Lufkin 50 are on same census page in Sedgwick as Joseph Lufkin
1860 - Thomas Lufkin age 57, wife Mary E., children Louisa N. and Lorenzo are in Sedgwick
1860 - James Lufkin age 31, wife Patience 28, with Clara, Elsada, Luther, Julia, and Abby in Sedgwick

1870 and 1880- Joseph and Esther Lufkin are still in Sedgwick; daughter Charlotte still living with them.
In 1880 Joseph Lufkin is 81 and a farmer; Esther C is 77 and keeping house; Charlotte is 44 and occupation is pauper (sic)

BIRTH DATES of the Hamilton children are available on Family Search (FS) - you probably have them

Much of the following was posted by T. Kerwin; I've mingled in some new findings to keep the chronology intact.

1870 (Post Office North Brooklin) Brooklin, Hancock, Maine
Alexander Hamelton 40, born about 1830 ME - farmer
Naoma Hamelton 36, ME
Amelia J Hamelton 16, ME
Charles H Hamelton 14, ME
Jannie C Hamelton 12, ME
Ina A Hamelton 8, ME
Nellie A Hamelton 3, ME
Dorcus Parsons 70, ME - don't know who this is

living next to Alexander are Thomas Hamelton and Henry Hamelton and families - see T. Kerwin post.

1880 CENSUS - Bluehill, Hancock, Maine
John Hinckley 26, ME - slag driver
Josephine Hinckley 25, ME <---dau of Alexander and Naomi Hamilton (d.1893 in Blue Hill per FS)
Albert Hinckley 6, ME
Lena Hinckley 5, ME
Harry Hinckley 3, ME
Alexander Hamilton 48, ME - father-in-law
Naomi Hamilton 45, ME - mother-in-law <-----
Inez Hamilton 16, ME - sis-in-law
Helen Hamilton 13, ME - sis-in-law
Jennie Hamilton 4, ME - sis-in-law, parents b ME <----

Jennie E Hamilton age 20 married Richard H Hurd age 38
21 Oct 1896 in South Berwick, York, Maine
Groom's parents: Moses S and Lydia A
Bride's parents: Alexander and Nannie L

1900 CENSUS - North Berwick, York, Maine
R H Hurd 42, born May 1858 in ME - druggist - married 4 years
Jennie H Hurd 23, born January 1877 in ME, has had 2 children, 2 living
Virginia Hurd 2, born September 1898 in ME
--Hurd 1 month, ME - born April 1900 (daughter)

1900 CENSUS - South Berwick, York, Maine
Adelbert Hadley
Fannie C Hadley 42 born December 1857 in Maine
Fred A Hadley 19
Ralph E Hadley 16
Naoma C Hamilton 66, widowed, mother-in-law, born February 1834 in Maine <--------

1902 REMARRIAGE OF NAOMI as found in two versions in two records:
#1 on Family Search:
Naomi C. Lufkin married Stephen J Nason 02 Jan 1902 in South Berwick, Maine He r residence: South Berwick, Maine

#2 on
Naomi C Hamilton age 69 married Stephen J. Nason age 64
02 Jan 1902 in South Berwick, Maine
Registration Place: Berwick, York
Naomi's Parents: Joseph and Esther
Stephen's Parents: Daneil and Mary

Stephen J. Nason age 67
09 September 1905 in South Berwick, York, Maine
Parents: Daniel Nason and Mary

1909 Alexander and Naomi (Lufkin) Hamilton's daughter's MARRIAGE
Ina Almira Hamilton Jareny b 1852 in Palermo, Maine, widow
married Charles Alton Worthing in Providence, Rhode Island

1910 CENSUS - South Berwick, York, Maine
Naomi Nason 77 widowed, b about 1833 in Maine
Fanny T Hadley 52 widowed, daughter, b abt 1858 Maine
BOARDERS : George A Earnshaw, Margret Roche,
Charles F Ramsdell, and Dana M Eaton

1910 CENSUS - North Berwick, York, Maine
Richard H Hard 52, ME - druggist
Jennie E Hurd 33, ME - married 13 yrs
Virginia H Hurd 11, ME
Muriel E Hurd 10, ME

1920 CENSUS - North Berwick, York, Maine
Richard H Hurd 63, ME - proprietor of drug store
Jennie E Hurd 42, ME - parents b ME, can read and write
Virgina Hurd 21, ME
Muriel Hurd 19, ME
Barbara Hurd 7, ME

1920, 1930, and 1940 Fanny C Hamilton Hadley is widowed and living w her daughter Dora Goodwin in Arlington, Middlesex, Massachusetts

1930 CENSUS - North Berwick, York, Maine
Richard H Hurd 72, ME - Age at first marriage: 39 Parents' birthplace: ME/ME; druggist
Jennie E Hind 53, ME - parents b ME, age at first marriage: 19
Muriel M Hurd 29, ME - stenographer
Barbara L Hurd 17, ME

1940 CENSUS - North Berwick, York, Maine
Street: Main Street (West J R.R.), not a farm
Jennie E Hurd 63, occupation: mrg of Rexall drug store
Was Jennie the respondent to the census questions: Yes
Residence in 1935: Same House

That's it for now.