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Notes taken from LDS Library film of church parish records

Vestry Records:

Page 73. October 3, 1728. Petition of inhabitants of St. Paul’s Parish in Queen Anne’s County to the Upper and Lower House of the Assemably of the Province of Maryland. The concern was about the largeness of the parish and stating that the church could not serve all adequately. Signed by 100 or more men among them were:
(1) Thomas Hollinsworth, (2) Vincent Hollinsworth, (3) John Hollinsworth, (4) Charles Hollinsworth. St. Paul’s was divided December 1, 1728 when St. Luke’s was formed.

Page 90. May 6, 1729. Agreement by members to give toward the building of a convenient brick church in the place where the old decayed chapel now is. John Lang was minister. Forty- eight people gave gifts ranging from 200 pounds to 1500 pounds. John Hollinsworth gave 500 pounds.

Page 132. November 18, 1731. “Information hath been given to this vestry that William Firth and Dorothy Hollinsworth cohabit together in an unlawful manner. The said vestry ordered Mr. John Hacket, one of the church wardens, to cite said Firth and Hollinsworth to appear before the vestry next vestry day and show reason why they may not be prosecuted according to law.” (They married according to marriage records on December 23, 1731.

Page 141. September 5, 1732. “At a vestry held for St. Luke’s Parish, with present Mr. Robert Norrest Wright, Mr. Richard Wells, Mr. Nathaniel Scot, and Mr. James Brown (vestryman), Daniel Newman, church warden, ordered that Mr. Edward Chetham have a note sent him to summon to the next vestry John Hollinsworth and Mary Cornelius, wife of Joseph Cornelius, which note is accordingly sent by Mr. Robert Norrest Wright; the vestry adjourned to the first Tuesday in October next.”

Page 142. November 14, 1732. “John Hollinsworth and Mary Cornelius, having appeared according to notice given them by Mr. Edward Chetham, were admonished by the vestry according to the act of the assembly.”

Page 161. John Hollinsworth was paid 25 pounds of tobacco to be returned as assessment for parochial charges (services).

Page 165. August 5, 1735. Vestry minutes noted that John Hollinsworth was to make a table and some seats for the vestry house and fix the rope to the bell.

Page 277. May 3, 1748. John Hollinsworth was paid 1000 pounds.
        August 2, 1748. John Hollinsworth was paid 250 pounds.

Page 287. February 2, 1747. John Hollinsworth was to be paid 1000 pounds to do work at church property.

Page 290-291. More payments to John Hollinsworth for work.

Page 289. April 11, 1748. Vestry and Church Wardens Meeting (Easter Monday): “The vestry agrees with John Hollingsworth to be sexton at St. Luke’s Parish Church the ensuing year for which service the said Hollingsworth is to have 700 pounds of tobacco, if the same church and yard with all other necessarys belonging to the said church be kept in good order, otherways the said Hollingsworth is to have at the discretion of said vestry.”

Page 295. “John Hollinsworth is continued sexton at the parish church the ensuing year with a salary of 500 pounds of tobacco.”

Page 303, 305. John Hollinsworth signed vestry minutes along with others.


Hollingsworth Register, Vol. 4, #2, June 1968

County Deeds from Centerville, Queen Anne’s County,MD

Book 3 (1725-1729)

Page 130. Recorded 2 July, 1727. Indenture 7 March, 1726/7. John Hollinsworth, carpenter, to William Campbell, planter, both of Q. A. County. Sum:4,800 pounds of tobacco. Tract “Anthorpe,” a part thereof now in Q. A. County next to a part of same tract formerly sold by said Hollingsworth to said Campbell on Hambleton’s Creek, Chester River. This is a tract of 60 acres. Signed John Hollinsworth. Witnesses: Arthur Emory, W. Turbutt.

Hollingsworth Register, Vol. 4, #2, June 1968

County Deeds from Centerville, Queen Anne’s County,MD

Book 4 (1730-1736)

Page 102. Recorded 25 Nov., 1731. Indenture 24 Nov., 1731. John Hollinsworth, carpenter, to Nicholas Brodway, innholder, both of Q. A. County. 1,000 pounds tobacco. Part of tract called “Wittal” in said county on NE side of branch called South East Branch, 62 acres in this prcel. Signed John Hollinsworth. Witnesses: Thomas Hynson Wright, Humphrey Wells.