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Sorry to make this so long, but since itís circumstantial I think all the pieces need to be there. Itís an educated guess that Martha is sister to James McCaslin, their ages fit, and the family history in Shelby Co. IL (see below) says Marthaís parents came from Ireland, but she was born in NC. Itís possible she was a cousin, but the relationship between the Cochran and McCaslin families suggests sister to me. If you have any questions about more specific page and volume details please email me and Iíll respond.

The following land, court and tax records are transcribed from primary sources for Mecklenburg Co. NC by Ralph B. Ferguson and are probably available in most good genealogical libraries. I have not viewed the primary sources yet to verify the accuracy. (If anyone reading this has primary material that refutes the following I hope you will post it on the site so we can all benefit.)

Deed Abstracts Books 10-14
981, page 720; March 24, 1780
State grants 100 Acres to Thos. Caughran [Cochran], 200 acres on Jackís Branch of Twelvemile Creek

2117, page 296; April 12, 1798
100 Acres to James McAslin, 70 acres on Twelvemile Creek including McAslinís improvements and adjacent Appleton & Thos. Cochran.

(Twelve Mile Creek is located in the lowest part of Mecklenberg Co., NC just a few mile from South Carolina)

Minutes of Court of Common Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1780-1800

Book 4, page 57, 1797; July session
John Secrest, overseer of road in room of Jno. Cochran from the creek near said Cochrans to the Waggon road about Ĺ mile from widow Cochrans. Among the names, John Cochran, James McAuslin.

A Petition against Division of Mecklenburg Co. 1792
Capt. Secrest and Grayís list include, John Cochran and Jas. McCauslin

Tax list 1798
Capt. Secrestís Co. includes
John Cochran 147 acres with 1 white male age 21-50
James McAuslin 0 acres with 1 white male age 21-50

Tax list 1799
Capt. Secrestís Co.
John Cochran 148 acres with 1 white male age 21-50
James McCaslin 73 acres with 1 white male age 21-50 (note above that James bought his land in 1798)
(Next available tax year is 1806 and neither John Cochran or James McCaslin are found)

Minutes Vol. II, 1801-1820:
Book 4, page 475; April Session, 1804
A deed from John Cochran to Thos. Cochran, Jr. for 147 acres. Dated Sept. 4, 1803; proved by John Ritch
(next entry) A deed from James McCaslin to Moses Cochran for 70 Acres dated Sept. 29, 1803; proved by John Ritch.
There are no further transactions by either man.

Will of Thomas Cochran of Mecklenburg Co. NC from transcription (No proof this is the same family, but evidence supports)
Will lists land on Camp branch of Twelvemile Creek to be equally divided between four youngest sons, Eleazer, John, William and Robert. Further on mentions bequests to son Thomas and daughter Jean married to Andrew Rea. Wife is Sarah. Signed March 14, 1786. No probate date.

Livingston Co. KY Marriage Records (earliest mention of McCaslins in the area that Iíve been able to find)
Rachel McCaslin and Micajah Bowen on Dec. 20, 1805

Livingston Co. KY tax records
First mention of James McCaslin is July 15, 1806
John Cochran 1807

Caldwell Co. KY marriage records (Caldwell Co. formed from Livingston Co.)
Rachel Cochran dau. of John marries William Price 2/22/1820 with James McCaslin sec.
Jane McCaslin dau of James marries William Moore 10/13/1825 with John Cochran sec and John Cochran made oath Jane was 21 years of age.

Shelby Co. IL internet site; see County History of families W. A. Cochran and J. Henry Price for marriage of Martha McCaslin and John Cochran.

Shelby Co. IL cemetery records: Cochran Cemetery, page 22
Martha Cochran, died 9/21/1845 age 73y3m11d (born June 10, 1772)
John Cochran, died 1/29/1853 age 92y3m14d (born Oct. 15, 1760)