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Subject:McKee, McCoy, Luckey, McGuire mid 1700 Rowan Co NC area
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On the MCCOY Genforum at msg# 8137, 9604, 9605 there is some discussion about William MCKEE being William MCCOY at early mid1700 era of Rowan Co NC. The following is a paste that I made in response to msg 8137. So many surnames from Rowan Co NC area and McKee surname are mentioned that I thought to post here:


Spruce McCoy's sister married Robert McKee / McKie not his daughter as I said in my previous message. Sorry for the mistake.

An interesting ongoing information exchange between myself and James Stewart that follows might also interest McCoy, McKee, Luckey, McGuire desendants researching the Rowan Co NC mid 1700 era. Any additional posts would be great.


................a special on Andrew Jackson last night and learned that he studied law in Salisbury, NC under Spruce McCay/McCoy. Spruce was the son of James McCoy and his sister Sarah was the first wife of Robert McKee Jr. Brother of Theodore. I was not aware that Spruce was an attorney! Another Spruce is ling in Tipton co. TN in 1840 next to Richmon Winkler and near John McKee who I believe is the older brother of Rowan. Both sons of Theodore and Elinor McGuire.

On Aug 4, 2009, at 3:07 PM, James A. Stewart wrote:
Sorry I forgot to finish my thought. In 1752 a large wagon train of Scots-Irish immigrants moved into the Jersey Settlement of NC according to Rowan County History. I wonder if the McKee's, McGuires and McCoys came at the same time.

OK Linda here might be some information that may connect the McKee's of your line and mine. You wrote about James McKee who married Margaret McKee in Lancaster co. PA and moved to NC. Note on the McGuire Will that they came from Lancaster co. PA. (they had a son Robert)

Since Robert McKee the elder was so closely aligned to the McGuires and intermarried a number of times I suspect the McKee's moved with the McGuires to NC. As you probably know Elenor McGuire d/o of Edward McGuire and Isabel Luckey married Theodore McKee my line. Note here that Robert McKie witnessed Edward's will.

You know I am trying to figure out what happened to the son John who is mentioned by Robert Sr in his LW&T. Have you heard of him lately?

A William McKee mentions a brother Robert to take his children in his LW&T in the mid 1700s in one of my posts for the Mecklenburg / Rowan / Anson - just looked at it in the past few days.

Your comment: James who was married to Margaret.....and from Lancaster Co PA. Actually, I said according to Carolina Cradle they are in fact BROTHER AND SISTER and appear to be children of John who died at Derry Township of Lancaster Co. I found two James and one did not fit NC but his data was used by folks there in NC even though he apparently never went to NC but died at Lancaster Co PA 1757 and his LW&T was probated 1762 and that is who NC searchers claimed for Margaret and it is all a farce. That is the William McKee and Mary McHeny McKee saga.

We can talk more about that or apparently Carolina Cradle is online now and you can look it up also - someone sent me the link just recently.

I still think John McKee of Buffalo Shoals Creek is my McKee because of their closeness to the Thomas surname in Fourth Creek and later marriages at Wilson Co and RU Co TN. But not sure how close in kinship. Uncle, cousin? And some of all these folks also end up in West TN.

A wagon train ca 1752 works time wise for the first McKee I find there and also works with a lot of arrivals in Anson Co NC area.

It seems we are on to something here but just what I don't know. The Luckey family seems to be a clue that glues these folks together. We know that two of the McGuires married Luckey's and that the McKee's were intimate with both McKee's in my line and those from 4th Creek area. On one of the things you sent on page 117 it shows Robert Luckey's LW&T and he had a daughter Isabell. Edward McGuires wife WA said to be Isabell Luckey.

I am not sure what happened to John McKee son of Robert McKee the elder nor his brother Henry. In his will Robert didn't know either as he said he (Henry)would get $10. If he were still living. The John that moved with Rowan to Tipton must have been Rowan's older brother due to the age. I can't seem to find Robert Jr. Either, at least one that I'm sure of!