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Subject:1993 Murder of Michael McAfee of Quincy, Adams Co, Illinois
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1993 murder of Michael McAfee

By Rajah Maples
Tuesday, May 04, 2010

ADAMS COUNTY, ILL. -- We received a lot of comments and questions after we looked back at several unsolved murder cases across the Tri-States a couple of months ago.

We also received requests to follow up on other cases.

This one happened right here in Adams County in May of 1993.

A young Quincy man was shot several times on his way home from seeing his sister's newborn baby at the hospital.

KHQA's Rajah Maples spoke with the lead investigator in the case to find out what happened, where the case stands now, and what it'll take to put the killer behind bars.

Jon McCoy might not wear the Adams County Sheriff's deputy uniform that he once wore, but he has never forgotten what happened to 20-year-old Mike McAfee. McCoy was one of the first investigators on the scene after McAfee's body was found here near Turtle Lake Road, south of Quincy. McAfee had been shot several times. McAfee graduated from Quincy Notre Dame High School in 1990. He was attending McKendree University at the time of his death.

McCoy said, "His sister just had a baby. He came home to see his sister while she was in the hospital and his new nephew. That's what brought him back into town."

McCoy said McAfee's parents asked him to pick up a bag of ice on his way home from the hospital. But he never made it home. After several interviews, leads and evidence, McCoy strongly believes he knows what happened and who committed the crime. He went as far as naming the suspect, who he believes still lives in the Tri-States. McCoy thinks the suspect asked McAfee for a ride home as McAfee was walking out of a grocery store at 9th and Jefferson.

McCoy said, "Everyone says that Mike was a type of individual that would help anyone. He was very trusting."

But apparently that trust ended his life. McCoy said the suspect confessed to a witness that he committed the murder, which begs the question:

What's that one link missing that's keeping him from being in jail? McCoy answered, "As a prosecutor, you want to know that you have the best case possible, because you only have one shot. And if you don't get it, you end up with double jeopardy. I can understand the apprehension. As an investigator, you're always looking for more."

And McCoy hopes the case will eventually go to trial sooner rather than later.

McCoy said, "My only appeal would be to the folks who are reading this story is enough time has gone by that I'm sure he's told other people. The case was very close to being able to prosecute, and if someone had more information, just to come forward. It doesn't matter what agency you're talking to. Everyone knows a law enforcement officer. If they feel comfortable with a law enforcement officer, tell them. Because the McAfee family suffered a long time and they deserve a little peace in their life. It won't bring Mike back, but it'll give them a sense of justice.

We chose not to reveal the name of the suspect in this story.

But McCoy said just one witness stepping forward could help break this case that's going on its 17th year this month.


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