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Subject:Re: JOHN McKEE son of JAMES McKEE married (first) RACHEL VERNER
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Hello Cathy,

Thanks for another great and informative post covering these Western Pennsylvania McKee.

I bet this James McKee has been claimed by a "bunch" of researchers for lots of different and unrelated family.

It would be so wonderful to catch a bit of his yDNA at FTDNA to help prove his ancestry. Any male descendants of this line would be so helpful in our research of the McKee lineage in general. We are desperate for yDNA results from McKee descendants of PA and VA. If you are a McKee and your McKee have "always" lived in the PA or VA please consider yDNA testing at Family Tree DNA and joining the McKee Group where you would receive a discount on the cost of your test kit.

This James McKee would have gotten to Pennsylvania in the days of the American Revolution based on the 1778 date of his land purchase/grant/possession and that is interesting as to what side of the fight he would have been on. Would he have had a choice? Some of the later manuscripts give dates as though life were normal back at that time in that area of PA and that is so far from the truth. Life was anything but normal. You could not just sit on the fence and not be involved for one side or another. If one side did not get you then the other did. No in-between from all the accounts I have read, no fence sitters.

Perhaps others of the family whose descendants are listed in your post will chime in here and also reference some facts pertaining to their Western Pennsylvania McKee.

Cathy, these statements are rhetorical and I know you are just using the library and pulling these transcripts out for all our research use and I find them very helpful. I just wanted to take the opportunity to follow up and ask those who also read your posts to comment here.

Also, I recall from past correspondence that you have Pennsylvania area McKee ancestors.

Could I ask if you have formed a personal opinion yet on the McKeesport founder? Was it truly John McKee, son of David McKee of Anahilt (sic) in your mind? Are the accounts factual or fantasy?

I know the grave markers are all there but they are modern and added by much later McKee descendants. And, the remains were all moved from a different cemetery and are not in the original location. I have seen the picture of the DAR plaque on the tall monument but I haven't seen record of the Revolutionary War era McKee for which one of the McKee it was placed for..............have you seen any on that in your library research? Does anyone reading here have that record?

I know you are not so much into the personal research and just passing on the data for us so if you prefer to email me that would be great. I sure don't want to put you on a spot for being kind enough to share data that many of us don't have access to. This McKee subject is always such a can of worms when brought out on the boards but is never resolved and always just remains an unproven story. It would be nice to be able to prove some of it.

Thanks again, a bunch for sharing this info, Linda