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Subject:Anahilt David Mckee not from McKeesport PA
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To the McKee of McKeesport and their descendants:

Anahilt David Mckee not from McKeesport PA
according to the link in this message I am responding on.

If there is a connection made I wish someone finding it in the link would send me the link to the page that proves the claim. Or, better yet, do a cut and paste and post it in reply here. I printed out the document so have it on hand now for reference.

The link opens to a copy that is rough. If you click on the tab to download the .pdf there is a tool bar you have to let be added and says may mess up your browser. I, of course, did not download the .pdf after clicking on the tab and seeing what was required.

However, the copy that the link opens up is quite adequate to prove the point. To begin with James Y. McKee did not say anything about McKeesport. He says on page 11 (which is still part of the first page) the "........we feel reasonable certain that the McKee pioneers of western Pennsylvania were his children and grandchildren."

No where does it connect with the claimed founder of McKeesport and his father given as David of Anahilt.

As a matter of fact quite the opposite as he gives David having married Rebecca Irvine/Irwin/Erwin (sic) about 1755 and living in the parish of Anahilt, near Hillsborough, County Down, and having spent the remaining forty or so years of his life a leasehold farmer 3 miles south of Hillsborough County Down.

Even though I mentioned David of Anahilt earlier I believe I have been brainwashed by all the posts who have made this claim and even to having pictures on my computer of the newer grave markers showing David as the father of John who is claimed as the founder of McKeesport.

As I read this link that you shared with me, I just do not find the connection. Not even a claim of a connection.

This is surprising and I will have to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Most of the old timers never pay any attention to these later posts that disparage the earlier research and pedigrees but surely someone will take another look at this among those who claim these folks in their ancestry.

Perhaps this is part of some of the Gustav Anjou fraud that passed so much incorrect information about in the later 1800s and early 1900s in Pennsylvania ancestry.

Linda McKee